Rama Navami & Tara Jayanthi Special Rituals

Scheduled live on April 2, 2020 @ 4 AM IST


Rama Homam on Rama Navami

Gain Protection from Malefic Effects, Invoke Mental Peace, Righteousness



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Lord Rama - Rama NavamiRama Navami - A Promising Day Bless Fortune, Early Marriages, Remove Obstacles, Evil Forces

The word "Rama" by itself is an amazing grace, a blissful beauty, gives spiritual vibration. Glory to all, one who chants. Lord Rama evolved as seventh avatar of Dashavatara, in the land of Ayodhya, in human form, being his birth place. Every Avatar of Dashavatara had definite agenda fundamentally, winning evil forces, restore Dharma.

Rama Navami is a spring, the birth time of Lord Rama, born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya, is a part origin of Lord Vishnu as, "Rama avatar", marks the celebration time for "Spring Navratri" in Chaitra month. A very auspicious time, Vedic learned recites the Epic "Ramayana" honoring the moment of the spring, admiring the roles played by Goddess Sita, Lord Lakshmana and Lord Hanumana. Goddess Sita is an ideal woman filled with loyalty for her husband. Lord Lakshmana has the qualities of good fortune, remains loyal to his brother Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is an epitome of Human Values. There is another version, Vedic scriptures observed "Rama Navami" as, a marriage day of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita bless devotees in their marriage attire "Kalyanotsavam", is a symbolic dual celebration, in human form.

Lord Rama is half born "Lord Vishnu" which is repeatedly called "Ardha Ansh" which means "A Meaningful Half ", having the divine qualities of Lord Vishnu. His other half is equivalently meaningful, wore dual qualities, to protect the universe from enemies, create joy, prosperity and beauty in the hearts of devotees. According to Mahakala Samhita scriptures, Goddess Tara Mahavidya was incarnated on "Navami Day" as "Tara Jayanti". Also Lord Vishnu incarnated Lord Rama on the same day of "Navami". Thus both the rituals are performed on the same day, invoking the blessings of both Lord Rama and Goddess Tara Mahavidya on Rama Navmi day. On this day, Goddess Tara  paired with Lord Rama in a compassionate way (‘Soumyogra’) to govern the malefic effects of "Guru Brihaspati Graha", as the giant planet "Jupiter or Guru" plays a vital role in the life of human being. On this day performing "Tara Mahavidya Homam" remove malefic effects of Jupiter, brings amazing positive effects.

Devotees are requested to click on the following link for Rama Homam & Tara Mahavidya Homam to participate and get the divine blessings


Shri Rama Moola Mantra

Om Shri Ramaya Namah॥

Om is a divine vibration sensing Lord Rama in one's consciousness, one who bestow happiness, inner peace, mental and physical balance.

Rama Homam - Gain Perfection, Life Values, Remove Hardship and Negative Energies

Vedicfolks special ritual on the day of Rama Navami is performing "Rama Homam on Rama Navami" is the auspicious occasion, to invoke the attributes and moral principles of Lord Rama, an archetype of excellence. Rama Navami is a day of divine blessings from Lord Rama to imbibe the divine principles of Lord Rama. Worshipping Lord Rama on this day also remove Ancestor and Guru Doshas. Lord Rama is the follower of Manipura Chakra, invokes the energies of this Chakra gain life principles will be blessed with will-power, clarity of thought, knowledge and wisdom, take appropriate decisions in life and profession, joy and happiness, remove evil effects, negativities, bless righteousness and courage, love and happiness with family and friends.


  • Protects Life from Evil Effects, Enmity, Remove incongruence
  • Bless Life Desires, Liberation, Relieve from anxiety, Remove Fear
  • Gain Fame and Name, Remove depression, Bless happy and worry-free life
  • Relieve from health problems, obstacles, Bless Peace and Happiness
  • Bless Peace and Harmony, Unite family with endless love
  • Bless Long Life to Husband, Wife and family members, Remove Illness, Ill-effects


Tara Mahavidya Homam on Tara Jayanti

Bless Supreme Path for Victory, Divine Knowledge,  Liberate from Oppression



This event has been completed.

Please visit this link to perform individual Tara Mahavidya Homam


Tara Mahavidya - Tara JayanthiTara Mahavidya  

Tara Devi is an eternal, self-ignition, furious goddess, yet gentle by nature. She is Devi Upasana the second in Dasa Mahavidyas and closely resembles Mahakali. Tara Devi bestow her devotes with knowledge of eternal values, remove ignorance and liberate from oppression. Her consort is 'Tarakeshwarnath' another incarnation of Lord Shiva and her planet is Juptier. Tara another name is 'Star'.

To supplement the power of strength, assumed different forms to deploy creation, livelihood, destruction and deliverance. She is a versatile personality and took five auxiliary exited forms for different purposes, who were named as Neela Saraswathi, Ugra Tara, Shukla Tara, Neela Tara and Chitra Tara. Her different composition supported the need of the worshippers fulfilling the family obligations namely "Samsara Sagara", i.e., values, desires and behaviours, respect to parents, siblings and elders, blessed with children's, adored for health, wealth and prosperity. She was worshiped as the principal deity as "Tarini" during Kalinga Empire and she is ever approachable due to her natural tendency, through our true devotion and sincere prayers.


How to Attain Conjunct, Power of Speech and Quality of Learning

Gayatri Mantra

Om Taarayai Cha Vidmahe

Mano Grahayai Dhimahi

Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

Tara Devi is omnipresent, known for her prowess, bless presence of mind, intelligence, light our sagacity

Fierce Gayatri Mantra

Om Taaraayai Vidmahe

Ugra Taaraayi Dhimahi

Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

Tara Devi is omnipresent, who is intelligent, face Challenges, problems and thwarts disturbances. We bow before Goddess Tara Devi to light our minds with sagacity.

Shukla Gayatri Mantra

Om Taaraayai Vidmahe

Shukla Taaraayi Dhimahi

Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

Tara Devi is omnipresent, who is intelligent. Bless us with beauty and majestic look, abundance of wealth and prosperity. We bow before Goddess Tara Devi to light our minds with sagacity

Neela Tara Gayatri Mantra

Om Taaraayai Vidmahe

Neela Taaraayi Dhimahi

Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

Tara Devi is omnipresent, who is intelligent. Bless us with intelligence, knowledge and clarity of mind and thoughts. We bow before Goddess Tara Dev to light our minds with sagacity

Chitra Tara Gayatri Mantra

Om Taaraayai Vidmahe

Chitra Taaraayi Dhimahi

Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

Tara Devi is omnipresent, who is intelligent. Bless Split less Family bonding, success in our endeavors, relieve from illness and disease. We bow before Goddess Tara Dev to light our minds with sagacity

Tara Mahavidya Homam - Rescues You From Troubles Of Life

Goddess Tara Mahavidya is the Goddess of Salvation, Power of Knowledge, represents the cosmic cycle of birth and death. With the power of ‘Akshovya-Shiva’ (has sacrificed consuming the dangerous poison "Kaalkut", which emerged out of churning the divine ocean "Samudra Manthan") took the form of Lord Bhairava, to save the universe from demonic forces. She is known for supernatural powers, rescuer from troubles, bless life desires, awards and accomplishments, ultimate knowledge and Liberate from rebirth cycles. Performing Homam on this day makes the planetary position of Jupiter strong and powerful, grants wisdom, health and wealth. Praying on this day protects natives from Daihika (Health Problems), Daivika (Alter the laws of destiny) and Bhautika (Protect from Ignorance, Ailment), will Destroy and eliminate sufferings, bless material abundance, Cure Evil Effects, Doshas, Clear Sins, Bless abundance and prosperity.


  • Protect from Sins of Past, eliminate distractions, focus on targets
  • Overlook obligations, Go by intelligence, self-realization
  • Bless purity in heart and soul, life accomplishment, remove Doshas
  • Remove obstacles, hardships, develop the skill of influence and negotiation
  • Remove malefic impacts, negativities, bless life desires, good health
  • Remove unfortunate events, remove fear, bless peace and harmony
  • Bless composure, calmness, Bless abundance, Remove miseries


Auspicious Combinations That Make Our Rituals Highly Powerful


Sita Rama Ashtothra Satha Namavali Archana - Rama NavamiSita Rama Ashtothra Satha Namavali Archana - Protect from Evil Forces, Bless Values and Morale

Reciting 108 names of Lord Rama, collectively known as "Ashtothra Satha Namavali Archana" on this day, brings new life, joy and happiness, bless wealth, prosperity, remove Rahu Dosha, Conquer enemies.


Abhaya Hasta Anjaneyar Homam - Rama NavamiAbhaya Hasta Anjaneyar Homam - Bless Strength, Energy, Remove Fear, Evil Effects

Lord Anjaneyar is a well-built fearless God, reflects Abhaya Mudra in his right, hold a club with the other, denotes threat to evil spirits. Performing this Homam, grace devotees with wealth and prosperity, remove fear and obstacles, clear evil powers from the surroundings.