Appearance Day Mitigate Lord Sani Malefic Effects, Bless Togetherness, Overcome Challenges, Chronic Suffering

Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

Powerful Homam Remove Evil Effects of Sade Sati, Shani Dosha's, Ashtama Shani, Bless Gentleness, Tolerance, Righteousness

Scheduled Live Stream on May 22, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST


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Shani Jayanthi

Sani Jayanthi is the appearance day of Lord Sani (Saturn) which falls on Amavasya Thiti during the month of Vaishaka, who took birth and born to Lord Vivasvan (Surya), the Sun God. Lord Surya is the ruling god of planet Lord Sani, the second largest in the solar system and the sixth by distance from Sun. He is the male deity of medieval era and his consort is Goddess Neelima, the first consort of Lord Sani. Lord Sani is generally considered inauspicious, feared of ushering bad-luck, misfortunes, creates irrecoverable loss during bad times, who deserve. During Good and fortune time, bless natives with boons, good-luck. But all depends on the karmas of the past. On Shani Jayanthi day, it is desirable to worship Lord Saturn to get his blessings and he is said to be very strict, disciplined and called as Lord of Punishment and Justice, but kind and gentle, bless natives with Abundance.

Significance Of Lord Shani Jayanthi

Lord Shani bless natives with life experiences based on karma of previous life. Natives are relieved from all negativities and evil forces by appeasing Lord Saturn on this Jayanthi day, will be blessed with relief from all malefic and Karmic consequences. This is a powerful day of acquiring the blessings from Lord Sani. It is believed he is the ruler of karma and bless negative karma for wrong doing, bless positive karma for good heart, soul and pious. Vedicfolks is organizing a powerful remedy ritual on this Shani Jayanthi clear all obstacles, Doshas, past Sins, bless natives the power of inherited qualities, Gain from Loss of Wealth, Improve health aspects, relationship with employees, achieve all desires in life. He is ultimate in clearing natives own karma of past and bless him good results.

Shani Maha Mantra

“Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam.

Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam.”

The Sky Blue Cloud, the Son of the Lord Sun, is the foremost of those who control the Karma. He being the Shadow over the glorious sun. He is the emblem of control, we bow down in devotion.

Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

This Homam is highly successful in producing desired results, have stood the test of time where changes are inevitable. Worshipping Lord Sani on this day is said to very auspicious and being a Vedic deity. Worshipping during this time, is a golden period and will be relieved from hurdles and obstacles for those who experience toughest and depressed situations from deadly Sins during Saturn Dasa Bhukti, Sade Sati and relief from impact of 71/2 years of Saturn, 8th house Saturn namely hidden struggle and long term disease, 4th house Saturn namely negative influences of owning Personal Assets, Comforts and Luxury in life and also clearing all other Shani Dosha's in the natal chart, will be blessed with graceful benefits, joyful and harmonious relationship and happy married life. This Homam is extremely powerful and incredibly performed to please Lord Shani to minimize the effects of obstruction, state of being upset, great pain, difficulties, illness and capable of placing contrary position reversing the bad to good. Once this homam is performed the natives will see improvements personally in life and also improve the status of health, wealth, bonding, personal and professional career, strength, courage and succeeding.


  • Reverse adversities, stay stronger, courageous
  • Bless strong relationship with spouse, groom bonding
  • Materialize inventions, conquer losses in business ventures
  • Safety from danger, protection from evil spirits and bad karmas
  • Bestow with good things in life, clear hurdles, delays and frustration
  • Remove haze, overcome grief and misfortunes, bless prosperity
  • Gain good health, wealth and hassle free life.


Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day



MaMaha Kali Yantra - Vedicfolkshakali Yantra Puja - Emits the Divine Power of Goddess Mahakali

Mahakali Yantra is a very powerful Yantra that emits the power of Goddess Mahakali. A special puja for this Yantra give protection from negativity and malefic effects of Planet Saturn, nullify the ill-effects of black magic, free from bad influences of spirits and bestows fulfilment of desires and material comforts.


SShani Shukla Parayanam - Vedicfolkshani Sukta Parayanam & Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam - Removes Negativity & Invites Prosperity

The planet Saturn is the second largest and one of the most important in the solar system. It is also one of the feared planets because of its long unfavourable transits in a zodiac. The Shani Sukta Parayanam and Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam involve recitation of mantras that invoke the planet lord. The seed mantras are chanted along with a homam being performed in the name of Saturn god.  It’s favourable for those with malefic Saturn in the charts. It also benefits those facing misfortunes, suffering from evil eye or black magic, prolonged illness, nullify negative karma, depression, lack of confidence etc.  Once all negativity is eliminated, it paves way for prosperity, good health and peace.


ThirThirukolliswarer Temple - Vedicfolksukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja - Showers' Prosperous Blessings 

Lord Shiva granted darshan to Lord Shani in the form of Agni (Fire) & made him Pongu (Prosperous) Sani. In this temple, Lord Shani Bhagwan is holding a plough in his hand indicating the dignity of labour. It is noteworthy that the temple is facing west which belongs to the Planet Saturn zodiac circle. A puja in this temple on the special day of Lord Shani give relief from adverse aspects of Saturn.


Lighting of Black - VedicfolksLighting of Black Sesame Lamp at Shani Temple - Removes the Darkness & Ignorance in One's Life

Ellu Villaku contains black sesame wrapped in black cloth and pure gingerly oil. The black color of the wick symbolizes the darkness in one's life and by lighting the lamp helps you to get rid of that darkness & ignorance with the power blessings of Shani Bhagwan.


Energised Shani Yantra Kavacham Locket - Propitiate an Afflicted Saturn & Achieve Rajayoga

Shani Yantra Kavacham indicates success in business, worldly affairs & helps you to achieve great heights. Wearing this locket is one of the best remedies to overcomes the troubles caused due to malefic effects of Saturn and achieve Rajayoga through complete blessings of Shani Dev.

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Platinum Package
USD 193.00
  • Shani Graha Maha Homam
  • Mahakali Yantra Puja
  • Shani Sukta Parayanam & Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam
  • Thirukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja
  • Energised Shani Kavacham Locket
Gold Package
USD 174.00
  • Shani Graha Maha Homam
  • Mahakali Yantra Puja
  • Shani Sukta Parayanam & Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam
  • Thirukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja