Receive Power Blessings of Trinity Gods For A Successful Life

Nava Brahma Homam on Prabhodini Ekadashi

Achieve Removal of Karma, Financial Stability & Root out Past Life Sins

Scheduled Live on Nov 8, 2019 @ 5 AM IST

This event has been Completed

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Prabhodini Ekadashi: A Propitious Day to Wash Away Sins, Evil Deeds Committed During Lifetime & Attain Moksha

Skanda Purana reveals that Lord Brahma narrated to Sage Narada about the greatness of Prabodhini Ekadashi. Auspicious ceremonies like marriages, child naming ceremonies, grah pravesh etc are initiated during this time. It’s also beneficial to fast on this day as it washes away sins, evil deeds during the life time. Prabodhini Ekadashi is a perfect day to attain Moksha (salvation) and paves way to Vaikunta after death.

Nava Brahma HomamRituals to Brahmas on Prabhodini Ekadasi Eradicates Past Karmas, Grants Stability of Income

Rituals to Nava Brahmas on this auspicious day can be very significant to remove all past karmas, sins and remove all uncertainties in your financial matters.

The Vedas, an almanac of spiritual wisdom, elucidates that each Brahma has a life span of 311.04 trillion human years.

Once each Brahma stops to exist, he gives way to his successor and a new Brahma is born.

1 second of Brahmaloka = 1, 00,000 human years

1 year (12 months) of Brahma = 3.1104 trillion human years

Each Brahma exists for 100 human years and the present one is seventh in order as six Brahmas have already passed.

The actual names of nine Vedic Brahmas are Virinchi, Padmabhu, Swayambhu, Parameshthi, Surajyeshtha, Hemagarbha, Shatanand (present Brahma) and the next will be named as Chaturmukha and the last will be Hanuman.

Navabrahma Temple – a Sanctum of Nava Brahmas dedicated to Lord Shiva to unload your Karma Baggage

Jogulamba Devi rests in her sanctum in Alampur in Telegana State along with nine forms of her consort called Nava Brahmas. The Nava Brahmas with names such as Taraka Brahma, Swarga Brahma, Padma Brahma, Bala Brahma, Garuda Brahma, Arka Brahma, Kumara Brahma, Veera Brahma and Viswa Brahma are actually refer to medicinal herbs put forth by Rasa Siddhas of yore. According to Siddha Rasarnavam which is a tantric work, when upasana is performed its powers are such that mercury oozes  from the linga of Bala Brahma, thighs of Subramanya, navel of Ganapathi and mouth of Mother Jogulamba. This liquid can be converted to gold by using the medicinal herbs.

The Vedic scriptures have also associated the temple to the penance of Lord Brahma who performed severe penance for thousands of years. A pleased Lord Shiva appeared before him and blessed him with powers to create the world. From then on, Lord Shiva came to be known as Brahmeshwara.

Nava Brahma HomamBrahma Samhita Chanting Confers Successful Life with Blessings of Trinity Gods

When Lord Vishnu desired to create the universe, a golden lotus appeared from His navel on which was seated Lord Brahma who was bewildered to see darkness. After chanting the kama bija mantra He thus sees Krishna in his spiritual realm and perceives the divine notes of the flute and thus came forth the Kama Gayatri mantra. Krishna’s magical flute sounds expressed through Brahma’s mouth becomes Gayatri mantra. With deep transcendental insight and devotion, Lord Brahma spontaneously recites a series of prayers in the name of his creator, which is the Brahma Samhita which consists of about 100 chapters that glorifies the lord who is known as Govinda, origin of all, prime cause of all causes who is Sat-Cit-Ananda.  It teaches the ultimate reality, transcendence, truth and path of bhakti in five aphorisms and pays obeisance to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Surya too. The chanting of this supreme verse helps gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom for attaining Moksha. The chanting of this great knowledge gives success in all endeavours undertaken, purifies body, mind and soul and paves way for wealthy, healthy and prosperous life by clearing all hurdles and difficulties. It also grants blessings of trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Achieve Removal of Karma, Financial Stability & Root out Past Life Sins with Nava Brahma Homam

Nava Brahma Homa is a powerful one for cleaning previous birth effect and all deep rooted disorders. This homam helps to regenerate the environment and gives happy present life. Lord Shiva is the winner of death. On doing this homam, one can escape from unexpected death, accidental death and physical disability. By performing the ritual, one can get relief from financial stability, problems due to subordinate in the office and problems related to government department. This homam overcomes fear from thieves and fear from death. On performing this homam one can attain a long happy and peaceful life.

Unique Rituals to Nava Brahmas Grant Multifold Special Blessings

  • It overcome previous birth karma and also any calamities or situations that threaten your life, dangerous diseases etc.
  • Brahma Samhita chanting grants blessings of trinity gods along with success in all endeavours.
  • It gives relief from relationship troubles between couples and other relationships
  • The ritual is useful for achieving materialistic gains like stability of income, comforts and also spiritual upliftment.
  • With divine grace and blessings of Lord Brahma attain creativity and better understanding.
  • Since Brahma is the Lord of Vedas, this ritual helps gain knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and righteous living


Chosen Special Pujas & Energised Products For Prabhodini Ekadashi

Nava Brahma Homam - Alampur Navabrahma Temple PujaAlampur Navabrahma Temple Puja Eliminates Karma & Grave Sins

The temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, is also known as Dakshin Kashi. There are nine temples in the premises giving the structures a very ancient significance. Bala Brahma shrine is most important of them all and festivities during Shivaratri are considered very important. A Puja in this primeval temple confers blessings of Lord Shiva, uplifts your life to a great extent, eradicates negative karma and grave sins.


Nava Brahma Homam - Lotus Beads Japa MalaLotus Beads Japmala Bestows Wealth, Material Comforts

Lotus Beads mala or prayer rosary is a useful keepsake for worship especially chanting mantras in the name of Goddess Lakshmi who is easily appeased and also is someone who sits on the sacred flower. The mala bestows wealth and material comforts to the devotee.



Saraswathi Idol Bestows Power of Mind, Dispels Darkness

Goddess Saraswathi is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and arts. She is capable of dispelling the darkness of ignorance. She is pure and sublime therefore dressed in white and bestows power of mind as she is the patron of true wisdom. Worshipping this embodiment of speech and sound will grant you eternal glory and great values in life.

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USD 133.00
  • Nava Brahma Homam
  • Brahma Samhita Chanting
USD 189.00
  • Nava Brahma Homam
  • Brahma Samhita Chanting
  • Nava Brahma Temple Pooja
  • Energised Lotus Beads Japmala
  • Energised Saraswathi Idol