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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam – 11/12

(for Verses 90-96)

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Regain Lost Assets, End Miseries, Get Patronage in Society, Achieve Wealth, Positivity and Luck


Scheduled Live Stream on December 10, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Soundarya Lahari Is What the Supreme Mother Is All About

Soundarya Lahari is the crest of all devotional poetry composed by Adi Shankaracharya. It also is in the form of shikharini, the metre in which the hymns are composed, and has seventeen syllables per foot. The method of worshipping Devi is Sri Vidya which uses yantras or mystical diagrams with mantras and rituals. Loaded with alankaras or literary ornaments, the shlokas have deep tantric meanings and effects. Every shloka or mantra has specific methods of chanting along with the yantra to please the supreme mother in order to achieve a definite goal as described in the scriptures. The revelation of the Panchadshakshari mantra in the verses makes Soundarya Lahari of great importance in the worship of the Sri Lalitha form of Devi. All 103 verses sum up the mother and her form. Therefore, it becomes unique and special among all the hymns of the Vedas. If practiced in a prescribed manner, this great divine literature bestows both material prosperity and liberation to the devotees. According to Vedic scholars, hymns should never be chanted without proper initiation and guidance by knowledgeable masters.

In the eleventh of the Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam for Verses 90 to 96, Adi Shankaracharya says that he wants to surrender himself at Devi’s feet which secretes permanent nectar by transforming himself into a bee. He also opines that those who don’t have control of their senses aren’t eligible to worship the goddess, and extols her superior form that cannot be touched by ordinary life forms.

Soundarya Lahari Verses (90-96)

॥ 90 ॥

Dadānē Dīnēbhyaḥ Śriyamaniśamāśānusadṛśī-
Mamandaṃ Saundaryaprakaramakarandaṃ Vikirati ।
Tavāsmin Mandārastabakasubhagē Yātu Charaṇē
Nimajjanmajjīvaḥ Karaṇacharaṇaḥ Ṣaṭcharaṇatām ॥

Significance – The verse conveys two subtle messages. To surrender unto the goddess completely and also through sensory organs – which are the organs of perception and organs of action – and also Antahkarana which is the mind, intellect, consciousness and ego. Even Adi Shankaracharya wants to surrender at Devi’s feet, which secretes perpetual nectar, in the guise of a six-footed bee.


  • Removes charms and enchantments of enemies.
  • Dispels poverty, ill effects of black magic.
  • Get patronage in high society.
  • Gains influence and controls senses.

॥ 91 ॥

Skhalantastē Khēlaṃ Bhavanakalahaṃsā Na Jahati ।
Atastēṣāṃ Śikṣāṃ Subhagamaṇimañjīraraṇita-
Chchalādāchakṣāṇaṃ Charaṇakamalaṃ Chārucharitē ॥

Significance – The swans of Devi’s abode are always learning Her gait – way of walking. This they do by listening to the tinkling of bells from the anklets that adorn her lotus feet.


  • Buying of lands, obtain riches.
  • Having contact with great men and scholars.
  • Ideal for dancers for patronage and mass support.

॥ 92 ॥

Gatāstē Mañchatvaṃ Druhiṇaharirudrēśvarabhṛtaḥ
Śivaḥ Svachchachchāyāghaṭitakapaṭaprachchadapaṭaḥ ।
Tvadīyānāṃ Bhāsāṃ Pratiphalanarāgāruṇatayā
Śarīrī Śaṛṅgārō Rasa Iva Dṛśāṃ Dōgdhi Kutukam ॥

Significance – Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishvara represent the four legs of Devi’s throne and Shiva who is pure crystal form (white) has become the seat of the throne and now reflects her red complexion. This vision has given romantic ideas, which makes the Devi happy.


  • Recovery of lost property.
  • Get large estates and other property.
  • Enjoy support and patronage in high society.
  • For an easy and lucky life.
  • Achieve vast knowledge.

॥ 93 ॥

Arālā Kēśēṣu Prakṛtisaralā Mandahasitē
Śirīṣābhā Chittē Dṛṣadupalaśōbhā Kuchataṭē |
Bhṛśaṃ Tanvī Madhyē Pṛthururasijārōhaviṣayē
Jagattrātuṃ Śambhōrjayati Karuṇā Kāchidaruṇā ||

Significance - Describing the mother’s beautiful physique, Shankaracharya says that all the parts of the Devi’s body have indescribable energy or ‘Aruna Shakti’ (the energy of the rising sun which is crimson red colour) of Lord Shiva, and this radiates gloriously for the Universe’s protection.


  • Fulfills all desires.
  • Receive wealth and prosperity.
  • Gain sound health and well-being.
  • Get happiness and contentment.

॥ 94 ॥

Kalaṅkaḥ Kastūrī Rajanikarabimbaṃ Jalamayaṃ
Kalābhiḥ Karpūrairmarakatakaraṇḍaṃ Nibiḍitam |
Atastvadbhōgēna Pratidinamidaṃ Riktakuharaṃ
Vidhirbhūyō Bhūyō Nibiḍayati Nūnaṃ Tava Kṛtē ||

Significance – The moon is compared to an emerald cup that is filled with fragrant water of Karpoora or camphor that Devi uses every day and when the contents are exhausted (waning phases), Lord Brahma refills the cup for the goddess with the digits of the moon (waxing phases).


  • Clears misunderstandings, public scandals, blames, etc.
  • Attain fame and brightness of face.
  • Ideal shloka for those born during waning phase of moon.
  • Revives closed chapters as regards business and personal matters.
  • Gives brightness to the face.

॥ 95 ॥

Purārātērantaḥpuramasi Tatastvachcharaṇayōḥ
Saparyāmaryādā Taralakaraṇānāmasulabhā |
Tathā Hyētē Nītāḥ Śatamakhamukhāḥ Siddhimatulāṃ
Tava Dvārōpāntasthitibhiraṇimādyābhiramarāḥ ॥

Significance – Those who cannot exercise control over their senses are not eligible to worship Devi’s feet. And perhaps that’s why Indira and other gods remain at her gates and practice Anima and other siddhis to attain the goddess.


  • Clears debts issues and sins.
  • Cures nervous disabilities.
  • Rewards with gift of poesy.
  • Gives security and nerve strength.

॥ 96 ॥

Kalatraṃ Vaidhātraṃ Katikati Bhajantē Na Kavayaḥ
Śriyō Dēvyāḥ Kō Vā Na Bhavati Patiḥ Kairapi Dhanaiḥ |
Mahādēvaṃ Hitvā Tava Sati Satīnāmacharamē
Kuchābhyāmāsaṅgaḥ Kuravakatarōrapyasulabhaḥ ॥

Significance –  Innumerable poets have been able to please the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati, and those with little wealth have been able to please Goddess Lakshmi. But, besides Lord Shiva, no one can embrace Devi, not even the Kuravaka (henna) tree. Here the emphasis is on the goddess’ unparalleled merits as the consort of Lord Shiva.


  • Heals incurable wounds.
  • Gives peace of mind.
  • Influence over others.
  • Strengthens marital relationships.
  • Bestows loving spouse to women.


Energized Yantra 94 of Soundarya Lahari – For the eleventh of the series of Soundarya Lahari homam, Yantra 94 will be given away for keepsakes. The yantra will be made of copper. Apply turmeric and vermillion to the yantra, light a lamp, sit facing east chant Verse 94 108 times for 45 days in a Devi temple. A person can also recite Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red flowers and prasadam such as rice cooked with green gram pulse (Pongal), milk gruel, fruits and honey.

Soundarya Lahari Homam (Verses 90-96)

Regain Lost Assets, End Miseries, Get Patronage in Society, Achieve Wealth, Positivity and Luck

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Invoking Soundarya Lahari verses from 90 to 96 clear misunderstandings, scandals and false blames that cause misery to the devotee. If matters related to business and personal affairs have come to an end, then this ritual helps to revive the same, and gives a satisfying result. The unique ritual has the capacity to clear problems related to debts and sins. People born during the waning phase of Shukla paksha of the moon can witness certain positive outcomes from the homam. It also helps to regain lost property, enjoy support and patronage in society. Worshipping the powerful goddess helps to achieve luck, wealth and prosperity. It gives happiness, gratification, strengthens marital relationships and bestows women with a loving spouse.

Soundarya Lahari Homam

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Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra 94 Puja
Revives Closed Chapters in Business, Clears Disputes, Blames, Scandals and Blesses With Facial Glow

Soundarya Lahari Homam

The yantra made of copper is triangular shaped with the three corners ending with tridents. There are powerful mantras inscribed in the middle of the triangle. It will be placed for Puja once the Soundarya Lahari Homam is completed. It gets powered with the mantras of the day and gives heavenly blessings of the Supreme Mother. When the specific mantra is recited for the yantra, it clears misunderstandings within the family, puts an end to blames, public scandals, etc. Also, it is suitable for reviving closed chapters in business and other personal matters. Puja to the yantra enhances the looks of a person by giving facial glow, just like the Devi’s appearance. It also bestows popularity, and Salvation.


Energized Soundarya Lahari Yantra 94
Makes a Person Renowned, Bestows Salvation and Pleases the Supreme Deity

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Yantra 94 will be energized in the Soundarya Lahari homam. This is an ideal yantra for those born during the waning phase of the moon. Place the yantra in your puja space, or temple facing east. Light a lamp with ghee. Chant mantra 94, 108 times for 45 days for beneficial results. A devotee can also chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red flowers. For Prasad, one can offer rice cooked with green gram pulse, milk gruel, mangoes and honey. Amongst a myriad of boons, the yantra makes a person renowned, gives moksha and also pleases the goddess for all rightful blessings.

Before the start of any Vedic practice, it’s advisable to consult a qualified Master or Guru.


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  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
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  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
  • Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra 94 Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
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  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
  • Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra 94 Puja
  • Energized Soundarya Lahari Yantra 94