Power of Moola Dhar Chakra Remove Fears in Life, Bless Peace, Happiness, Spiritual Well-being

Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Homam

Divine Energy of Manasadevi Harmonize Yin Yang Energies, Bless Good Health, Wealth, Cure Disease

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Goddess Naga Devata

A Class of legendary demigods in the form of half-human and half-cobra assume either wholly as human or wholly as serpentine, are said to be cute, handsome, striking beauty and potentially strong dangerous species, but compassionate to humans in solving birth chart planetary influences bless to produce good results and associated helpful effects, by worshipping on Naga Panchami Day. There abodes are glittering palace Naga-loka or Patala-loka which is surrounded with ornaments and precious stones.

The creator of Goddess Naga Devata is Lord Brahma who lower their presence on earth to protect the devotees from the negative influences and directs them to harm only the true evil spirits or those who predestined to die by instances of premature death. They live in rivers, lakes, high-seas, wells and underground and are guardians of wealth and treasure.

The notable Naga Devata's are Shesha or Ananta support Lord Vishnu (Lord Narayana) who lies in cosmic ocean, Vasuki who was used as churning rope in cosmic ocean of milk and Takshaka the chief of Snakes who is a tribal being. Other serpents are Padma, Kambala, Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Shankapala, Kaliya, Takshaka and Pingala.

Legacy of Naga Panchami

Ancient Scriptures exhibits the history of praising and worshipping of Naga Devata. According to Mahabharata Epic, the son of King Parikshita of Kuru dynasty, Janamejeya was performing a Snake Sacrifice Yagya, Sarpa Satra, to take a revenge on Chief King of Snake "Takshaka". To kill all the snakes in existence, a sacrificial fireplace is erected and which was initiated by learned Brahmin Sages. This sacrifice is so powerful it cause all snakes to fall into the "Yagna Kunda", the sacrificial fire place and was noted that only Chief King of Snake "Takshaka" has escaped to the world of King Indra's, seeking his protection, forbidding the sacrificial fire. Having known King Indra's intervention, have increased the tempo of mantra recitation to drag Takshaka and Kind Indra to the sacrificial fire. Both were dragged towards the fire, as the yagya is so powerful. All Gods have appealed to the Goddess Manasadevi to relieve King Indra and Takshaka from this intrinsic fire and resolve the crisis.  Manasadevi requested her son Sage Astika to go to the Yagya cite and make a appeal to Janamejaya to put an end to Sarpa Satra Yagya. Sage Astika with his knowledge and expression of speech with a boon was impressed to King Janamejaya and the yagya was stopped saving the life of King Indra, Takshaka and other serpent Naga Devata. This day the auspicious Shukla Paksha Panchami Day during the month of Shravana is dedicated to the snake gods as a mark of reverence to Naga Adi Devata's .

Supreme Traits of Goddess Manasadevi

  • Goddess of Snakes and mother of Sage Astika, a divine mother
  • Chief of all Snakes for the prevention and cure of Snake bites
  • Mother of Fertility and Prosperity
  • Sister of King of Nagas, Vasuki
  • Wife of Sage Jartkaru
  • She is known as "Vishahara", destroyer of poison, Nitya (Eternal) and Padmavati
  • She is also called as Nagalakshmi, being kind to her devotees
  • It is also said Manasadevi is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as she saved Lord Shiva after he drank the poison and revered her as "Remover of Poison" and her followers began saying her as the "Cult of Lord Shiva".

Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam Homam - Remove Hardship, Solve Kala Sarpa Doshas, Improve Sibling Bondages, Long and Healthy Life

Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam on Naga Panchami day gives you the opportunity to seek protection against snake influences, afflictions, killing of snakes and snake bites and also receive blessings for the welfare of the family and children for all material gains. Unmarried women, who undertake fasting, perform puja and feed milk to snakes will get perfect partner, while childless couples will be blessed with offspring.  This auspicious homam also cure infectious disease like smallpox and chicken pox. On this day worshipping Manasadevi, the mother of all Naga Devata, appeared in Atharvaveda, is the daughter of Sage Kashyapa and Kadru. Manasadevi establishes her authority as "Goddess of Snakes and Poison" who always acquire steadfast devotees and those who offer prayers to her sincerely, will be blessed with Fertility, Early marriages, Boon for childless, Cure Disease, Bless Material Gains, Increase bondages between a brother and a Sister, Clear unnecessary fears in life, brings good health and Abundance in Life. She clears all Sins, kala sarpa dosha and influences of bad karmas and birth chart doshas by worshipping serpentine gods, on Naga Panchami day.


  • Remove Fear of Snakes, Snake Bites, Bless Peace and Calmness
  • Bless Cordial, Affable, Nurturing, Compassionate, Remove Greed and Self-centered
  • Remove Struggle in life, Save from loneliness, Bless Divinity, Self-awareness
  • Relieve from "Aero Acrophobia" like fear of lonely and high places, Calm Malefic Effects
  • Save from Accidents or causing a Serious Death, Remove incurable Sins, Bless Goodness
  • Physical and mental challenges, Impotency, Remove Rahu and Ketu Doshas
  • Cure Infectious Disease, Untimely Death, Bless Desires in Life, Attain Salvation


Other Chosen Rituals to Propitiate Serpent Gods on Naga Day

Adisesha PujaAdisesha Puja - Nullifies Kala Sarpa & Grants Wealth, Fortune

Adisesha is the thousand headed snake and the ruler of all nagas. He is the first of them all and is said to exist even before the universe manifested itself. A puja to this mighty serpent removes Kaal Sarpa dosha and also negative influences that affect a person. It also brings good fortune, wealth, enhances fertility and positivity. The puja also prevents diseases, obstacles and natural disasters. 

Naga Chaturthi & Naga PanchamiManasa Devi Puja - Goddess of Snakes Grants Boon of Child & Eradicates Serpent Curses

Goddess Manasa Devi is said to be the daughter of Sage Kashyap and Kadru while some believe she is the daughter of Lord Shiva. On the day of Naga Panchami, Vedicfolks will perform the Manasa Devi Puja invoking the Goddess of Serpents. She controls all the snakes on earth and cures snake bites in humans. She is revered for her benevolence of fertility and prosperity.