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Parama Ekadasi: Remove Negative Circumstances, Bless Ultimate Accomplishments, Financial Gains, Prosperity


Maha Sudharshana Homam


Gain Purification, Restore Positive Energies, Good Health, Promote Success, Victory Over Enemies, Evil Eyes, Bless Wealth Abundance


Scheduled Live on October 13, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST


What is Parama Ekadasi?

The word Parama denotes supreme being, highest personality, supreme state of mind, detach from worldly bondages, ultimate existence, highest ever eternally.


Ekadasi refers to Tithi, which falls on Eleventh Lunar Day, is an auspicious day to cleanse our mind, body, resolve and rejuvenation, undergo a partial or complete fast, observance, which starts from Sunrise of the Ekadasi Thithi to sunrise on the following day Dwadashi, which completely rice is forbidden and not be taken as one of the fasting adherence. Where if the period is to be on the brightening phase of the moon, being waxing phase is called Shukla Paksha "Parama Shuddha Ekadashi" and Fading phase of the moon, being waning phase is called Krishna Paksha "Padmini Visuddha Ekadashi". But in common, the day is traditionally revered as "Parama Ekadasi" and the presiding deity is Lord Purushottama is another form of supreme power Lord Vishnu.


Lord Purushottama is the 24th name of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Sahasranama Scripture of Mahabharata, is said to be highest, Uttama Purusha, a Supreme Purusha, a Supreme Being, a Supreme God, stood a foremost power among all men, who is beyond the Destroyable Energy and remains as Undestroyable inner self, soul, spirit. Undergoing fasting or strict observance on Parama Ekadasi one would achieve the highest state of mind in life, to retain the first principle, to gain self-knowledge, realize the true self, goals of ultimate reality, life principles, attain the path of Moksha.


On this day worshiping Lord Vishnu on Parama Ekadasi will gain rare boon's in life, awards and accomplishments, sacred siddhi and mukhti, devotees attain immense spiritual powers, attain fame, opulence and luxury, intelligence, humble life, boon to beget a male son, prosperity, abundance, wealth and material gains.


Legacy of Parama Ekadashi

Once Sumedha a Brahmin lived in the town Kampilya with his wife Pavitra who were ascetic male and female personality. Wife Pavitra is highly firm and supremely vestal as Sati and Sadhvi and virtuous, too. Though they were leading a life of poverty, was extremely religious and kind feeding the guest with what they had. Owing to the condition the Brahmin Sumedha wants to visit other kingdoms to overcome their poverty and terrible life situation. But wife Pavitra advised him to continue the service whatever is possible, as child boons and good fortune shall be attained only by charity and deeds made during the previous birth.


Maharishi Kaudilya visited their home once and was served with food with kindness and wholeheartedly. On hearing and seeing their situation in life, advised the Brahmin couples to fast on Parama Ekadasi Vrat, together will relieve them from poverty, help them to overcome the pains in life, in this Adhik Month of Krishna Paksha Thithi, invokes the powers of Lord Purushottama, will boost the wealth and prosperity and blessings from Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi, will be blessed by Goddess of Earth with Home of Luxury and Comfort, brings in good fortune, financial gains, food grains, cows and cattle's, good harvest, rainfall, name and fame, awards and accomplishments.


Observance of Parama Ekadasi:


  • On the day of Parama Ekadasi, devotees to keep fast from sunrise in the morning.


  • Fasting starts from Dashami Thiti and to put an end to fasting on Dwadashi Tithi.


  • Should Keep the Mind, Body and Home Clean and Tidy


  • Start Worshiping Lord Purushottama by chanting holy name of Lord Krishna


  • Read Bhagavad-Gita more importantly Lord Purushottama Yoga


  • Worship Lord Vishnu with Ghee Lamp, flowers, tulsi leaves, offer fruits and incense


  • Chanting Vishnu Sahastranamam, reading the scriptures of Vishnu Purana is sacred and auspicious on the day of Parama Ekadasi


  • Give Charity, Food and Clothes to Poor Brahmins and Needy


  • Eat Fruits, Dairy liquids, No rice food and no trace of rice food during Ekadasi time.


  • Wheat Food one time in the afternoon without adding salt


Lord Sudharshana, the Supreme


The word "Su" means Good or auspicious and "Dharshana" means vision, which denotes time, symbolically the wheel of a carriage, the wheel of the sun's chariot. It marks the victory of the Lord of the Universe on the great wheel "Nilachakra" or "Neela Chakra or Blue Wheel, over the demonic and evil force. The wheel is the combination of eight metals namely iron, copper, zinc, mercury, lead, brass, silver and gold. The eight bars are the eight factors of life, comprise of human body, the nature of creations and Lord Sudharshana is the Supreme entity of the Universe.


Importance of Lord Sudarshana Chakra


The Sudarshana chakra of Lord Vishnu is considered as a powerful one which is mainly used for destroying demons and ill forces. Sudharshana Chakra is a Vanquished, hold and use most Powerful Weapon fully obedient, who is holding in his Index Finger by Lord Vishnu was given by "Guru Brihaspati" according to ancient mythological story exhibiting the origin of Sudarshana Chakra, has the power of 108 serrated blades with a jagged edge, which can travel several million kilometers, which is  measured in "yojanas", in a blink of a second. This Sudharshan Chakra is used as a mystical weapon imitates Shadow Emulation Techniques, with a wide range velocity, paralyzing the shadows of enemies' on the spot, triggering the force of chakra flow after chanting sacred Mantras.


Traits of Lord Sudharshana Chakra


  1. Ancient Pancharatra Texts describes Sudharashana Chakra as Prana, Maya, Kriya, Shakti, Bhava, Unmera, Udyama and Samkalpa
  2. Creation of Bondage and Liberation. The soul represents two factors bhuti-shakti, "bhuti" is time, shakti "maya", which passes through the cycle of rebirths, until it is reborn in its own natural form.
  3. Samsara is the play of God, with no clear beginning or end, contains everlasting serial attachment.
  4. Sudharshana Chakra represents Ahirbudhanya Samhita which is the will of God being, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipresent.
  5. Sudharshana Chakra manifests in five main ways in a more natural forms, by creation, preservation, destruction, obstruction and obscuration.


Lord Purushottama Moola Mantra


Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma

Purushottama Paramatma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha


Maha Sudharshana Moola Mantra


Om Sreem Hreem Kleem Krishnaaya

Govindhaaya Gopee Janavallabhaaya,

Paraaya Paramapurushaaya Paramaathmaney

Parakarma Manthra

Yanthra Thanthra Oushadha

Asthra Sasthraani Samhara Samhara!

Mruthyohr Mohsaya Mohsaya!!

Om Namoh Bagawathey 

Mahaa Sudharsanaaya

Dheepthray Jwaalaa Pareethaaya

Sarvadhik Shobana Haraaya

Hoompat Brahmmanay 

Paranj Jyothishay Swaahaa!



Maha Sudharshana Homam - Clear Evil Spirits, Enemies, Remove Doshas, Bless Confidence, Good Health and Prosperity


Vedic scriptures describe Sudarshana weapon as an omnipotent one and organizing Maha Sudarshana homam will lead to overall benefits for a person. Maha Sudarshana homam on parama ekadasi protects from untimely inflictions, incidents, black magic, improve overall auspiciousness in the environment. Worshiping Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Purushottama, improves the celestial energy levels in the environment and eliminates evil energy, bad forms, undesirable factors.  As the protector of the universe, not only venerates the powers of Sudarshana Chakra but he blesses all for peaceful and harmonious life, warding-off all Evil forces and Enemies. This homam provides methods for overcoming potential threats and risks from evil forces in an effective manner. Anyone who wants to get liberation from life cycle (birth and death) can choose this homam for attaining salvation. Another advantage is that it helps to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom by meeting exact requirements. Lord Vishnu stood to the situations when threatened by the evil spirits, dealt very brilliantly, have liberated the mankind from the forces of evil spirits, saving the universe. Lord Vishnu is present everywhere, is present among us and worshipping will propagate astonishing benefits to the worshippers.



  • Gain Wealth, Opulence, Financial stability in life, Remove financial burdens
  • Protects from Direct and Indirect enemies, evil spirits, bless safe and secured life
  • Bless Happy levels in career and business, Bestow will-power, Remove depression
  • Bless Joy and Happiness in life, Gain knowledge and wisdom, remove ignorance
  • Blend body and soul with divinity, Disease Free Life, Bless Peace and Harmony
  • Remove Troubles, Obstacles, Bad forms and Unjust, bless Goodness in Life
  • Cures all health problems, relieve physical and mental illness, troubles

Chakrapani Temple Puja - Bless Peace and Harmony, Remove Evil Effects, Egoism

Lord Vishnu hold Chakra as mystical weapon to paralyze enemies  is called as "Sudharshana Chakra" . This Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu holding Chakra to suppress the ego of Lord Surya, who turned as devotee. Doing Puja bless devotees with Joy, Happiness, Overcome Enmity, Bless Good Health and Abundance.


Energised Sri Sudarshana Sathakam - Bestow Courage and Strength, Remove Disbelief, Negativities

Sri Sudarshana Sathakam is a combination of 100 powerful Mantras of Lord Sudarshana, about the ferocious elements, yet an auspicious Sudarsana Jvala and Sudarsana Chakra. Reciting this Mantra at home and office will empower divine energy, spirituality and negate evil effects and negativities.


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Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Maha Sudharshana Homam
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  • Maha Sudharshana Homam
  • Chakrapani Temple Puja
  • Energised Sri Sudarshana Sathakam