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Masi Magham Special

Navagraha Maha Homam

A Powerful Remedy to Remove Bad Impacts of Planets, Boost Consciousness, Bless Abundance

Scheduled  on February 27, 2021


Masi Magam - A Propitious Occasion to Remove Rahu-Ketu Afflictions & Receive Combined Blessings Of Power Gods

Masi Magam is the day of aggression and aggressiveness falls on 27th February, 2021 Shukla Paksha Cathurdashi is the 14th Lunar day (waxing phase of a moon). This festival is celeberated year on year when Magha (Magam) Star falls in line with the Brightening Moon, infuse high perseverance, invoke positive attributes to life. Traditionally this day is auspicious for eternal spirits and ancestors who travel to earth in bodiless form to take an auspicious bath in the sacred waters to clean their sins and sins of the humankind.

Lord Shiva is the ruling deity of Cathurdashi, is the god of destruction, one who liberates the humankind spiritually to attain Salvation. This day is auspicious to attain the blessings of Lord Shiva from past sins and karmas. Once a childless king Vallala has no descendants, Lord Shiva did an assurance, that he will carry out his last rites, appeared on the day of the king's death and did the last rites. Such a powerful day and Lord Shiva also assured divine blessings to those who take a holy dip on this day, will be blessed with liberation from the cosmic cycle. Likewise, all Navagraha's took the blessings of Lord Shiva by sincere Meditation is blessed with Graha Pad and Deva Pad, as a boon. All Navagrahas are the disciples of Lord Shiva and each Navagrahas have established each a Shiva Linga's under their names, as they are also been ruled by Lord Shiva.

  • Keshawadityeshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Sun

  • Someshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Moon

  • Angarakeshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Mars

  • Budheshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Jupiter

  • Shukreshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Venus

  • Shaneschareshwar Shiva Lingam: Lord Saturn

  • Rahueshwar ShivLingam: Lord Rahu

  • Ketveeshwar ShivLingam: Lord Ketu

Rahu-Ketu Dosha is quite an alarming circumstances and been called under Astrology as "Kundali Dosha" which creates disaster in one's life. Rahu-Ketu presence always emit adverse situations surrounded by serpents, lose favorable circumstances in a birth chart, makes the natives life suffer from incurable disease, untimely deaths, mysterious situations, legal battles, brain disorders, lung and skin problems, unethical behaviors, affecting pride, ego clashes, poor bondages and ultimate sufferings. Vedicfolks is organizing Navagraha Homam and Kalasarpa Dosha Puja on this Masi Maham day as a remedy to overcome all hurdles and disasters in life, ill-effects, negativity of Rahu-Ketu and bless native clearing Ancestor and Pitru Doshas, bad deeds, deceptions, irrational ideas, giving rise to self-consciousness, good health, financial gains, wealth promotions, healthy bonding and prosperity.

Moola Mantra of Lord Rudra (Shiva) the decider of Time




None other than Lord Rudra (Lord Shiva), he is the god of Trinity and owner of Bramha Vidya, and God of Time. Beyond him nothing precedes.

How Navagrahas Influence Masi Magam?

The Divine Energy is circulated from Lord Shiva to the universe in the solar system including the divine Navagraha planets.

Sun - Bestows affluence and good health

Moon - Confers success and also a great mind

Mercury - Gives wisdom and wealth

Venus - Ensures knowledge in music and fine arts

Mars - Gives prosperity and wisdom

Jupiter - Represents knowledge and good education

Saturn - Blesses with happiness, enthusiasm or zeal

Rahu - Makes life stronger and makes your foe a friend

Ketu - Bestows sound health, wealth and prosperity for all in the family

Significance of Navagraha Homam On Masi Magam

Navagraha Homam on Masi Magam day overcome Graha Dosha in a birth chart. This Homam clear all misfortunes, troubles and sufferings, overcome health problems, bless purity and prosperity. The Star Magha is the ruler of ancestors and Pitrus, a holy dip on this day will bless the natives with divine blessings and remove Pitru Dosha. Worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn is a collective force, a combined power of Shaneschareshwar Shiva Lingam, where Lord Shiva is the "Mahakala" the eternal and ruler of time. Lord Saturn is the Lord of Karma, where karma relies on time and offering prayers to Lord Saturn and Lord Shiva can change the state of death and the native will clear all Pitru Doshas and Karmas, blessed Salvation. Performing Homa on this day will be blessed with divine spirituality, good deeds, travel to religious places, good beginning, healthy bonding, high ambitions, courage and strength, profitable ventures, remove misdeeds, evil effects and abstinence from worldly pleasures.


  • Blessing from Ancestors, remove sin's and karmas

  • Bless self-consciousness, remove ignorance

  • Remove Negativities, Fulfill life desires, wealth and prosperity

  • Bless good health and disease free life, remove incurable disease

  • Bless peace and harmony, overcome hurdles

  • Bless Early Marriage, Child for Childless, Remove Doshas

Kalasarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja - Clear Legal Hassles, Relieve Mental and Physical Illness, Bless Prosperity

Kalasarpa Dosha is an auspicious Puja peformed to clear the bad effects of unfavorable planetary position, in the birth chart of the native. It so happens that the favorable planets in the birth charts are sometimes positioned between Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu is said to be ruled by Kalasarpa Dosha, undergo high bad and evil effects. Performing Kalasarpa Dosha Puja is a remedy overcoming the ruthless effects of Rahu and Ketu and will be blessed with good fortune, overcome marriage delays, relieve from marital splits, financial discomforts, boon for childless couples, cure health problems, professional challenges, job career, bestow peace and harmony, wealth and prosperity.


Special Package - Navagraha Temple Pujas

Navagraha temples are a set of nine temples near kumbakonam, each dedicated to one of the nine planetary deities. The presiding deity in most of the temples is Lord Shiva, along with a shrine dedicated to the particular planetary deity. Navagrahas control each and every aspect of every human’s life and it has the power to change a human’s life in an instant. They are


Thingaloor Chandran Temple – Moon

Alangudi Guru Temple – Jupiter

Thirunageswaram Temple – Rahu

Suriyanar Temple – Sun

Kanjanur Temple – Venus

Vaitheeswaran Temple – Mars

Thiruvenkadu Budhan Temple – Mercury

Keezhaperumpallam Temple – Kethu

Thirunallar Saneeswarar Temple – Saturn


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Individual Homam
USD 229.00
  • Navagraha Homam
  • Kalasarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja
Only Temple Puja
USD 249.00
  • Thingaloor – Chandran
  • Alangudi – jupiter
  • Thirunageswaram – Rahu
  • Suriyanar koil – Sooriyan
  • Kanjanur – Venus
  • Vaitheeswaran Koil – Sevvai
  • Thiruvenkadu Budhan – Budhan
  • Keezhaperumpallam – Kethu
  • Thirunallar – Sani