Sharad Purnima Special

Supreme Trinities - Sharabha Narasimha Pratyangira Homam

Achieve Supreme Blessings from Three Super Powers for Material Prosperity, Goal Fulfillment & Restrain Negativity in Any Form

Scheduled Live on October 13, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


This event has been completed

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Sharad Purnima: A Full Moon Day of Extraordinary Healing Powers & Miraculous 16 Kalas

The Purnima or full moon appearing in the month of Sharad, the month of Ashwin or Puratassi in Tamil, is a day of resplendence and extreme magnificence. It’s also a day of rejuvenation and the Moon seems brightest of all the full moons ever.  It’s also called Kojagiri, Navanna or Kaumudi Purnima.

The Moon and Earth are very close to each other on this day thereby emitting its healing rays that nourish the body and soul of the common man. It drips elixir to sustain life and prolongs life on earth. This panacea possesses extraordinary healing and nourishing properties that if one cooks sweet porridge and keeps it out on the night of the full moon and consumes it the next morning, then the radiant powers of the moon are absorbed by the body. The moon also exhibits 16 types of kalas on this day, making man a perfect human being.

Attain 364 Combined Blessings of Three Most Powerful Deities for Overall Protection

Supreme Trinity Mahashakti, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are the protectors of humans. When severe adversities befall, they are the most compassionate and quick to relieve us from pitfalls of life. Invoking these super powers is very auspicious for their benevolent blessings.

Vedicfolks Supreme Trinities homam pays obeisance to these forms that will be worshipped in the forms of Goddess Pratyangira, Lord Sarabeshwara and Lord Narasimha. It may be noted that these forms manifested at the time of Narasimha avatar. So, a homa to these combined forms can go a long way in fetching their combined blessings that’s unique and highly powerful as the deities themselves.

It is said that the Super Trinity ritual satisfies 364 needs for human happiness thus leading to divine fulfilment. This ritual is so powerful that it negates afflictions due to planetary influences like that of Mars, Sun, Mercury and Rahu. It has great potential of allaying doshas such as pitru dosha, ancestral dosha and severe marital crisis.

Lord Sarbeshwara Homa

Lord Sarbeshwara the Power God that Controlled Lord Narasimha

Lord Sarbeshwara is a powerful, mystical form of Lord Shiva that appeared to contain the anger of Lord Narasimha. This is the 30th avatar of the 64 that Lord Shiva manifested in. According to Vedic knowledge, Lord Shiva said that, “to annihilate the demon, Lord Narasimha arrived and to appease Lord Narasimha I have come”. He also said that the two incarnations are the same like water and water, milk and milk, ghee and ghee, both inseparable and ought to be worshipped as one.

Lord Sarbeshwara Homa - Gain Strength to Face Hardships 

Lord Sarbeshwara Homa has the power to wipe off sins, get rid of afflictions caused by bad dreams, relieves you from chronic ailments, disasters both natural and man-made like floods, thunder, lightening, cyclone, poisonous bites and crushes immorality. He can also eliminate obstacles in marriage, progeny, clear debts, and put down evil effects.




  • Eradicate fearlessness and gain strength to face hardships.
  • Clear debts and assure all-round prosperity.
  • Remove negative effects both natural and man-made.
  • Remove obstacles in marriage or progeny and neutralise effects of black magic.
  • Get relief from chronic ailments including afflictions caused by bad dreams.