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Dwadasa Maha Kali Series of Homam – 2/ 12

Rakta Kali Homam

Get Rid of Hostile Energies, Stubborn Evil, Overcome Fears, Receive Infinite Bliss, Auspiciousness and Peace


Scheduled Live Stream on November 18, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Goddess Rakta Kali is Mightiest Kali Avatar with Heroic Ferocity

Rakta Kali Homam

According to Kali Purana, Rakta Kali is one of the most significant avatars of the Goddess Kali. She is also known as Kapalini, is one of the most popular and widely worshipped goddesses in the Vedic realm. She is depicted as a black or blue-skinned woman with four arms, holding a severed head and brandishing a knife. She is also associated with death, destruction, and violence, and is considered both a fearsome and powerful deity. Goddess Rakta Kali's most famous tale is that of her killing the demon Raktabeeja. Raktabeeja was a powerful demon who surrendered in front of Goddess Kali's extraordinary powers. Therefore, she is considered a warrior goddess and her consort is Bhairava. After demolishing Raktabheeja, the goddess earned the name Rakta Kali.

Rakta Kali is worshipped as a protector and guardian, and is the mighty power that wards off evil and harm. Her worshippers often offer her blood sacrifices. The imperial goddess is invoked during rituals and ceremonies designed to ward off evil spirits.

Rakta Kali Homam will be performed as part of Vedicfolks Dwadasha Mahakali series of Homam which venerates her 12 formidable forms for remvoing darkness from life and ensuring one’s mind is pure and clutter-free.

Significance of Rakta Kali Homam

Rakta Kali Homam is a very powerful and significant Homa ritual as it helps attain the glorious energies of Goddess Rakta Kali. The supreme goddess safeguards her devotees against all odds and obstacles. Goddess Rakta Kali is known to shatter the evil and brutal demons. This Homam infuses her heroic attributes in the devotees awarding them strength to tackle any strong force. This Homam nurtures life with peace and spiritual consciousness. It also guides towards a stable path of learning and self-attainment.

According to Kalika tantra, Rakta Kali Homam helps eliminate all adversities and vicious energies. It brings courage to stand tall against all odds and emerge victorious. It fulfills life with the pious aura and vibration of the supreme Kali form – Rakta Kali.

Rakta Kali mantra

Om Krim Rakta Kalika Namaha

Rakta Kali Homam

Get Rid of Hostile Energies, Stubborn Evil, Overcome Fears, Receive Infinite Bliss, Auspiciousness and Peace

Rakta Kali Homam is a very influential and effective Homam that can be performed for various purposes. The ritual is believed to bestow power and strength. It is also quite beneficial for those suffering from diseases and ailments. This ritual can help to nullify the effects of black magic, evil spirits, and curses. Performing the Rakta Kali Homam helps to purify the mind and body and thus brings peace of mind. It aids in increasing mental and physical endurance. It also helps boost concentration and memory and sharpen the intellect. It plays a crucial part in overcoming negative thoughts and emotions. Defence personnel and common people can worship the goddess for courage and strength. She gives all blessings to face difficult situations in life and ushers in prosperity, auspiciousness and peace.

Rakta Kali Homam

Benefits of Rakta Kali Homam

Helps to remove all negative energies and forces from life.
Benefits in purifying our mind, body, and soul.
Guides us to attain prosperity, wealth, and success.
Protects devotees from all kinds of diseases and problems.
Brings harmony and enjoyment to the devotee's life.
Supports getting rid of all our problems.
Assists to lead a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.
Aids in enhancing consciousness and self-realization aspects.
Helps attain moksha or liberation from the material world.

Kolavizhi Amman Temple Puja
Wins Court Cases, Protects, Cures Diseases And Ensures Prosperity

Rakta Kali Homam

The one-thousand-year-old Kolavizhi Amman Temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The goddess is a protector of territories, and rituals in the temple are conducted by non-Brahmin priests. There’s a popular story that a British tourist who was photographing the fire walk festival of the temple lost his vision during the event and regained his sight after worshipping the goddess. She is also called Bhadrakali Amman, Ambika, Mayurapuri Grama Devatha, etc. the idol is believed to be self-manifested form. The goddess is known for her love and affection towards devotees. A puja in this temple removes legal hurdles, protects from dangers and natural disasters, cures diseases and rewards with peace and prosperity.


Energized Longevity Bracelet
Removes Negativity, Rejuvenates, Boosts Health and Gives Long Life

Rakta Kali Homam

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