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Nava Chandi Homam

Fights against Black Magic, Enemy Threats, Grants Success in Law Suits, Confers Comforts, Fame and Prosperity


Scheduled Live Stream on September 04, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Chandi –The Goddess Who Is Quick to Respond to Human Call

Nava Chandi Homam 22

Goddess Chandi appears with many hands sometimes 18 and each one equipped with a weapon to destroy negativity and hard-core evil. She signifies the powers of the three feminine powers namely Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. The Devi Mahatmyam and Marandeya Purana glorifies the goddess for her victory over evil by mentioning her name 29 times. Also, there are 700 verse glorifying the mother in Saptashati or Chandi Path. Vedicfolks is going to perform the Nava Chandi Homam on the day of Durgashtami. This homa makes all wishes come true and it is said that there are only two gods who quickly respond to a sincere human call — one Lord Ganesh and the other Goddess Chandi. The advantages of performing the ritual are aplenty. It bestows upon the devotee success, fame, wealth, good health, longevity, provides food, strength, prosperity and removes fear of diseases and dangers. It keeps all enemies in check and calms down the malefic effects of planets. Goddess Durga, a creation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva appeared to destroy evil, in the form of demons, on earth and earned the name Chandi. Fasting and performing rituals on the day pleases the mighty female power that helps to get rid of bad karmas of past lives. The goddess improves love and relationships, self-confidence and courage.

Significance of Nava Chandi Homam

Nava Chandi Homam empowers the devotee with unbelievable changes in his life, removes all malefic planetary effects, eliminates negative energies and ensures successful and bountiful new future. Also in Nava Chandi Homam, the Saptashati Parayana, is chanted nine times to make the entire process a very powerful one. It is considered one of the most crucial forms of worship dedicated to the Universal Mother Durga. It is believed that the goddess emerges out of the sacred fire in the virtual form to grant her devotees with blessings. The vibrations are so intense during the ritual that it leads one to a state of divine trance.

Goddess Chandi Mantra

Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichhe

Nava Chandi Homam

Removes Evil Eye Dosha, fights Enemy Threats, Grants Success in Law Suits, Confers Comforts, Fame and Prosperity

Nava Chandi homam removes all types of hurdles or blocks that stumps a person’s progress in life. The goddess annihilates and vanquishes evil in any form and restores equilibrium in the universe and to you personally. One is blessed with powers that gives strength to face any type of adverse situations or hurdles and brings success in all walks of life. Performing the ritual eradicates struggles and sufferings, struggles of life and ushers positivity of good health, peace, harmony, joy and happiness. Worshipping Goddess Chandi relieves ghosts, curses, black magic, voodoo and negativity. It pacifies the adverse effects of planets especially Rahu. The Nava Chandi Homam can remove curses, negate black magic and other dark evil, ensure peace of mind, gives comfortable life and assure success in all ventures. If you are dealing with an unsuccessful legal case, then the ritual makes sure that you come out successful. Mother Chandi when invoked, offers courage, power, name, fame, wealth and prosperity.

Nava Chandi Homam 22

Benefits of Nava Chandi Homam

It wards off evil forces and brings happiness.
Removes malefic effects of planets especially Rahu and Ketu.
Helps to fight evil and enemy threats.
Provides wisdom and knowledge.
Protects from accidents, diseases and unforeseen death.
It gives success and satisfies all desires of the devotees.
It grants salvation or Moksha.
Ensures timely marriage in the family.
Usher in positivity and strong vibrations into your homes.
Offers good education and excellence.
Blesses with good health and prosperity.

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Puja
Mitigates Disabilities, Enables Vision, Ensures Business Growth & Fulfills Wishes

Nava Chandi Homam 22

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is a very famous shrine situated in Samayapuram, near Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Fondly called Samayapurathal, the Goddess Mariamman of the temple is made of sand and clay and therefore no abhishekam is performed on the main idol while ablutions take place on a smaller idol made of stone, which is placed in front of the main deity. An avatar of goddess Durga, Mariamman eradicates plagues, measles, poxes and pandemics. She is the goddess of the downtrodden called the ‘Gramadevata’ or village deity. A puja to this benign goddess is believed to grant all wishes of devotees, she enables vision to the sightless, and relieves people of their disabilities. People also worship her for good agricultural yield, business development and prosperity.


Energized Chandi Yantra
Worship Strikes out Negativity, Grants Material Boons and Bestows Family Unity

Nava Chandi Homam 22

The Chandi Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras that’s unmatched for removing hurdles from your life. It also has the power to wipe out evil or any negative elements that cause misery. Mother Durga is represented as Devi Chandi in the yantra. If you own the Chandi yantra no negative power can stump you out. The yantra also promises wealth and happiness. It helps to develop power and energy. The yantra has maximum effect when it is energised and even decreases quarrels within the family and outside. This yantra should be revered sincerely owing to its powerful effects and it should be placed in a clean space like the puja altar.

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