Durgashtami Invocation of Goddess Shakambhari Devi Grants Surplus Nutrition & Eternal Sustenance
Special Bhagawati Amman Puja on Jan 17, 2022, Shakambhari Jayanthi day

Shakambhari Devi Homam

Wipes Out Suffering, Poverty &
Replenishes with Ample Food,
Prosperity & Abundance

Scheduled Live Stream on January 10, 2022 @ 6 PM IST

Goddess Shakambhari – The Deity of Greens Dispels Darkness,
Nourishes & Fulfills Your Needs

Goddess Shakambhari Devi is an aspect of goddess Durga. Shakambhari means the one who nourishes with foods of nature. She is Shataakshi with one hundred eyes. She is moola prakriti who manifests in plants and especially in the forest and hence called Vanashankari. She protects all beings whether plants or animals that belong to the forest. Meditating on this mother aspect of goddess Shakti removes sorrows quickly, puts aside difficulties and darkness. She provides eternal nourishment, fulfillment and grants immortality.

Goddess Shakambhari Devi’s depiction is that of a deity that holds a lotus, bow and arrow, also carries flowers, herbs, roots and vegetables symbolizing her status as the goddess of vegetation and feeding. She has three eyes on her forehead besides eyes all over her body. Her stories are described in Devi Mahatmyam Chapter 11, Devi Bhagavata Puranam Chapter 28 and also Murti Rahasyam which is an addendum to Devi Mahatmyam. Shakambari Devi just emerged, was not born in a biological way, to dispel darkness for the sake of mankind. Here it means the tendency of humans to ignore spiritual qualities like compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and love that is replaced with violent mannerism and illicit practices that cause drought and famine to affect lives. She retrieved the Vedas from Durgam, a demon who troubled everyone for hundreds of years resulting in Adharma (unrighteousness) and therefore severe drought and famine occured. She was moved when she saw people suffer and tears fell from her eyes for nine days which formed a river that made the land fertile. She also brought all types of food with her like vegetables and fruits that earned her the name Shakambhari which means the one who bears vegetables.

Shakti Peetha temples for Shakambhari Devi are located in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh and Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan. There’s also a large, famous temple dedicated to the goddess in Badami, Karnataka.

Significance of Shakambhari Devi Homam

Shakambhari Devi is Mother Earth who suffices hunger. Religious texts like Devi Mahatmyam describe that Goddess Durga appeared as Shakambhari Devi after a draught of hundred years. She wipes out sufferings and grants enormous prosperity. As the world is going through a tough phase caused due to the pandemic, and Mother Earth being contaminated due to the greed of humans, and everyone’s health is also compromised in the form of processed food, pesticides contamination and industrialized farming. Therefore, it’s very significant to worship this deity for making your home and surroundings a better place. Also, to make sure that poverty is eradicated and enough food is available for everyone.

Shakambhari Devi Mantra

Om Am Sham Shaakambharii-Devyai
Sakala-Sthaavara Jangama-Rakshakii
Dhana-Dhaanya Vritti-Karinyai Namah

I bow to the goddess who bears vegetation, Shakambhari Devi, you are the constant nourisher providing abundant grains, vegetables in all season, the guardian of all living beings and provider of nourishment, sustaining the livelihood of all.

Shakambari Devi Homam

Shakambhari Devi Homam Wipes Out Suffering, Poverty &
Replenish with Ample Food,
Prosperity and Abundance

Shakambhari Devi Homam gives protection from natural calamities or disasters, averts difficult situations and removes sorrows. It also dispels demons that are embedded in your mind in the form of negative emotions and thoughts. The generous goddess provides nourishment, abundance of food like vegetables, fruits, roots, flowers, medicines, liquids, grains and wealth. Once nourished by the goddess, a sadhaka will never go hungry or there won’t be any dearth of basic essentials in his home. Shakambhari Devi Homam easily overcomes highly challenging obstacles and difficulties, and helps you achieve impossible tasks. Her mantras have the power of Goddess Durga’s mantras and also that of the 10 Dasa Mahavidya or Wisdom Goddesses who, according to some texts, have emanated from Shakambhari Devi. Her mantra can also be used to overcome difficulties caused by planetary movements.

Benefits of Goddess Shakambhari Devi Homam

  • Removes darkness, sorrows and averts difficult situations.
  • Eliminates evil thoughts and challenging obstacles.
  • Get all basic essentials for your home.
  • Achieve wealth and prosperity in abundance.
  • Worshipping the goddess is equal to worshipping Goddess Durga or the wisdom goddesses - Dasa Mahavidya.

Bhagavathy Amman Temple Puja Removes Miseries,
Grants Infinite Bliss & Fulfills Desires

Bhagavathy Amman is a young goddess and also a form of Sakthi, Durga or Parvathi. The Bhagavathy Amman Temple situated in Pambappadaiyur in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu is a popular shrine visited by locals and pilgrims. The special feature of the temple is that anointing Devi with fruits will ensure good results in all tasks. Banana abhishekam yields good crops, jackfruit abhishekam fulfills prayers, mangoes are for child blessings, pomegranates’ abhishekam controls anger and abhishekam with lemon will clear out enemy menace. The practice of lighting ghee lamps removes darkness and there will be brightness in your life. The benevolent Bhagavathy Amman ensures that you achieve peace, prosperity and happiness forever.

The puja will be performed on January 17, 2022 on Shakambhari Jayanthi day. Goddess Shakambari, an avatar of goddess Parvati, is the Goddess of Greens who descends on earth during the time of famine to feed the hungry. Invoking her on this day removes miseries in life and grants infinite bliss.

Energized Devi Lamp Eliminates Bad Energies,
Spreads Positive Vibrations, Ensures Well-Being

Energized Devi lamp, made of brass metal, brings auspiciousness and prosperity into your household. The rays that are emitted will work as a three dimensional Vastu protector, positive energy enhancer and bestower of peace and prosperity. Lighting lamps in the house is considered auspicious. Keep it in your puja altar or other work space to improve the vibrations and eliminate any negativity or evil. Get the blessings of the goddess for all- round prosperity and well-being. Clean the lamp once a week to enhance its life and sheen.


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  • Shakambhari Devi Homam
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  • Shakambhari Devi Homam
  • Bhagavathy Amman Temple Puja
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  • Bhagavathy Amman Temple Puja
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