Shani Pradosham – Get Double Blessings of Lord Shiva,
Shani for Multitude Boons

Saturn Homam on Shani Pradosham

Increases Luck, Prosperity, Gives Long Life,
Nullifies Dosha, Sorrows

Scheduled Live Stream on May 8th, 2021 @ 4.30 PM IST

This Event has been completed.

Please visit this link for performing individual Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

This Event has been completed.

Please visit this link for performing individual Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

Shani Pradosham - A Day to Absolve Karmic Effects, Sins

Pradosham is that period of time that is observed on both trayodishi tithis, Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha in lunar month. It is an auspicious time when heavenly beings come down to earth and take part in their subtle forms and lord siva is most ecstatic of moods on the day.

Atha Pradoshe Shiva Eka Eva, Poojyodhananye Hari Padmajadhya,
Thasmin Mahese Vidhinejyamane, Sarve Praseedanthi Suradhi Natha
The above lines from Shiva Purana translates that at the time of Pradosha, one needs to worship only Shiva, instead of Vishnu, Brahma and others for the proper worship of Lord Shiva then, would give the effect of worshipping all gods.

When a Pradosha falls on a Saturday it is called the Shani Pradosham. Shani Pradosha puja on May 8, 2021 is propitious for the worship of Lord Shiva on a Saturday that is ruled by planet Saturn. It absolves karma and sins. Observing fast on this day could fetch plenty of boons like good fortune, long life, and fulfill wishes. It removes all negative vibrations and evil and ensures success and happiness.

Lord Shiva, Shani Grant Dual Blessings on Shani Pradosha Day

Vedic texts say that Lord Shiva is Saturn’s mentor and therefore worshipping Shiva on a Saturday pradosham negates the bad effects of Shani in your horoscope. Pradosha rituals are very special because the three-eyed god gets easily pleased as he is ashutosh.

Natives born in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn moon ascendants can be benefitted by the Shani Pradosha rituals and also Virgo moon ascendants who are undergoing the Ardhashtama Shani and Ashtama Shani or its Antar dasa phase.

Rituals on pradosham Saturday brings huge blessing of both Lord Shiva and the Saturn god.

Saturn Homa on Pradosha Day – Imparts Authority, Great Achievements, Mitigates Hardships

Vedicfolks rituals on Shani Pradosham day includes anointing the Shiva lingam with various offerings like milk, honey, holy ash, sandal paste, ghee, bael leaves, turmeric, curd etc. abhishekam yields long life, removes sorrow, gets rid of illnesses, progeny blessings, increases luck, good health etc.

Shani homam protects you from adverse effects of Shani when malefic in the horoscope. It helps mitigate hardships, guides you to the path of divinity, righteousness, compassion, humility. It also ensures that you master your ambitions, gain authority and achieve high in career. Performing homa on Pradosha Saturday can generate favorable results.

Saturn mantra

Om Pram Preem Proum Sah Shanaischaraya Namah

Benefits of Saturn Homa on Pradosha Day

  • Get double blessings of lord Shiva and lord Shani
  • Achieve discipline and live a life of spirituality
  • Enhance career prospects, and achieve ambitions.
  • Gain authority, responsibility and make use of opportunities
  • Resolves complex issues with Pradosha rituals.
  • Grants blessings of prosperity, destiny and robust health.

Auspicious Puja & Energized Yantra - Invokes Double Blessings of Lord Shiva and Shani

Saturn Puja - Eliminates Ketu Effects, Grants Progress, Upholds Good Karma

Saturn puja to the brutal planet soothes your past karmic effects, helps you to remove obstacles and attain goals in life, it also eliminates distresses, miseries and hardships, helps to recover from premature ageing, depression and low confidence, ensures career growth, harmony in relationships. The puja helps you to escape jail sentences and other major problems like drug addiction etc.

Energised Shani Yantra - Gives Success, Career Heights & Respite to Ailments

The Shani Yantra is a powerful device that grants relief from Shani Dosha. Performing puja to the Yantra pleases Lord Shani and achieve raja yoga. It fetches success in business, great height in career and even recovery from illnesses. Shani leads to problems related to stomach, fits and weak bones. Worship the Yantra and get rid of all problems in life.


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  • Shani Pradosha Puja
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  • Shani Pradosha Puja
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