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Thaipusam Special: Skanda Sahasranamavali
Energize Wheel of Dharma-Chakra, Boost Physical,
Emotional Well-being, Happiness

Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam

Lord Skanda Bless Spiritual Intelligence, Wealth, Courage,
Remove Psychological Disorders, Attain Victories in Life

Scheduled Live Stream on January 28, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam – Bless Self-confidence, Spiritual Powers, Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Hindrances, Bestow Good Deeds, Fortunes, Wealth, Prosperity

Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam falls on the auspicious Thaipusam, is a special day to devote our worship to "Lord Muruga". Thaipusam is the combined strength of elements of life and signifying “Thai” is one of the favorite cosmic time period of Lord Skanda, who is another form of Lord Muruga, the prime deity, God of War. The auspicious birth star Pusham denotes beginning of new period, known to be “Mesha Sankranti”, invoking beautiful new age, bountiful fresh and new energy points in the form of auspicious energy Chakra, which are the key energy points in our body. At this point of time, performing auspicious ritual of Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and chanting Lord Skanda Sahasranamavali 1008 names of Lord Muruga, opens and align sacred corresponding energy points in the body, combining the complexed bundle of nerve systems, major organs and senses, other areas of kundalini Shakti into a sacred form of creative and productive energies is an essence, required to a tireless impulse, agile absorption, breaking boundaries, discovering new forms of energy, brings joy, colorful life, connecting all good forms, good energy benefiting emotional and physical well-being, revitalizing all the seven energy points in our body starting from top to bottom namely, the Crown Chakra Energy points, Third Eye Chakra Energy points, Throat Chakra Energy points, Heart Chakra Energy points, Solar Plexus Chakra Energy, Sacral Chakra Energy and Root Chakra Energy.

Performing the auspicious Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and reciting Lord Skanda Sahasranamam, at this divine point of time of Thaipusam commemorates the deep understanding between Mother Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Skandamata and Lord Skanda, who is bestowed with four arms, two hands holds the Lotus, symbolize wealth, third hand holds the sacred baby Lord Skanda sitting on her lap divinely and the fourth holds Abhaya Mudra, a posture of ready to bless boons to those who seeks the blessings of Goddess Skandamata, solving life problems. This is the auspicious time period when Lord Skanda received the divine “Vel or Spear" from Goddess Skandamata, to put an end to the evil demon Tarakasura, saving from destruction, restoring dharma, where Lord Skanda became the God of War against demons, diminishing the energies of Tarakasura, to dust. This period is a bright phase for all spiritual practices to worship, to perform rituals, render a deep meditation, offering dedicated prayers for seeking the blessings of Lord Skanda to attain his grace, the supreme well-being, at this sacred time, blesses all with rays of energy in the form of light eliminating the dense darkness, love, affection, joy and happiness, illuminate sacred minds of sages with wisdom, enhance divine energy invoking them to search for hidden truths of great works, bringing liberation, boosting growth, cherishing nourishment, attaining spiritual pleasures, bestow majestic look and appearance, qualitative traits, unique characteristic features, mental ability, regulating control, management and execution effectively, expanding talents, manage disruptive emotions, anxiety, impulses, generate self-consciousness, create material gains, unending wealth and prosperity.


Thaipusam is an auspicious day worshipping Lord Muruga in the form Lord Skanda, is a ceremonial ritual, worshiping Lord Muruga, who stood as Commander in Chief of Devas, as Lord of War, against demons, putting an end to the evil minded "Soorapadman". The month “Thai” is said to be an all-around auspiciousness is a combination of dual day of fortune, one being “Thai” and second being the day of birth-star Pusham in this month, brings huge success in deeds and events, bestows joy and happiness, protects all family members with nourishment, uniting energies for balanced approach, bless to be calm, soft, patience and courtesy, enable self-driven, sensible path, energizing cheerful motherhood, children’s well-being, remove all defects and obstacles, devilish anger, pave way to adopt law and rule, ethical practices, boost from this day financial inflow, removes poverty, debts and loans, blesses all with good health, wealth and abundance in life.

Performing Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and chanting Lord Skanda Sahasranamam on this Thaipusam venerates the powers of “Spear or Vel”, is a mystic divine weapon of Lord Muruga, which destroyed demons who were practicing adharma, one who were tormenting the universe to destruction. Lord Skanda “Vel” is a symbol of absolute-wisdom and this is the period an auspicious time seeking the blessings of Lord Muruga to perform successful task and attain desired results, conquering eccentric attitudes, demonic energy causing enmity, avidya and evil deeds, liberates one’s soul leading to from one state of mind to another with distractions, blesses all with instant joy, celebrations, sacred siddhis and success, to reap fruitful results, ensure fulfillment and completion of task.

Another important event on this Thaipusam is physically shouldering the Kavadi Attam, is a symbol of carrying one’s physical burden seeking the blessings of Lord Skanda, to release oneself from multi-fold miseries. Everyone knows that the aspirants never undergo severe penance just to obtain the blessings of pains or distress, but it comes automatically in one’s life, by natural circumstances by their deeds. Likewise, to avoid distress and discomforts, many draft happiness by material enjoyment, but this happiness lasts only for temporary period, gives no fruitful gains, in life. Therefore, to attain permanent happiness for ultimate gain and absolute truth, devotees decide to shoulder the auspicious Kavadi on the day of Thaipusam for putting an end to all miseries. Lord Muruga in the form of Lord Skanda protects all those seeking true and devoted blessings, blesses all with productiveness, joy, happiness and good fortune.


Lord Skanda Appearance: According to the divine-filled skanda purana, Lord Skanda appearance in the universe is a great ideology according to the poem Kumarasambhava which was scripted by the epic Sage Kalidasa, which capsulized the birth of divine God of War. Lord Skanda to destroy the evil demon Tarakasura who earlier have availed a boon from Lord Brahma that he shall be killed only by a son of Lord Shiva, was the result of a great penance by Takarasura. Subsequently, love between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place, whereby Lord Agni finally took the seed of cosmic energy and dropped it into the Mother of Ganges, which gave the auspicious energy to give birth to divine god, Lord Skanda.

Nurturing of Divine God Karthikeya: Lord Karthikeya is another form of Lord Muruga, the Skanda is known to be “Krittikas”, which is nothing but “Krittika”, denotes birth-star “Kritheka” or it is also called as “Karthika”, divinely linked to the auspicious day of birth and deeds. When he appeared for the first time on the banks of River Ganges is seen by six brightest stars of seven clusters in the night sky by “Krittikas”. The six mother stars all were prepared to take and nurse the baby child Lord Karthikeya which gave birth to five other divine heads whom can be individually nursed by six divine seed of Lord Shiva, who are called as Siva, Sambhuti, Priti, Sannati, Anasuya, Ksama.

Tirupuranagiri: According to the devoted skanda purana, the famous Lord Subramaṇya Swami Temple is situated at the foot of the hill, called Tripuranagiri, the famous Kanda Madanam and the Kanda Malai, is one of the six Arupadaiveedu is surrounded by tall mountains, where some bunch of solid rocks were cut into tiny blocks have created the temple Lord Subramanya Swami with hollowed pillars, platforms, inner shrines situated in the place called Thiruparankundram, is also called as Parankundram, which was one of the fourteen Pandya Kingdom landmarks, the famous Sthala. Lord Shiva is called in this abode with a unique name Payamgirinathar. In this abode Lord Muruga in the form of Lord Subramanya Swami have put an end to the demon Soorapadman, who split the demon into two pieces, later appeared in the forms of Peacock and Roaster, the two divine vehicles of Lord Muruga. In this temple, Lord Muruga married Goddess Deivayanai, who is the daughter of King of Heaven, Lord Indra.

Saravana Poigai: In this divine place Tiruchendur, Lord Shiva gave creation to six flames of cosmic energy from his third eye namely, Lord Sadyojata, Lord Vamadeva, Lord Tatpurusa, Lord Isana, Lord Agora and Lord Jammuka Shiva, which is quite unique forms of Lord Shiva and all the six where let into the River Ganges under his advice by Lord Vayu and Lord Agni. The six flames gave birth to six divine children enchanting in six divine lotuses, who were nurtured and fed by Goddess Karthika. Goddess Parvati after knowing the divine appearance of six children combined them into one body with six unique faces, who were later named as Lord Skanda, who received the divine weapon the Spear or Vel, went with is army to destroy the demon Soorapadman.

Dandapani, the “staff-wielder”: According to sacred skanda purana, Lord Muruga is auspiciously called as “Palani Antavar” appearing with two hands, is one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga. On the right hand holds “kataka-hasta” the auspicious cenkol and the left-hand attributes are “katyavalambita-hasta”, in a standing posture is sacredly called Vaisakha. Samapada-sthanka is the dance posture, with right hand placed in kapittha and left hand placed in ardhacandra, the waist, blesses all with flourishing in arts and crafts, music and dance, sound health, high well-being, joy and happiness, supremacy, cure disease, bestow medicinal healing for infectious disease, abundance of material gains, prosperity.

Praṇava Mantra to Lord Shiva: Famous Swamimali is the abode of Lord Muruga who takes the role of Guru the Brahaspati, teaching the Pranava Mantra “OM” to Lord Shiva, which is the sacred energy of being omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. The pranava mantra “OM” is said to be one of the faces of Lord Muruga and said to be the foundation of Vedas. According to Sage Kachiappa Sivachariar, Lord Siva is said to be seated on the Pranava mantra. Pranava mantra when recited helps devotees to cross the ocean of Samsara.


Abode of Marriage, Goddess Vali: The abode of Lord Muruga is in the sacred hill of Tirutani, has foot step to the abode of Lord Muruga with 365 steps of auspiciousness, indicates 365 days in a year. This abode is the sacred place of saints and meditation, a sacred place performing tapas. This abode is famous for the sacred marriage of Goddess Vali, a daughter of hunter, who hails from the mountain Valli Mali, being the second marriage of Lord Muruga.


Creator of Wealth: According to a legacy Lord Indra the king of Gods has given his daughter Deivayanai in marriage to Lord Skanda, have presented the sacred elephant Airavatam, as part of his offering, as dowry. Subsequent to this Lord Indra found is wealth multiplying, expanding and growing creating in the universe with material abundance, wealth gains and prosperity.


Dharsan of Vali Devasana: According to Skanda Purana, Lord Muruga blesses all in the presence of, Goddesses Vali Devasena, who are the consorts of Lord Muruga. Goddess Vali symbolize Iccha Shakti the energy of will and Goddess Devasena symbolize Kriya Shakti, the energy of action, where Lord Muruga symbolize energy of wisdom, blesses all with flourishing knowledge, wisdom, remove ignorance, innocence, attain the path of Moksha.


Lord Muruga, teachings to life: Lord Muruga six faces teaches six lessons in life. The first denotes spreading life of knowledge and awareness, which is wisdom, remove darkness. The second denotes gracious appearance, grants boons of courage, strength, prosperity. The third denotes guards the sanctity of sacrifice of brahmanas. Fourth denotes creating awareness in sages, to go in search of hidden absolute truth, enlightens the minds of saints and sages. The fifth denotes destroying the evil, diminishing the demons to dust. The sixth denotes love and affection to his family, enjoying the company of Goddess Vali.


Thaipusam Vrat is very famous and auspicious; the aspirant is worshiping Lord Muruga can fast on this day gives enlightenment, improves self-control and will-power. The aspirants who adhere to Kavadi Attam is supposed to observe strict Vrat, should extremely be pure in his thought and action. The devotees should follow strict vegetarianism and self-abstain from all kinds of pollution, physical and mental pleasures. Fasting on Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam chanting the Vedic Lord Skanda Sahasranamavali, should be strictly adhered and to

  • Avoid any solid food in day and night
  • Aspirants who have health issues can take one morning vegetarian meal or breakfast
  • Devotees to take Fruits, Tender Coconut-water, Butter-milk and pure milk
  • Strictly to avoid non-vegetarian food, no garlic, no onion ingredients
  • Recitation of skanda kavacham, skanda suktam, skanda stotram, skanda sloka, both in the morning and evening, keeps you healthy and active, creates positive vibration inside you and outside, attain self-consciousness, self-realization, set the path to salvation
  • Visit Lord Muruga or Subramanya Temple on the day of Lord Thaipusam, seek the blessings attaining good fortune, cure disease, bless long life, material abundance, wealth and prosperity.
  • Starting with Vinayaka Mantra Chanting Puja
  • Punyaha Vachanam on Thaipusam, an auspicious cleansing of body, mind and soul
  • Maha Sankalpam for Lord Skanda Sahasranama Devotees
  • Invoking on Thaipusam presence of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma in Kalasa
  • Kalasa Puja, invoking the energies of Lord Ganesha for beginning the Lord Sahasranama Homam
  • Lord Shiva Puja with his consort Goddess Parvati venerating the energies of Skandamata
  • Lord Muruga, Vali Devasena Puja invoking the presence with his divine consorts
  • Sacred Puja to his vahana peacock, roaster, divine Vel, snake god
  • Chanting of Lord Muruga, Skanda Moola Mantra Japa
  • Recitation of Lord Skanda Sahasranamavali, 1008 Names of Lord Muruga
  • Goddess Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam, the fire ritual
  • Auspicious Puja to Subramanya Yantra, energizing God of War, Lord of Wisdom
  • Purnahuti – Lord Skanda Sahasranamam Homam, attain completion, fulfillment
  • Sacred Ash, kumkum, sandalwood prasadh of Lord Skanda Sahasranam Homam for divinity, spiritual well-being, enlightenment
Moola Mantra
Moola Mantra
Combined Benefits
Combined image
  • Protects and guard from enemies, bless courage, strength, being strong and active
  • Relieve from serious health problems, gain long life, free from illness, injury
  • Enhance financial savings, independency, repay loans, advance, debts, remove crisis
  • Bless self-consciousness, remove the powers of black-magic, bad energy, bad forms
  • Recover physical, mental instability, harmony, bless living together, peace, harmony
  • Remove evil effects, bless unending wealth, material abundance in life, prosperity
  • Bestow intelligence, wisdom, universal knowledge, remove ignorance, attain moksha

Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes Blessings of Lord Skanda,
Bless Peace, Harmony, Remove Conflicts, Bestow Wealth Gains

Lord Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple Puja, Palani –
Bless Wisdom, Expanding Knowledge, Speech and Communication, Attain material wealth, Path of Moksha

In this temple only four type of anointing elements are used to purify Lord Muruga in the form of Lord Dhandayuthapani Swamy, applying gingelly oil, mixed panchamirtham, pure sandalwood mixture, vibudhi ash from Lord Muruga’s head to toe and sacred vibudhi is distributed to devotees for attaining the divine presence, in life. Lord Dhandayuthapani Swamy cleanse most of the troubles and obstacles in life of devotees is always seen busy interacting with devotees solving their problems, so the idol of lord is sensing hot all the 365 days experiencing through-out night sacred water evaporating from the body of Lord Muruga and this auspicious water is distributed to devotees as scared water “theertha”, which cleanse their mind, body and soul. On this day of Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and skanda sahasranamavali, blesses all devotees with, power of healing clearing disease spread, cure all infectious disease namely acute leprosy, painful cholera, smallpox, deep addiction, poisoning, infections, age related bodily misfunction and sacred sage bogar used multiple herbs and medicinal properties from this place to cure all disease of devotees, clear skin ailments, poisonous snake bites, species allergy, bless knowledge, skills and talents, sacred learnings, master astrological science, abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Thiruporur Kandaswamy Temple, Kanchipuram –
Cherish Nourishment, Curtail Bad Energy, Cure Disease, Attain Peace, Harmony, Bless Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity

Thiruporur Kandaswamy temple is located in Thiruporur, Kanchipuram and according to the legacy Lord Muruga in the form Lord Kandaswamy defeated "Demon Thalayaya Asuran", bringing an end to "Adharma and Arrogance". Lord Kandaswamy is honored in the sacred scripture of Chidambara Swamigal spread in 726 verses, who is said to be appeared in the universe from under the sacred palm leaf, which is still preserved auspiciously in this temple. Sage Aruna giri naadhar, has scripted the glory of this temple in his famous script Thiru Pugazh. In this temple Lord Kandaswamy is revered as "Samara Puri Vaazh Shanmugatthu Arase" in the famous script Kanda Shasti Kavacham, by the saint Baladeva Raya. On this day of Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and chanting skanda sahasranamavali blesses all with joy, peace and happiness, positive thinking, remove obstacles, cure disease with medicinal properties, bestow blessings of Lord Muruga, attain wealth, good health, prosperity.

Energized Lord Subramanya Yantra -
Cherish all life dreams, achievements, build confidence, gain wisdom, remove dis-abilities, bestow positive energy, wealth, abundance

Power of Lord Subramanya Yantra play a sacred energy role in success story boost confidence, power of wisdom, growing intelligence, invokes cosmic energy of six-headed Lord Subramanya another forms of Lord Muruga. On this day of Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam and skanda sahasranamavali blesses all with healthy atmosphere, generate good bonding, mutual understanding, prevent conflicts, disharmony, disaffiliations, enmity, create successful environment, profitable ventures, brings positive vibration, active undertakings, profit, financial gains, savings and prosperity.


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  • Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam
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  • Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam
  • Lord Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple Puja
  • Thiruporur Kandaswamy Temple Puja
  • Energized Lord Subramanya Yantra