Kalashtami Special Ritual
Worship of Lord Shiva Form

Martanda Bhairava Homam

Eliminates Nightmares, Fear of Theft, Enemies, Boosts Finance, Gives Flourishment and Growth in Life


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Martanda Bhairava has the Powers of Shiva, Bhairava, Karthikeya and Surya

Martanda Bhairava Homam

Martanda Bhairava is an incarnation of Lord Shiva worshipped with great piety in some parts of the country especially in the Deccan plateau. One of the 64 Bhairava forms, Martanda Bhairava is seen mounted on a white horse with his consort Mahalsa seated behind. According to a chapter of Malhari Mahatmya of the Brahmanda Purana, Martanda Bhairava manifested to destroy two demon brothers Malla and Mani who created havoc in heaven. The Saptarishis approached Lord Shiva for protection who absorbed the powers of the Sun into him and took the Bhairava form, Goddess Parvati also joined Lord Shiva as Adishakti Kali or Martanda Bhairavi or Mhalsa. There are scripts which describe that Ganga, who is also Lord Shiva’s wife joined the battle as Bhanai. Nandi transformed into a white horse and the trident of Lord Shiva became a sharp sword. He led an army of gods, illuminating like the sun, three-eyed, with a crescent moon on his forehead. 

The demons were destroyed but the divine couple’s anger was unstoppable. So they were smeared with turmeric which calmed them down. Also known as Khandoba, Makhari, Mailaranlinga or Mallari, Lord Martanda Bhairava is a principal deity of farming, shepherd, hunting, tribal, warriors, merchants and kings. He is said to possess the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Karthikeya and Surya enclosed in one form, therefore this composite deity is represented as a linga or that of a warrior god riding a horse. Warrior god Blesses pepole with all types of wealth and success in their life.

Martanda Bhairava Homam will be performed on Kalashtami which is dedicated to Lord Kala Bhairava and is observed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi the eighth day after full moon. It is very auspicious to devote the day to any Bhairava form like Martanda Bhairava for prosperity, happiness and success in life.

Significance of Martanda Bhairava Homam

Martanda Bhairava is regarded as the god of Premier Sakama Bhakti (wish-giving devotion) and one of the powerful deities responsible for pledging (Navas).

A rural deity, Martanda Bhairava is a very fierce form of lord Shiva who appears to strike out evil forces with an iron fist. He is also regarded as a combination of Shiva, Bhairava, Karthikeya and Surya enclosed in one form.

Therefore venerating this powerful deity fetches the blessings of all four god forms. Also, worshipping this form abolishes sins of past birth and the devotees attain the motivation to move forward with their life without worrying about any challenging situations.

*Navas is a customary practice of worship where the devotee makes a vow to serve god in return for good harvest of fulfillment of pledges, and also for other wishes such a male progeny, economic development etc.

Martanda Bhairava Mantra

Threem Hryauum Threem

Martanda Bhairava Homam

Removes Nightmares, Fear of Theft, Enemies, Boosts Finance, Gives Flourishment and Growth in Life

Martanda Bhairava homam gives relief from all troubles and sufferings in life. You can find relief to bad dreams, suffering, fear of theft and enemies, and receive protection from bad spirits and occult practices. The homam has ability to transmit the Sattva frequencies of the deity. It ends poverty and strife in your life. By ensuring fertility, the ritual also is a boon to those seeking a male progeny. It promises a good harvest and fulfills all wishes of the devotee. For devotees undergoing bad planetary impacts and enemy conflicts, the Martanda Bhairava homam is a great blessing. It also gives financial success, happiness and prosperity.

Martanda Bhairava Homam

Benefits of Martanda Bhairava Homam

  • Abolishes poverty, hardships.
  • Blesses with Fertility and luscious crops.
  • Boon of good harvest and prosperity.
  • Blessings of progeny especially male child.
  • Ensures good fortune and financial success.
  • Fulfillment of wishes.
  • Proves lucky for the unmarried for marriage blessings.

Saptarisheeswarar Temple Puja
Kala Bhairava Resolves Challenges, Confers Brilliance, Stability and Boosts Psyche

Martanda Bhairava Homam

Saptarisheeswarar Temple is located in Ammachatram near Kumbakonam town in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Saptharisheeswarar, and the mother is known as Gnanambigai. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is also famous for the Kala Bhairava shrine. Kalashtami days are considered important to worship Lord Bhairava. Puja in this historic temple will be performed on the day of Martanda Bhairava Homam as Lord Martanda Bhairava is one of the 64 Bhairavas of the Vedic pantheon. A puja in this temple will give relief from black magic, bestow with brilliance and stability in life. It solves all problems and provides remedies to life’s challenges. It also saves you from unexpected and petrifying situations, and uplifts your psyche.


Energized Bhairava Bracelet
Prevents Unnatural Deaths, Sufferings and Protects From All Negativity

Martanda Bhairava Homam

The energized Kala Bhairava wrist band/bracelet is made up of intertwined threads and is powerful weapon against evil energies. It protects you and your family by acting as a shield against negative vibrations. It keep off black magic, evil eye and other unfavourable energies, etc. It also a shield against unnatural deaths, diseases, circumstances that cause your destruction, unknown or permanent enemies, calamity, pandemics, long time sufferings, arguments in family, abortions, dejections in life, losing peace of mind due to enemies and losses in business. It also helps children to concentrate in their studies and achieve high laurels in life.

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  • Martanda Bhairava Homam
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  • Martanda Bhairava Homam
  • Saptarisheeswarar Temple Puja
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  • Martanda Bhairava Homam
  • Saptarisheeswarar Temple Puja
  • Energized Bhairava Bracelet