Vedicfolks Presents Kashi Bhairavar and Sheetala Devi Combo Rituals

Lord Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam

Adores Life with Peace, Power, Prosperity and Abundance, Eliminates Adverse Energies, Hardships, Pains, Worries and Longings

Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam

Alleviates Physical Sufferings, Shields Offspring, Bestows Fertility, Fortune and Prosperity


Scheduled Live Stream on April 01 and 02, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Day 01: Lord Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam

Adores Life with Peace, Power, Prosperity and Abundance, Eliminates Adverse Energies, Hardships, Pains, Worries and Longings

Scheduled Live Stream on April 01, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Aghora Bhairaveshvara: Fierce of Powerful Avatar of Mighty Shiva

Aghora Bhairaveshvara is a formidable and mysterious manifestation of Lord Shiva. He embodies the principle of destruction and renewal, standing as a guardian at the crossroads of life and death. This fearsome deity, known for his aghori (extreme) practices, represents the darker side of the cosmic cycle, where creation arises from destruction, and enlightenment emerges from the overcoming of fear. The legends and Puranas describe Aghora Bhairaveshvara as the annihilator of ignorance and the harbinger of change. He is capable of dissolving the ego and impurities through his intense energy. In the Skanda Purana, there is mention of his dwelling in cremation grounds. It signifies his connection with the transient nature of physical existence and his role in guiding souls through their spiritual journey. This depiction highlights his power to confront and consume the most deep fears. It offers liberation to those who dare to embrace his fierce, uncompromising path to enlightenment. Aghora Bhairaveshvara's lore is a reminder of the necessity of facing our inner darkness to uncover the light of wisdom that lies beyond.

Significance of Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam

The Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam is an impactful spiritual ceremony invoking the fierce form of Lord Shiva, Aghora Bhairava. He symbolises the destruction of negativity and the restoration of cosmic order. This ritual holds deep significance and it embodies the power of fire to cleanse, protect, and empower.

By conducting this Homam, devotees seek to dissolve fears, overcome obstacles, and clear the path toward spiritual and material success. It is an epitome of divine light, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and guiding souls toward enlightenment.

Aghora Bhairaveshvara and Sheetala Devi

Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam

Nurtures with Glory, Radiance, Power, Prosperity and Endless Streams of Abundance

The Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam is not just an act of devotion but a journey. It invites glorious changes in one’s life and surroundings. It nurtures the seeds of courage, wisdom, and resilience. It allows devotees to confront life's challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and strength.

This Homam is a gateway to spiritual liberation and higher consciousness. It offers protection, blessing, and guidance from the fierce yet benevolent Aghora Bhairava. It's a powerful medium for receiving divine grace, bringing peace, prosperity, and the spiritual elevation of all devotees.

Benefits of Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam

  • Smoothens life paths by removing hurdles.
  • Protects against evil influences and energies.
  • Fast-tracks enlightenment and inner transformation.
  • Cleanses past sins and karmic debts.
  • Enhances health and prosperity.

Kalabhairava Ashtakam Chanting

Nurtures Life with Bliss, Serenity, Truce, and Stability

The Kalabhairava Ashtakam is an impactful Sanskrit hymn dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava. He is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, who is revered as the guardian of time. This powerful chant resonates with the essence of time's unstoppable flow. It embodies the destruction of negativity and the guiding light towards righteousness and truth. The recitation of Kalabhairava Ashtakam infuses a deep sense of spiritual awakening. It offers protection and leads the soul towards liberation. Each verse of this sacred hymn is a tribute to Lord Kalabhairava's might. It is a reminder of life's transient nature and the importance of living in the present moment with integrity and courage.

Chanting the Kalabhairava Ashtakam is not just a spiritual practice but a journey into the depths of consciousness, where one confronts the fears and limitations that bind the soul. The rhythmic cadence and the potent energies encapsulated in the verses purify the mind, nurture inner peace, and imbue the devotee with the strength to face life's challenges. Devotees believe that regular chanting of this Ashtakam at twilight helps in overcoming obstacles. It attracts divine blessings, and paves the way for a life filled with peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth. It's a powerful spiritual exercise that surpasses mere recitation, leading one on a path of self-realization and enlightenment, under the watchful eyes of the Lord of Time, Kalabhairava.

Kalabhairava Ashtakam

Vyaala-Yajnya-Suutram-Indu-Shekharam Krpaakaram |
Naarada-[A]adi-Yogi-Vrnda-Vanditam Digambaram
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje


Meaning of Kalabhairava Ashtakam:

Deva-Raja-Sevyamaana-Paavana-Angghri-Pangkajam : This phrase celebrates Lord Kaalabhairava, whose pure, lotus-like feet are revered by the king of gods. It accentuates his exalted status in the divine hierarchy.

Vyaala-Yajnya-Suutram-Indu-Shekharam : Kaalabhairava is depicted wearing a garland of the Vyaala and the crescent moon on his head. It signifies mastery over time and celestial connections.

Krpaakaram : This term emphasizes Kaalabhairava's compassionate nature.

Naarada-[A]adi-Yogi-Vrnda-Vanditam : He is honored by sage Narada and other yogis, reflecting his esteemed position among spiritual seekers.

Digambaram : Meaning 'clothed in the sky', this highlights Kaalabhairava's detachment from the material world and his omnipresence.

Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje : The hymn concludes with devotion to Kaalabhairava, the protector of Kashi. It serves as a guardian to the sacred city and guide for souls in the cycle of life and death.

Benefits of Kalabhairava Ashtakam

  • Boosts courage and inner strength.
  • Promotes mindful time use and discipline.
  • Clears negative energies and thoughts.
  • Helps resolve past karmic debts.
  • Ensures protection during journeys.


Bhairava Ashtottara Shatanamavali (108) Bhairava Japa

The Bhairava Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a sacred hymn that enumerates 108 names of Lord Bhairava. He is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. Embarking on the Bhairava Japa, reciting these names with deep devotion, is a spiritual journey that pierces through the veils of the material world. It ushers the devotee into the realms of divine consciousness. Each name in this powerful ashtottara carries with it the vibrational essence of Bhairava's myriad forms. It mirrors his attributes of protection, liberation, and the removal of obstacles. This practice is not just a recitation; it's an invocation that awakens the innermost layers of the soul. It aligns the individual's energy with the universal forces of creation and destruction. It nurtures a profound connection with the divine.

Engaging in the Bhairava Japa with the Ashtottara Shatanamavali is akin to walking a path illuminated by the radiant light of spiritual wisdom. By chanting these 108 names, a devotee can dispel the shadows of fear, ignorance, and suffering, and cultivate an inner sanctuary of peace and strength. The rhythmic repetition of these names creates a meditative resonance that purifies the mind. It heals the heart and sanctifies the spirit. This sacred practice is a bridge between the mortal and the immortal. It guides the soul towards liberation and enlightenment. Through the Bhairava Japa, one embarks on an inward odyssey, exploring the depths of consciousness and unlocking the gates to ultimate reality, where Bhairava resides not as an external entity but as the very essence of being.

Benefits of Bhairava Ashtottara Shatanamavali (108) Bhairava Japa

  • Strengthens spirituality and inner peace.
  • Smoothens path by clearing obstacles.
  • Shields against negative influences.
  • Enhances focus and decision-making.
  • Purifies soul and improves karma.

Day 02: Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam

Alleviates Physical Sufferings, Shields Offspring, Bestows Fertility, Fortune and Prosperity

Scheduled Live Stream on April 02, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Sheetala Devi – Goddess Protects Children, Cleanses and Heals Heat-Related Illnesses

Sheetala Devi also revered as Sheetala Mata, is a venerable figure profoundly rooted in Vedic sphere. The mighty goddess embodies the quintessence of healing and purity. As the goddess of smallpox, she signifies the potent force against disease and malady. She heralds the preservation of child health and communal well-being. Her name, derived from the Sanskrit word 'Sheetal' meaning 'cool' or 'calm'. It reflects her soothing nature and her role in alleviating the fiery afflictions of fevers and infections. Worshippers seek her blessings for protection against diseases and for the health of their families, especially the young ones. The goddess is often depicted riding a donkey, holding a broom, a pot of cool water, and a fan; these elements signify her cleansing and cooling powers. The broom represents the sweeping away of contagion. The pot of water is the purifying nectar to soothe the wounds and the fan disperses the heat of fever. The worship of Sheetala Devi is marked by significant rituals and festivals, notably the Sheetala Ashtami, celebrated just after Holi, where devotees perform poojas and observe fasts to honour her.

Significance of Sheetala Devi Homam

The Sheetala Devi Homam is a revered ritual that honours the divine power of Goddess Sheetala. According to the Skanda Purana, a ceremonial fire sacrifice was conducted for Goddess Parvati, during which Goddess Sheetala emerged from the flames. Simultaneously, Jwarasura, a demon born from Lord Shiva's sweat, began to spread deadly diseases. Goddess Sheetala, wielding her formidable energy, combated Jwarasura's malevolent forces. Victorious in battle, she subdued Jwarasura, turning him into her servant. This act of divine intervention is celebrated through the Sheetala Devi Homam, a ritual seeking Goddess Sheetala's blessings and protection against diseases.

Aghora Bhairaveshvara and Sheetala Devi

Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam

Wards Off Skin-Related Ailments, Adores Life with Grace, Prosperity and Peace

The Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam is a sacred Vedic ritual that holds immense significance in Vedic sphere. It embodies a great reverence for Goddess Sheetala Devi, revered as the divine protector against diseases and ill health. This ritualistic fire ceremony is performed with the intent to invoke the Goddess's blessings for the purification of one’s home and environment. It helps seek protection against infectious ailments and to guarantee the well-being of family members. It is a powerful spiritual practice that combines mantras (sacred chants), offerings, and the homa fire as a medium to reach the divine. It signifies the elimination of negativity and the enhancement of positivity in one's life. The Homam is particularly significant in times of health crises or during seasonal transitions when susceptibility to diseases is heightened. By performing the Sheetala Devi Homam, devotees express their devotion, seek forgiveness for any sins, and request the divine grace of Goddess Sheetala for health, peace, and prosperity. It illustrates a deep-rooted belief in the power of divine intervention to bring about healing and protection in the physical and spiritual realms.

Benefits of Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam

  • Quick Recovery from Small Pox/Chicken Pox, sores, pustules, fever and other skin infections and seasonal ailments.
  • Removes all physical sufferings of children.
  • Shoos away ghosts, evil spirits that haunt kids.
  • For a long & healthy life free of illnesses.

Pooja at Kaal Bhairav Energy Center
Avert Unwanted Sufferings, Early Death, Brings Glory, Serendipity and Peace

Aghora Bhairaveshvara and Sheetala Devi

Performing pooja at the Kaal Bhairav Energy Center is a deeply spiritual experience that devotees believe connects them directly with divine energies. This sacred ceremony involves offering prayers, lighting lamps, and presenting offerings to Kaal Bhairav. He is a revered and fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva who is the guardian of time and protector against fear. The Energy Center is a place where the ambient spiritual energy is exceptionally powerful. This makes it an ideal location for seeking blessings, guidance, and protection. Devotees participate in this pooja with the hope of removing obstacles in their lives. They seek protection from negative influences and guarantee success in their endeavours by gaining the favour of Kaal Bhairav. The rituals performed during the pooja at the Kaal Bhairav Energy Center are rich in symbolism and significance. This spiritual practice not only aims to provide immediate benefits in terms of protection and prosperity but also promotes a deeper connection with the divine. It eventually promotes peace, stability, inner peace and spiritual growth.


Energized Kala Bhairav Yantra
Awards Life with Glory, Consciousness, Affluence Sacred Energies, Bliss, Boosts Courage, Vitality, and Spiritual Empowerment

Aghora Bhairaveshvara and Sheetala Devi

The Energized Kala Bhairav Yantra is a special spiritual tool that helps people feel more powerful and protected. It is connected to Lord Kala Bhairav, an avatar of Lord Shiva known for his power to remove obstacles and fears. When people keep this yantra close, they believe it brings them good luck, keeps them safe from harm, and helps make their lives smoother by taking away problems. It is like having a guardian who watches over you, making sure you are safe and helping you tackle life's challenges with confidence. The specific details about Kala Bhairav and the significance of the Energized Kala Bhairav Yantra are found in ancient Vedic scriptures known as the Puranas. In the case of Kala Bhairav, references to him and the yantra are primarily found in the Shiva Purana. This particular Purana provides insights into the power and importance of Kala Bhairav as a protector and remover of obstacles. It emphasises the glorious boons of keeping and worshipping the Kala Bhairav Yantra for spiritual protection and prosperity.

Budget Package Combo (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 160.00
  • Lord Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam
  • Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam
Gold Package Combo (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 275.00
  • Lord Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam
  • Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam
  • Pooja at Kaal Bhairav Energy Center
Platinum Package Combo (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 333.00
  • Lord Aghora Bhairaveshvara Homam
  • Goddess Sheetala Devi Homam
  • Pooja at Kaal Bhairav Energy Center
  • Energized Kala Bhairav Yantra