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Akhuratha Sankashti Chaturthi

54 Forms of Ganapathi Series of Homam –12/54

Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Eliminates Adversaries, Complex Problems, Bestows Divine Powers, Knowledge and Comforts


Scheduled Live Stream on December 26, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Shakti Ganapathi Provides Power, Strength and Confidence

Shakti Ganapathi appears in a seated position having four hands embracing Shakti Devi who is seated on his left thigh. The right lower hand depicts abhaya mudra for blessings, the left and right upper hands hold a noose and goad and the left lower hand embraces Shakti Devi. Here the Shakti form need not necessarily mean Goddess Parvati but a feminine power or consort that provides added power and strength to Lord Ganapathi.

Shakti Ganapathi represents the primordial element space, of the five elements of nature. Invoking this form of Lord Ganesh helps the devotee to take control of the five senses, concentrate and achieve goals without any hindrances. He also protects the household, destroys evil and brings peace to the house. The lord’s blessings build confidence, strength and prosperity. This form of Ganapathi is seen in the Madurai Tiruparankundram temple in Tamil Nadu. Also, Ganapathi temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanangud in Mysore district of Karnataka has 32 forms of Ganapathi.

Shakti Ganapathi Homam will be performed on Akhrutha Sankashti Chaturthi which is observed in the month of Margashirsha to remove pains and sufferings, get success, fortune and peace.

Significance of Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Shakti is female power who is divine and is the reason for creation and sustencance of the universe. She is prakriti swarupa, the cosmic and dynamic force which is needed for survival of mankind. Lord Ganesh acquires double powers when a Shakti is attached to him and therefore a devotee can receive great strength and supremacy to accomplish all things in life.

Sakthi Ganapathi Mantra

Om Hreem Kreem Hreem

Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Eliminates Adversaries, Complex Problems, Bestows Divine Powers, Knowledge and Comforts

Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

The Shakti Ganapathi Homam changes the sluggish and lethargic approach to matters of life to being more dynamic and forceful. Lord Shakti Ganapathi protects the devotees, eliminates all negative forces and brings peace to the household. One is able to gain much vitality to achieve victory in all tasks. The ritual helps to overcome any deterrents, troubles from adversaries and other dangers that cause distress to a person. The homam helps to solve complex problems in administrative structures and other legal departments. Invoking this unique form of Ganapathi, helps to score high in academics for students. It bestows Siddhi or divine powers and Buddhi or knowledge/intellect to a sincere devotee to accomplish all things in life. The homam is an effective means to not only attain blessings of Lord Ganesh but also the feminine power for fulfilling desires and receiving immense prosperity and extravagance.

Benefits of Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Get double protection of Lord Ganesh and Shakti form.
Remove negative elements, complex problems and other deterrents.
Blessing for students to score high in academics.
Achieve Siddhi and Buddhi to be successful in life.
Fulfills desires, gives prosperity and comforts.

Shakti Ganapathi Temple Puja
Removes Difficulties, Negative Elements, Improves Concentration and Ensures Peace

Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

Shakti Ganapathi Temple is situated in Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The main idol appears in a seated position with a female power on his lap. She is the lord’s Shakti or power, believed to be Vinayaki, his consort, and together the divine couple give immense courage and strength. When devotees worship this form, he gains control over the five senses of the human body. A puja in this temple blesses with improved concentration, to achieve aims without any difficulty. Lord Shakti Ganapathi is also regarded as the protector of landlords and home owners. He removes negative elements and brings peace to a home.


Energized Crystal Ganesh Idol
Removes Vastu Defects, Brings Good Luck, Positivity and Auspiciousness

Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

The crystal Ganesh idol is an exquisite piece carved of sphatik stone. Lord Ganesh is the first god to be worshipped at the start of any auspicious event. He represents joy and happiness and ensures good luck and prosperity to the devotee. Crystal Ganesh is considered to be very auspicious and has high frequency vibrations that spread positivity and grandeur. Crystal Ganesh can be used in your puja altar, office space or even car dashboard. Vastu specialists say that crystal Ganesh can also remove Vastu defects from home and environment. But it is important to place the idol in the right direction to protect from evil energies. The crystal Ganesh will be energized in the day’s ritual before it is dispatched.


Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 120.00
  • Shakti Ganapathi Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Shakti Ganapathi Homam
  • Shakti Ganapathi Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
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  • Shakti Ganapathi Homam
  • Shakti Ganapathi Temple Puja
  • Energized Crystal Ganesh Idol