Guru Purnima – Dispel Darkness, Ignorance & Attract Knowledge, Total Well-Being

Mahavatar Babaji & 18 Siddhar Homam

Gain Massive Awards Of Miracle Healing, Wealth Upraise, Positive Energy, Wisdom, Mitigate Sorrow, Suffering, Curses

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Guru Purnima – Dispel Darkness,Ignorance & Attract Knowledge, Total Well-Being

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon of ashada or aadi month. It’s a day to revere the gurus who brought light into our lives, who eradicated darkness by enlightening us with the power of knowledge.

The creator of Brahma Sutra, Mahabharata and Shrimad Bhagvatham and 18 puranas, Veda Vyasa wasborn on this day. He is considered as the ancient guru.It is also called Vyasa Purnima, and on this day we must also revere our own gurus or teachers who gave us knowledge and eradicated our ignorance. The blessings of the guru are paramount for everyone’s welfare. The guru helps in bringing knowledge and auspiciousness into the life of people. All the vidyas of the world can be acquired with the blessings of guru. Vedicfolks takes pride in revering Mahavatar Babaji and the 18 siddhars, the great saints of India whose contributions to humanity in the fields of medicine, philosophy, literature, etc. are of great value

Mahavatar Babaji Homam - Grants Miracle Blessings of Healing, Overall Happiness, Vitality & Positivity

Mahavatar Babaji is an ageless immortal yogi who was born 5000 years ago and still exists on earth. The immortal yogi continues to remain in a physical body until everyone on earth has attained supreme divine. He is the father of Kriya Yoga traditions and has helped many practitioners attain self-realization and god realization. Babaji answers sincere prayers of the devotees. He is not visible to human eyes yet can visualize a true devotee. He grants his blessings to a real seeker and his energies can be invoked in a ritual in his name.

Mahavatar Babaji homam grants comfort, protection, well-being and appreciation of all efforts. When invoked Babaji’s energies are purely unconditional andhas excessive divine love. The deathless Babaji as he iscalled, is said to perform all kinds of miracles, like healing, telepathy, bringing the dead back to life, manifesting objects, and incredible co-ordination. It also ensures vitality, happiness in your family, unity and great positivity.

18 Siddhars (Mystics) & Their HugeGifts to Medicine, Philosophy, Yoga,Alchemy

Agasthiyar – It is said that this great saint was initiatedby Lord Shiva who in turn inducted kriya guru Babaji. He is responsible for discovering medicines like kaya kalpa, Tamil grammar and yoga. His disciples include Babaji, Thiruvalluvar, Macchamuni and Boganathar.

Nandidevar – Nandidevar was directly initiated by Lord Shiva. His contributions to medicine, alchemy and kayakalpa are noteworthy. One of his works describe 32 varieties of herbal elixirs and details aboutvarious aspects of rejuvenation therapies.

Bogar – Popularly called Palani Malai Siddhar, Bogar isa great alchemist. He contributed to yoga, natural sciences and philosophy. He was behind installing Lord Muruga statue in Palani temple. He was instrumental in creating navapashanam, a herbal and mineral mix of ingredients that eradicates toxins from the body. This antidote can cure chronic health ailments.

Kamalamuni – One of the greatest siddha of all time, kamalamuni’s contributions in the field of medicine and philosophy is quite well-known. He was the disciple of Boganathar and was popular for his contributions in the construction of the Tanjore temple.

Azhukanni Siddhar – one of the most revered siddhasof the time, this miracle healer is known to remove sufferings of the people. His famous contribution is theSiddhar Gnana Kovai, literature material on Siddha way of life.

Thirumoolar – He contributed the masterpiece ‘Thirumanthiram’ which deals with body and soul and is an almanac for Tantric Yoga. He even authored Saiva Siddhantham which framed the basic principles of Siddha system. His contributions towards nanotechnology, non-communicable diseases and degenerative diseases are worthy of mention.

Kalanginathar – Kalaginathar was a native of china and came to India in search of spiritual wisdom. He was the disciple of Thirumoolar and was adept in alchemy, Siddha medicine, meditation, alchemy, performing miracles, yoga and other philosophies. He discovered that a medicinal plant called ‘karunochi’ has the properties of rejuvenation.

Sattaimuni – He was inducted by Nandi Devar and Dakshinamoorthy. His disciples include Sundaranar and Paambatti. He contributed around 46 works that includes medicine and alchemy.

Machamuni – Also known as Matseyandranath, he has contributed immensely towards Hatha yoga and Tantric yoga practices. He was introduced by Agastyar, Punnakeesar and Pasundar.

Therayar – His guru was Dharmasowmiyar and his work on classification of diseases is significant. He mastered many fields like astrology, alchemy, medicine, mysticism and language. He had a unique style and scholarship over languages. He was fluent with many languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Tulu and Sanskrit.

Goraknath/Korakkar – Disciple of Machamuni, Korakkar was well versed in Siddha medicine, philosophies, yoga and alchemy. His medicines for cataract of eye are noteworthy and he was known for using ganja (Indian hemp) as a rejuvenation medicine to increase longevity which was also named after him (Korakkar mooligai). He also contributed towards Avadhuta Gita, Hatha Yoga, Pradipika, Korakkar Brahma Gnanam etc.

Pambatti – Sattaimuni was his guru. He attained eight supernatural powers called Ashtama siddhi after undertaking penance for a very long time. He is famous for his work ‘Aadu Pambe’ that highlights the nobility and sublime nature of cobra, a symbol of Kundalini.

Pulipaani – He is the disciple of Bogar.Born in China,Pulipani assisted Bogar in crafting the Lord Muruga statue at Palani by collecting the necessary herbs. His contributions to medicine and alchemy are noteworthy.

Ramadevar – He was born in Podhigai Hills and is the disciple of Pulathiyar. His major work is named after him called Ramadevar 1000.He contributed towards the development of Kayakalpa, an ancient rejuvenationmedicament that reverses the process of aging.

Sundaranandar – Disciple of Sattaimuni, Sundaranar surprised his peers by preparing a rejuvenating medicine called Chunnam. It has the power to eradicate diseases and when administered enters the nadis or energy channels and helps in the practice of yoga and pranayama. His other noteworthy works include Sundaranar Siva Gnana yogam 32 and Sundaranar Vakkya Sutram 64.

Kudambai – Kudambai retired from materialistic worldat an early age of 16 years and wrote poems on God and self. His works are called Kudambai Gynana Sootram 18 and Kudambai Siddhar Padalgal.

Idaikkadar – The great saint Bogar was once amazed to see a shepherd performing intense yoga and accepted him as his disciple and transferred his Siddha knowledge to him. Idaikkadar soon became a master of Siddha medicine, yoga and philosophy. He attained Kunadalini awakening and experienced union with oneness.

Mahavatar Babaji

18 Siddhars Homam - Bestows Ashta Siddhi, Cure of Diseases, Knowledge & Rejuvenation

The siddhars are mystics or saints that possess unique divine powers namely Mahima, Laghima, Prapti, Garima, Prakamya Prakamya, Anima, Vasitvam and Isatvam.

  • Mahima is a power to grow into gigantic proportions
  • Laghima makes the Siddhar as light as vapour so that he can levitate.
  • Prapti is the power of transmigration (to enter andexit other bodies)
  • Garima is the power to become very heavy and mighty.
  • Prakamya makes the sage omni pervasive i.e. to be in all matters he desires.
  • Anima makes him as tiny as an atom within the atom.
  • Vasitvam is a quality of being everywhere-omnipresent.
  • Isatvam is a quality to be totally powerful, in control of all things.

The siddhars are said to be miracle healers and mastered the art of mind concentration, breadth control and Kundalini awakening. They were equal to gods due to these facts, and also knew how to control space and time, transforming the body, controlling matter at molecular level, achieving immortality, etc.

The siddhars were proficient in Vaidyam which is medicine or its treatment, Vatham (alchemy), Mandrigam (tantric practices), Jothidam or astrology, Yogam or meditation and related exercises, and Gnanam (knowledge of the almighty). They propagated the belief that, food is medicine and medicine is food.

Combined Benefits of Mahavatar Babaji & 18 Siddhars Homa

  • Achieve instant spiritual blessings by invoking Mahavatar Babaji
  • Achieve comfort, protection and well-being.
  • Experience miracle healing, peace and harmony
  • Attain mental equilibrium and miracle blessings
  • Get spiritual wisdom and remove all afflictions of planet
  • Issues related to depression, education, business downfalls and diseases of skin
  • Other issues related to finance, progeny can be overcome.
  • Disputes in family, serpents curse, and relationship problems can be addressed besides
  • Politicians can aim for success and prosperity.
  • The homa instils knowledge and Wisdom (Gyan raksha)
  • Removes sorrow and suffering (Dukha kshaya)
  • Endless joy and happiness (Sukha aavirbhava)
  • Plenty of wealth rises (Samriddhi)
  • Get an assortment of endowments (Sarva Samvardhan)
  • Get good health and positive vibrations
  • Discharges abundant spiritual energy
  • Removes diseases and curses from lives

Auspicious Puja & Energized Shiva Linga - Bestows Complete Blessings

Special Shirdi Sai Baba Puja - Confers Protection, Wish Fulfillment, Inner Peace

Sai Baba is one of the most famous saint or fakir who is a guide and god for all sections of people irrespective of cast, colour or creed. A divine guru, Sai Baba when worshipped can be your protector, friend and philosopher. His teachings focused on love, compassion, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, respect, inner peace and surrender to devotion of god. It is said that his holy ashes possess healing powers. A puja in our homa centre to this miracle guru, Sai Baba gives protection and relief fromdiseases, gets peace and prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, spiritual upliftment and also auspicious blessings of Sai Baba.

Energized Shiva Linga - Absolves Sins, Karma, Gives Liberation, Peace

The Shiva lingam is a worship model of Lord Shiva. It denotes the primeval energy of the lord, his purity and omnipresent nature. It also represents the union of Shiva and Shakti. Vedic texts declare that installing Shiva lingam in a house, or places of worship is highly beneficial which is equal to performing 1000 horse sacrifices or digging a water tank in an arid region. Worshipping the linga, cleanses sins and if any sinners live around the vicinity of the linga, it deals with them like a thunderbolt. It also gratns the soul liberation, negates karmic effects and ensures peace in your home. According to Bhagavad Gita, creation takes place when Purusha and Prakriti unite, and the linga isa perfect example of this truth. Even brahma and Vishnu are said to reside inside the lingam. Therefore, worshipping the linga, is like worshipping all gods.


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