Vakrathunda Sankashti Chaturthi Shatters Never-Ending Obstacles with

Unique Shodasha Ganapathi Maha Homam

Turn Challenges to Strengths, March Ahead with Boons of Fortune, Luck & Successful Career Options

Scheduled Live Stream on October 24, 2021 @ 6 AM IST

This Event has been completed.

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Shodasha Ganapathi means sixteen Ganapathi forms corresponding to 16 tithis of a lunar calendar. Tithi is based on the relationship between the Moon and the Sun. Both the growing and disappearing phases of the moon have 15 tithis that follow the Full Moon and New Moon days.

Lord Ganapathi’s energies are closest to the material plane and he is the most benevolent god that we can reach out to in the Kali Yuga. He removes all impediments with great knowledge and understanding of people’s problems and helps them at the right time. With his supreme blessings, a bad day can be transformed into a good one.

The auspicious year of Vikarama is favorable to invoke the supreme deity Ganesh or Ganapathi and his powerful tithi forms called Shodasha Ganapathi. This is a rare Homam that will be performed on Vakrathunda Sankashti Chaturthi, a day that shatters unending obstacles that prevent your achievements both personal and official. It is one of the 13 Sankashti days celebrated every year and observed on the fourth day of Full Moon during Krishna paksha in Magha month. It also gives a boost to business ventures, promotion, solves marriage and other family problems. This is also the time to correct your financial challenges like losses in business, fund shortages, misuse of income, etc. The Shodasha Ganapathi Homam is the best method to correct all money-related crises.

The verses of Ganapathi Shodasha Nama Stotram say that,

“Shodashaithani Namani Yah Patehcharanu Yadapi,
Vidhyarambhe Vivahe Cha Praveshe Nirgame Thatha,
Sangrame Sarva Karyeshu Vighna Sthasya Na Jaayathe,”

which means that those who worship on the 16 names of Lord Ganapathi before the start of any auspicious program related to education, marriage or journey, or battle, will be victorious and all obstacles they face will be destroyed.

16 Ganapathi Forms and the 16 Tithis They Represent

Sri Niruttha Ganapathi – Amavasya tithi
He is the god of artists. Achieve great aptitude to acquire skills in fine arts, success, fame and proficiency in the creative field of learning.

Sri Baala Ganapathi – Prathamai/Pratipada tithi
He signifies fertility and the abundance of Earth. He saves devotees from sin.

Sri Taruna Ganapathi – Dwithiya tithi
Achieve the best of health by worshipping this form.

Sri Bakthi Ganapathi – Tritiya tithi
Grants blessings of happiness and prosperity

Sri Veera Ganapathi – Chaturthi tithi
Get courage, overcome fear to face difficult situations, removes evil and ignorance.

Sri Sakthi Ganapathi – Panchami tithi
Gain control over your senses, improve concentration, focus and achieve all your objectives. Wipes out evil and protects your family.

Sri Dhvija Ganapathi – Sashti tithi
Earn high status, name and fame in society. Reduce debts.

Sri Siddhi Ganapathi – Saptami tithi
He looks vibrant in golden yellow color. He blesses his devotees with prosperity and mastery (siddhi)

Sri Ucchishta Ganapathi – Ashtami tithi
Worshipped as tantric form, Ucchishta Ganapathi is very powerful.

Sri Vighna Ganapathi – Navami tithi
The lord is a remover of all obstacles and negative influences.

Sri Kshipra Ganapathi – Dasami tithi
Bestows his fans with peace and prosperity.

Sri Heramba Ganapathi – Ekadasi tithi
He protects the weak and helps overcome fear.

Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi – Dvaadasi tithi
He blesses his devotees with wealth and wisdom.

Sri Maha Ganapathi – Trayodasi tithi
Bestows his devotees with abundant prosperity and also removes obstacles.

Sri Vijaya Ganapathi – Chaturdasi tithi
Bestows success in all ventures.

Sri Niruttha Ganapathi – Pournami tithi
Bestows success and aptitude to devotees in fine arts. He is mainly worshipped by artists and performers.

Significance of Daily Tithi Worship of Lord Ganapathi

According to Vedic scholars, Lord Ganapathi is the lord of daily tithis. They say that whenever you see a Ganapathi, a devotee should recite the name of the lord for that particular tithi. This is a worship procedure that pleases the lord most. He is the lord of the current moment who can solve all problems that arise especially in the Vedic Vikrama year. This type of worship associated with the tithi helps to drift through uncertainty, confusion and change very easily. A pure and devoted prayer to Lord Ganapathi not only solves personal problems to ensure growth and progress in life but also ensures the welfare of society at large.


Unique Shodasha Ganapathi Homam Turns Challenges to Strengths,
Helps to March Ahead With Boons of Fortune, Luck & Successful Career Options

The Shodasha Ganapathi Homam is one of the most powerful ceremonies to 16 daily or tithi forms of Ganapathi that are invoked to bless the devotees in house name the Sankalpa is registered. It clears the karmic backlog and motivates you to go ahead in the right direction. They are benefited in a great manner as regards family, career, studies, work, defeating enemies, new endeavors, overcoming hatred, desire, lethargy, jealousy, etc. By performing the ritual, a surge of positivity engulfs the sadakas to increase their fortune, luck and prosperity.

The Homam also favors those who are undergoing Shani Mahadasha, or other Saturn impacts like Sade Sati or Dhaiyaa. It is also useful for those undergoing Mars dosha in the horoscope, solves marital problems, divorce and separation issues and misunderstandings. The Lord of Wisdom will help you deal with your competitive exams successfully and also enhance your career potentials.

Advantages of Unique Shodasha Ganapathi Maha Homam

  • Remove karmic burdens and clear all blockages that prevent progress.
  • Enhance your career, business, and other matters related to your profession.
  • Clear Mars dosha that causes tribulations in life.
  • Eliminate all Saturn dosha like seven-and-a-half Saturn transit and other negative impacts of the planet.
  • Solve marriage issues and hassles that cause major worry to you.
  • Achieve success easily in all ventures and sharpen your skills and creativity significantly.

Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple (Malai Kovil) Pooja Helps You Attain Progress, Material Prosperity & Happiness

Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple is a very famous shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesh situated at the Rockfort temple complex in Trichy. The hill fort temple was built during the reign of Mahendra Pallava Gunaparan in the 6th century. At the top of the rock, a panoramic view of the place that included the Srirangam Temple and Ucchi Vinayagar temple is breathtaking. The mysticism of the temple and its architecture is truly splendid. At the foot of the hill temple lies the Thayumanavar temple of Lord Shiva. This temple has been lauded in Thevaram hymns. Devotees anoint Lord Ganesh with milk and offer a special offering of Arugampul grass. All wishes and desires will be fulfilled successfully by the lord. Also, He ensures that you progress in life, achieve financial gains and happiness.

Energized Ganesh Yantra Prevents Hurdles, Blesses With Affluence, Joy & Authority

A favorable Yantra to possess, the Ganesh Yantra eliminates obstacles and hindrances. Installing the Yantra in your home brings good luck and success. It bestows the devotee with authority and affluence. It helps you flourish in life with its positive vibrations and meditation when chanting the Yantra mantra. Ganesh Yantra fulfills desires and gives happiness, peace and joy. Install it in your prayer space at home or office. Apply turmeric and vermillion to the Yantra, offer flowers and worship it daily for the blessings of Lord Ganesh.

Basic Package (for Only One Devotee)
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  • Shodasha Ganapathi Maha Homam
Gold Package (upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Shodasha Ganapathi Maha Homam
  • Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple (Malai Kovil) Pooja
Platinum Package (upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Shodasha Ganapathi Maha Homam
  • Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple (Malai Kovil) Pooja
  • Energized Ganesh Yantra