Pradosham Power Rituals

Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam with Special Rudrabhisheka Puja

Annihilate Destructive Forces, Relieve From Prolonged Illness, Quarrels, and Evil Eyes, Achieve Career Success, Fortune and Satisfy all Desires


Scheduled Live Stream on December 10, 2023 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Lord Sarabeshwara Denotes Courage, Bravery, Peace and Love

According to the Sharaba Upanishad of Atharva Veda and other religious texts, God Shiva assumed the Sharaba form to quell the anger of Lord Narasimha as He was uncontrollable after killing Hiranyakashipu.

A devotee can seek refuge in the lord when calamity or sorrow strikes when unrighteousness claims his life. The lord comes to your help when your memory wanes, your strength declines, and you do not get what you rightfully deserve. His boons confer courage, bravery, peace, and love. He cures you of long-standing diseases, severe afflictions, jealousy, and all the evil elements that cause trouble in your life. Sarabeshwara is a vanquisher of destructive forces, a great protector, a motivator, and a well-wisher.

Just as Lord Shiva is the root cause of Siddhi or spiritual attainment and Buddhi (spiritual knowledge), Lord Sarabeshwara is a formidable force — the lord of bhakti or devotion and spiritual fortitude.

Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam would be on the auspicious day of Pradosham, the divine twilight hour when the lord’s energies are closer to the earth’s plane. He hears the sincere call of devotees to remove their difficulties and sorrows and remove the effects of negative karma.

Significance of Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam

Lord Sarabeshwara annihilates evil forces influencing your life. He’s a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva and has immense powers to protect those who seek solutions to worldly problems. The homam helps those who seek relief from black magic issues and psychological disorders and also provides solutions to harassing legal tangles. Sarabeshwara Homam can be performed by those who suffer evil eye-casting issues and torture from malevolent forces. It also benefits those facing obstacles and suffering from negativity and all other problems that need immediate solutions.

Lord Sarabeshwara Mantra

Aum Saaluvesaya Vidhmahe, Pakshi Roopaya Dheemahi
Thanno Sarabha Prachodhayath

Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam

Offers Relief to Prolonged Illness, Quarrels, and Evil Eyes, Confers Success, Fortune and Satisfies all Desires

Sarabeswarar Homam 2023

Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam curbs ultimate evil forces that cause you anxiety.

The Homam provides utmost joy and tranquility and finds quick solutions to issues that are beyond control.

The ritual helps overcome enemy menace and quarrels.

Worshipping Sarabeshwara removes all negative vibrations, removes greed, anger, pride, lust, and ego-centric thoughts, and saves from untimely death.

The powerful mantras chanted during the homam bless with success, satisfaction, and luck. It provides dynamism to you, helps you win over enemies, and gives you a positive attitude, peace of mind, and happiness.

Benefits of Lord Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam

  • Saves devotees from evil, negative destructive, and dark forces.
  • Puts an end to greed, pride, anger, lust, and egocentric thoughts.
  • It removes discomfort, fears, untimely death, and bad energies like evil eye, black magic, etc.
  • He protects from natural calamities, and prolonged illnesses, clears debts, and bestows progeny.
  • It grants success, good fortune, and satisfaction in all aspects of life.
  • Gives peace and harmony which allows you to stay focused in life.

Special Rudrabhishekam Puja

Wards off Sarpa Dosha and Sins, Rewards with Resources, Wealth, Physical Stability, and Purifies Senses

It is a very auspicious method to invoke Lord Shiva in the form of a sacred linga. Sacred materials are used in the abhishekam like milk, curds, honey, ghee, coconut water, holy ash, sandal paste, fruit mixtures, etc. Lord Rama performed Rudrabhishekam before crossing the sea in search of his consort Sita, to go to Lanka.

The Vedas hail this form of ablution of the linga as the greatest puja to remove evil, give all-round prosperity, and attain desires. It also washes away sins and afflictions. It offers peace, prosperity, happiness, and family unity. It also blesses the devotee with a cool mind and mental peace, heals, helps to recover from diseases, wards off snake curses (Sarpa dosha), cleanses your mind and body, and gives relief from the cycle of birth and death.

It eliminates negative spirits and radiates positive vibrations. It helps to eliminate sins, grants peace, removes stumbling blocks, and grants resources, wealth, happy life. In performing the ritual, one purifies the five senses namely vision which denotes water, taste that stands for earth, hearing is fire, smell denotes ether and touch symbolizes air.

Benefits of Rudrabhishekam Puja

  • Alleviates difficulties and malefic effects of planets.
  • Gives relief to life-threatening diseases, negative energies, and ailments.
  • Overcomes mortal fear and enemy menace.
  • Helps to achieve good health, wealth, longevity, progeny, intelligence, and prosperity.
  • Confers spiritual upliftment and fulfills desires.

Thirubhuvanam Sarabeshwara Energy Centre Puja
Clears Debt Issues, Fights Hidden Enemies and Black Magic, Wins Law Suits and Attain Progeny, Happy Marriage

Sarabeswarar Homam 2023

Lord Sarabeshwara energy centre in Thirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam is an ancient place of worship built by Kulothunga Chola III.

The place is unique, where Lord Sarabeshwara has a temple, and in all other abodes, you can see the chiseled sculptures.

The presiding deity is Lord Kampahareswarar, a form of Lord Shiva who saved a trembling king from Brahmarakshasa.

Lord Kampahareswarar means the one who stops the tremble. Worshiping the Shiva forms grants blessings of removing obstacles in marriage, overcoming the effects of hidden enemies, recovering from debts, winning legal battles, nullifying black magic, etc.

The prayers also relieve one from Brahmahatya dosha, marriage problems, and to attain progeny.


Energised Sarabeshwara Yantra Worship
Removes Negative Vibes, Unseen Threats, Protects from Curses, Grants Luck, Success and Good Fortune

Sarabeswarar Homam 2023

Sarabeshwara yantra is a divine tool of protection and well-being. Worshipping the energised yantra removes all negative vibrations, obstacles, problems, and unseen threats from life. It protects from curses, blesses a person with luck and success, and gives peace of mind and happiness. This powerful sadhana gives divine powers to the worshipper for longevity, wealth gain, success in ventures, progress in business, family happiness, good health, and fulfillment of wishes. Expect positive changes in life with the arrival of good fortune and eternal bliss.

Remember to refrain from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during the worship. Place the yantra facing east or north in your puja altar or any other sacred place. Wash the yantra with rose water or milk periodically, and apply sandal paste on the corners. Light an incense stick and offer flowers. Chant the mantra, Saluveyshaya Vidh Mahe, Pakshirajaya Dhi Mahi, Tanna Sharaba Prachodayat, for powerful blessings of the lord.


Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 120.00
  • Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam with Special Rudrabhisheka Puja
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam with Special Rudrabhisheka Puja
  • Thirubhuvanam Sarabeshwara Energy Centre Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Sarabeshwara Murthi Homam with Special Rudrabhisheka Puja
  • Thirubhuvanam Sarabeshwara Energy Centre Puja
  • Energised Sarabeshwara Yantra Worship