Naga Chaturthi & Naga PanchamiNaga Chaturthi & Naga Panchami – Powerful days for Worship Of Snake Gods for Protection from Severe Afflictions 
Naga Chaturthi falls on the fourth day and Naga Panchami is observed on the fifth day after the New Moon of Aadi month (Amavasai). These festivals are dedicated to the snake gods as a mark of reverence to them. The nagas or snakes are very powerful mystical creatures that have the power to curse or bless humans. Naga Chathurthi and Panchami give you the opportunity to seek protection against snake afflictions, bites and also receive blessings for the welfare of children, family and overall material gains. Unmarried women, who undertake Naga Chathruthi vrat, do puja and feed snakes will get perfect spouses while childless couples will be blessed with offspring if they fast on the day. 
All ceremonies performed on the day with reverence to serpent gods would reach them.  Some of the serpentine gods worshipped on Naga Panchami are Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padma, Kambala, Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Shankapala, Kaliya, Takshaka and Pingala

Panchamukha Sarpa Narasimha Garuda Homam 

Grants Blessings of Five Powerful Deities Reap Riches & Clear off All Snake Doshas & Black Magic
Scheduled Live On August 14, 2018 @ 6 PM IST
A very unique and powerful form of Lord Narasimha, the Panchamukha Sarpa Narasimha Garuda form will be invoked during Naga Chathurthi. This appearance has the faces of Garuda, Varaha, Narasimha, Hayagriva and Anjaneya/Hanuman. He is the one who appears as one of Sri Hanuman’s five faces.

The Karala Ugraveera Narasimha - Grants victory and Abhista Siddhi.

The Urdhva Mukha or Hayagriva - Bestows with Sarva Vidya Jaya Prapthi.

The Anjaneya - Grants purity of mind, removes sins & grants Ishta Siddhi.

The Lakshmi Varaha - Showers prosperity and wealth or Dhana Prapthi.

The Mahaveera Garuda - Corrects evil spells, black magic, removes poisonous effects in one’s body and blesses with Sakala Soubhagya.


Panchamukha Narasimha HomamThe Panchamukha Narasimha Homa venerates five powerful deities just like the Pancha Mukha Hanuman that grants devotees with multifold blessings. Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, when invoked in a ritual helps to absolve all debts and play major role in maintaining good health, wealth and prosperity.
It also helps to clear doshas of planets and obtain victory of good over evil, annihilating the evil forces to restore peace and happiness in your life. It also ensures protection by eliminating complex matters in your life.
All the faces (Pancha Mukha) grant multifold blessings so that you can live a life Lord Narasimha bestows you with Abhista Siddhi i.e. attainment of desired objective. While Lord Hayagriva gives you success in achieving knowledge, Lord Anjaneya or Hanuman grants all your desires, ensures victory in all endeavours especially your career. Lord Lakshmi Varaha grants dhana or wealth and Garuda removes evil spells, and grants all round prosperity (sakala soubhagya).

Panchamukha Narasimha Homa on Chaturthi Brings Multifold Benefits 

The Ritual Bestows Blessings of Five Powerful Deities Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha, Hayagriva and Anjaneya/Hanuman
Lord Narasimha, a form of Lord Vishnu absolves debt issues, maintains good health, wealth and prosperity.
Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu is also the annihilator of snakes who can remove snake related doshas, black magic and sins.
Lord Lakshmi Varaha helps you reap riches along with this consort.
Lord Hanuman grants all your desires, gives career stability and victory in all endeavours.
Manasa Devi Homam 
Goddess of Snakes Removes Poison, Grants Boon of Child & Eradicates Serpent Curses, Kala Sarpa & Sins 
Scheduled Live On August 15, 2018 @6 PM IST

Naga Chaturthi & Naga PanchamiManasa Devi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Fertility 

On the day of Naga Panchami, Vedicfolks will perform the Manasa Devi Homam invoking the Goddess of Serpents. She controls all the snakes on earth and cures snake bites in humans. She is revered for her benevolence of fertility and prosperity.
Goddess Manasa Devi is said to be the daughter of Sage Kashyap and Kadru while some believe she is the daughter of Lord Shiva. The goddess saved Lord Shiva from the deadly poison during the churning of the milky ocean. This is a deity that is very loving towards devotees and equally vicious on those who neglect her. In her iconography, she is seen adorning ornaments of snakes. She sits on a lotus under a hooded awning of seven cobras and is also portrayed as a one-eyed goddess.
She is worshipped for her blessings of prosperity and fertility and also protects her followers from snake bites, small pox and chicken pox.

Remove Poison, Get Boon of Child & Eradicate Serpent Curses, Kala Sarpa & Sins with Manasa Devi Homam

Manasa Devi Homam on Naga Panchami is very auspicious as the goddess is ruler and mother of all snakes and gets pleased easily on the day. She is also responsible for male and female fertility. She fulfills all desires and protects her devotees against snake bites. She blesses them with higher education, wisdom and knowledge, and for those married couple longing for a child, she grants the boon of a child. The ritual also eliminates severe infections, allergies, fear of snakes and snake nightmares. All doshas related to snakes like Kala Sarpa or any other naga dosha are kept off by performing the ritual. The Manasa Devi homa on Naga Panchami fetches wealth, and endows the worshipper with sons and name and fame. Snakes get terrified and flee from the person who performs the ritual. The goddess stands for both destruction and regeneration just like the serpent that sheds its skin and rejuvenates itself. 

Manasa Devi Homam Removes Severe Naga Doshas on Panchami Thithi  

• Goddess Manasa Devi eradicates serpent curses, sins and clears all doshas like kala sarpa, naga dosha etc.
• Childless couples throng Manasa Devi temple for gift of progeny and she gladly blesses them.
• She gets pleased when worshipped on Panchami thithi and bestows you with name and fame.
• The deity eliminates severe infections, allergies, fear of snakes, snake nightmares and removes all types of poison in the body.
Other Chosen Rituals to Propitiate Serpent Gods on Naga Days

Adisesha PujaAdisesha Puja Nullifies Kala Sarpa & Grants Wealth, Fortune

Adisesha is the thousand headed snake and the ruler of all nagas. He is the first of them all and is said to exist even before the universe manifested itself. His long body coils up to form a soft, comfortable couch on which the supreme lord Vishnu is in yoga nidra or cosmic sleep. Mother Earth rests on this vast canopy of heads that is said to cause earth quakes even when it moves slightly when disturbed. A puja to this mighty serpent removes Kaal Sarpa dosha and also negative influences that affect a person. It also brings good fortune, wealth, enhances fertility and positivity. The puja also prevents diseases, obstacles and natural disasters.