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Skanda Shasti: Bless Invincible Boon, Justice,
Non-Utterance of Dishonest,Falsehood, Anger

Soorasamharam Subramanya Homam

Subramanya Shasti Cleanse Impurities, Disease, Clear Destitution,
Depression, Bless Discipline

Scheduled Live on November 20, 2020 @ 6:00 PM IST

Lord Soorasamharam Subramanya Homam - Removes Sin, Curses, Doshas, Cure Disease, Bless Power of Will, Power of Action, Bestow Wealth, Good Health, Prosperity

Lord Soorasamharan Subramanya Homam is a remarkable event is performed offering prayers to Lord Muruga or Lord Subramanya praising and venerating the cosmic energies by chanting the unique names of Lord Muruga, glorifying with sacred mantras energizing his sacred weapon, "The Spear or Vel" symbolizing Lord Subramanya himself is dedicated to his cosmic presence to remove all Enemies and Shatrus from one's life, symbolize killing Demon Surapadhma who was domineering and torturing Devas and Godheads, have put an end with is cosmic energy "Vel" achieving "Surasamhara".

This Homam is performed offering sacred flowers like Red, Pink or White Nerium Oleander (Arali), Champa, Jasmine, Lotus, Red Hibiscus, incense, sandal paste, turmeric powder is a very powerful ritual transforms your divine prayers to the abode of Lord Subramanya where it is received with grace, love and affection by the divine being, who in turn bless devotees with fulfilled prayers, joyful happiness, protect and prevents from evil eyes, curses of women, planetary inflictions due to displacements, solves pitru doshas.

Lord Soorasamharan Subramanya Homam solves litigations, success in all endeavors, strength of liveliness, pride with prosperity. This prayer is offered to six-faced Lord Subramanya, Lord of Supreme, wielder of Powerful weapon, Lord of Bliss, Lord of Wisdom, Chief of the Army who is invincible, protector of good over evil, a passionate savior of Devas from Demon, blesses all with courage, skills, intelligence, remove inequality, diminishing energy, anguish, evil affects, plague and monetary death, bless happy family, never ending relationship with family and friends, remove hurdles, fear, mental disorders, make you free from financial crisis, bad debts, cure incurable disease, mental illness, purifying mind, body and soul, attain immense prosperity in life enduring success, victory over evil, remove enemies and negativities, blessing divine power, spiritual energy, war of talents, connecting power of strength and courage, eradicate financial crisis, failure to understand, grasping power, difficulties to speak, genetic variations and struggles in life, bestows good health, wealth and abundance of prosperity.

Traits of Lord Subramanya and Cosmic Power of Supremacy

  • Lord Muruga or Lord Subramanya or Lord Karthikeya is born from Lord Shiva's third eye being the element of Fire.
  • The Five Elements governed by Lord Shiva is Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Vayu which got united with Goddess Shakti of Pure Consciousness have given birth to Lord Subramanya
  • The Six elements turned as Six-heads of life aspects, give rise to Six-headed Lord Subramanya
  • In the Energy Centre, the middle energy presents in the eyebrow blossoms as Lord Subramanya, is a cosmic symbol of Kundalini Shakti, who manifests the Guru path.
  • Six-headed Lord Subramanya has unique powers, the first face promotes spirituality, removes innocence, ignorance, bless divine principles
  • The Second face Bless Boon of immortality, saves from unnatural and untimely death
  • The Third face Bless truth, genuineness, protect devotees from falsification of divine offerings, invokes Purity of Mind, Body and Soul
  • The fourth face Bless self-realization, principles of reality, positive vibrations of "OM" Mantra.
  • The Fifth face restores dharma, punish wrongdoers, destroy evil spirits, enemies
  • The Sixth face invokes Self-love directing the energy of love through Goddess Valli, boost self-consciousness being the cosmic energy for divine life.

Significance of Skanda Shasti and Lord Subramanya Shasti Vrat

Devotees fast on this day to celebrate the holiness of good over demonic attitudes, devilish thinking, big mind over small mind, magnanimity over pettiness, turning darkness to a bright full light with fruitful life filled with Abundance in everything, Positivity, Reality and Grace.

The Day of Shasti is dedicated to Lord Subramanya which is called as Subramanya Shasti or Skanda Shasti or Kanda Shasti. Lord Subramanya is revered by different names as Lord Muruga, Lord Karthikeya, is the second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The root of the belief is Lord Muruga have killed Demon Soorapadman with his divine "Vel" putting an end to Devilish Demon Soorapadman and this victory and occasion of peaceful life existence is divinely revered as "Soorasamharam", putting an end to Adharma, restoring Dharma. The very next day is observed as "Lord Subramanya Thiru Kalyana Vaibhavam", the divine marriage of Lord Subramanya and Goddess Devasena. Worshiping Lord Subramanya with Goddess Devasana to keep blessing for everlasting love and affection, peace and harmony, purity and prosperity.


The word Shasti denotes as Sastha which means "Six" or Six day celebration of Lord Subramanya Shasti Vrat or Skanda Shasti Vrat is an auspicious observance and devotees fast for Six days and the last day being "Soorasamharam Day". In all Six Days:

  • Avoid Solid Food in Day and Night
  • Devotees who do have health issues can take one morning vegetarian meal or breakfast
  • Rest of the time devotees can take Fruits, Tender Coconut Water and Milk
  • No Non-Vegetarian Food, No Garlic, No Onion ingredients or in vegetable form
  • Recitation of Skanda Shasti Kavacham both in the morning and evening keeps you Healthy and Active, Creates Positive Vibration inside you and outside, Attain Salvation
  • Visit Lord Muruga or Subramanya Temple during all the Six Days, seeking the blessings for good health, cure any ailments, health issues, bless long life, wealth, prosperity.
Homam Procedure
  • Lord Ganesha Puja
  • Lord Subramanya Homam
  • Puja Ritual to Lord Subramanya "Vel"
  • Puja Ritual to the Lord Subramanya Vehicle Vahana the "Peacock"
  • Chanting Skanda Shasti Kavacham
  • Chanting Lord Subramanya Bujangam
  • Lord Subramanya Ashtotra Puja chanting 108 names praising and appeasing the Lord of War, Lord of Wisdom, Lord of Supreme
  • Poornahuti - Sacrifice for Goodness, Good Fortune, Prosperity
  • Energized Lord Subramanya Ash or Vibhuti
Combined Title
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  • Powerful Cosmic Power, Guard from enemies, Bless Courage and Strength
  • Relieve from Past Sins, Solve Health Problems, Health Ailments, Gain long life
  • Clear Pitru Dosha, Enhance Wealth, Savings, Settle Loans, Debts Remove Crisis
  • Gain self-consciousness, Lock the Power of Bad Forms, Bad Chanting, Remove Curse
  • Recover from Physical and Mental Instability, Bless Peace, Harmony, Prosperity
  • Remove Evil Effects, Bestow Abundance in life, Material Gains, Luxury and Comforts

Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes the Blessings of Lord Muruga, Bless Protection, Clear Sins, Cure Disease

Lord Swamimalai Murugan Temple Puja
Enrich Financial Security, Redeem from Failures, Cherish with Nourishment,Curtail Bad Energy

Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy Temple is situated in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu. This Temple is the second in series of "Arupadai Veedu" of Lord Muruga. The main deity Lord Swaminathaswamy is located on the top of the hill, Lord Shiva in the form Lord Sundareswarar and Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Meenakshi is located in the downhill blesses all with Early marriages, Solving marriage obstacles, Overcome debts, Emotional Instability, Guilty conscious, bless devotees with Positivity, Wealth, Prosperity.

Lord Tiruchendur Murugan Temple Puja
Bless Purity of Soul, Remove weakness, Struggles, Bless Good Health, Abundance of Prosperity

Lord Tiruchendur Murugan Temple is also called as Second "Arupadai Veedu" of Lord Muruga. Lord Subramanya who have killed Demon Surapadman and won the battle have worshiped Lord Shiva in this sacred temple, situated by the side of Bay of Bengal, blesses all with Courage, Will power and Strength, Clear Demonic attitude, Evil Spirits, Enmity, bestows Purity of mind, Quality thoughts, Abundance of Wealth, Prosperity.

Energized Brass Lord Muruga Vel
Brings Positive Vibration, Remove fear of Evil Spirits, Bless Wealth, Good Health, Prosperity

Blessing of Lord Muruga and his Divine Weapon "Vel" is a protector from evil effects and enemies in life, is a symbol of strength and courage, bring wisdom, fearlessness and great victory. "Vel" Enjoy prominence in the place of worship in the home and office, will get energized and be as a personal weapon, of good over evil, gaining victories.

Energized Lord Subramanya Yantra
Cherish life dreams, Build Confidence, Wisdom, Remove inabilities, negative spirits, Bestow Positivity, Aims and Aspirations

Power of Lord Subramanya Yantra play a vital role in your success story boost confidence, power of wisdom, high intelligence, which invokes cosmic energy of Six-head Lord Subramanya blesses all with Healthy atmosphere, Generate good bonding, Mutual understanding, prevent conflicts, disharmony, disaffiliations, enmity, create successful environment, profitable ventures, brings the positive vibration, active undertakings, profits and gains, savings and prosperity.


Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Soorasamharam Subramanya Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Soorasamharam Subramanya Homam
  • Lord Swamimalai Murugan Temple Puja
  • Lord Tiruchendur Murugan Temple Puja
  • Energized Brass Lord Muruga Vel
  • Energized Lord Subramanya Yantra