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One of the most sacred and divine nights of worship of primordial Mother Adi Shakti is the Navaratri, or nine nights. This sacred period has utmost religious and social importance. The goddess when worshipped in her multiple forms grants ultimate blessings to her devotees like prosperity and condemning negativity. The divine festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and signals everyone to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, clear all negative energies surrounding them, purify the mind and adopt positive attitude or virtues in future. This transformation helps them gain spiritual knowledge, transcend earthly limitations and achieve salvation. The nine nights invoke the powerful forms of the Shakti — Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi and therefore Navaratri symbolises power, prosperity, wealth and knowledge. In the northern parts of India, Navaratri concludes with Dussehra and in southern parts with Vijaya Dasami.

Vedicfolks’ special rituals to the supreme goddess Adi Shakti involve a series of pujas and homas for the progress and prosperity of our clients.

Invoking Powerful Goddess, the Primordial Force Adi Shakti For Ultimate Blessings

The Navaratri pujas and homas invoke the ultimate primordial force Goddess Adi Shakti for her divine blessings.

Venerating Goddess NavaDurga on Navaratri, the nine nights observed by women for the welfare of their family especially their husband’s long life. it removes financial burdens like loans by blessing you with prosperity.

Goddess Mahalaksmi is invoked in Shodasha Mahalakshmi Homam which calls for wealth showers from heaven for the auspicious Navaratri and confers the devotee with everything he/she misses in life. The blessings are from all sixteen forms of Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth who gives all needs and Ashta Siddhi.

Worshipping Goddess Chandi in Nava Chandi Homa on Navaratri invokes all three forms of Adi Shakti – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi, the feminine forces that represent the festival of Navaratri. The ritual to Goddess Chandi solves problems that are beyond human control and aids us to reach objectives without any hurdles.

Highly Auspicious Temple Poojas & Powerful Homas For Navratri



Day 7 Saptami - Patteeswaram Temple Puja - Fulfils All Desires

Fulfill all wishes at this famous temple where Goddess Durga performed tapas or deep meditation. The temple got its name after Patti the offspring of Kamadhenu, the sacred cow assisted the deity in her penance. The temple has a glorious past. Lord Shiva protected the fragile Saint Thiru Gnanasambandar against the scorching heat with an awning or roof made of pearls.Lord Rama worshipped the Goddess before going to Lanka to retrieve Sita. Worshipping the goddess here removes effects of Black magic, Bad luck, Health Issues, Enemy Hassles etc...

Day 8 Ashtami - Pratyangira/Narasimhi Devi Temple Puja - Get Relief From Financial Problems

This Temple is located in Chennai. This is one of the few temples of Goddess Pratyingara Devi. She is a very powerful goddess who emerged from the third eye of Sarabheswara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva with 1,008 lion heads, 2,016 hands and a blood stained tongue lolling out. A puja in this temple will help for get relief from financial problems, wedding boon, progress in business and employment opportunities.

Day 9 Navami - Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja on Ayudha/Saraswathi Puja - Improves Career

Amidst beautiful locales in the town of Koothanur, near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is the home of the goddess of learning, Maha Saraswathi. This is the only temple in the entire Tamilnadu dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. Navratri is celebrated with great fervour in this temple.Devotees worshipping here are gifted with the boon of knowledge and wisdom. Estranged couples are united for good after worshipping the deity here. A puja in this temple clears problems related to employment, business & career.

Nava Chandi Homam - NavratriDay 10 - Nava Chandi Homa - Satisfies Unfulfilled Desires Of Lifetime By Clearing Serious Hurdles

Goddess Maha Shakti is Chandi and therefore worshipping her is auspicious on a day like Navratri which falls on 17th October, 2020.Vedicfolks is going to perform the Nava Chandi Homam on the day and it is dedicated to the goddess mentioned in the Devi Kavacha or the Chandipath or Devi Mahatmyam. This yagya makes all wishes come true and it is said that there are only two gods who quickly respond to a sincere human call — one Lord Ganesha and the other Goddess Chandi. The goddess bestows upon the devotee success, fame, wealth, good health, longevity, provides food, strength, prosperity and removes fear of diseases and dangers. She keeps all enemies in check and calms down the malefic effects of planets.

Benefits of Nava Chandi Homam

  • It wards off evil forces and brings happiness 
  • Removes malefic effects of planets especially Rahu and Ketu 
  • It satisfies all desires of the devotees 
  • It grants salvation or Moksha 
  • Usher in positivity and strong vibrations into your homes 
  • Guards against potential dangers and hardships 
  • Gives a strong body devoid of ill health 
  • Freedom of ill effects caused by negative forces 
  • Gives a good life in terms of family and relationships
  • Offers wealth, success and prosperity

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Problem-Solving Chandi Package
USD 169.00
  • Patteeswaram Durga Templa Puja
  • Pratyangira/Narasimhi Temple Puja
  • Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja on Ayudha/Saraswathi Puja
  • Nava Chandi Homam on Vijaya Dasami