To Empower Success, Correct Planetary Inflictions & Prevent Doshas from All Sides 
Scheduled live on June 15, 2018 @ 6 PM IST (Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan)

Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan -  A Perfect Day To Enhance Life

Chandra Darshan is the first day of moon sighting after the new moon. In the month of Mithun or Tamil month Aani it holds special significance and the most auspicious time for sighting the moon is immediately after sunset. Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan is observed with great fervour in different parts of the country. The moon is an important planet among the nine Vedic planets. It is associated with wisdom, good objectives and purity. If the moon is favourable in the charts one can expect a very successful and prosperous life. Worshipping the moon on Chandra darshan gives everyone the blessings of success and good fortune. the day is aptly favourable to invoke the nava grahas and ashta dikpalakas who are ruled by a powerful goddess who has the combined powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva besides Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Dakshayini – Ayur Devata. 

A Combined Ritual for All Round Prosperity and Staying Clear Of Harsh Doshas 

(Ayur Devata Homam, Nava Graha Homam, Ashta Dikpalaka Homam)

Revering ayur devata on the day increases your life span and prevents doshas of the planets (nava grahas) and also the ashta dikpalaks. It also lays a strong foundation for a strong relationship between close family especially husband and wife. By performing this combined rituals, women can have all round prosperity and remain happily married (deerga sumangali) for a long time. In her capacity of having powers of trinity gods and all three main feminine powers, the very powerful goddess grants blessings of all the deities put together and therefore one is bestowed with their special attributes as well.

Ayur Devata Homam - Bestows All Round Auspiciousness to Everyone

Ayur Devata Homa - Life Enhancing RitualsAyur Devata Rules Over the Navagrahas & Ashta Dikpalakas and Bestows All Round Auspiciousness to Everyone. Ayur Devata is a form of the universal mother Shakthi. She was revered in the Kritha Yuga but in the Kali Yuga her worship has dwindled as spirituality has taken a backseat. This divine, powerful form is a union of Brahma, Saraswathi, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Rudra, Dakshayini and other gods. The goddess destroys negativity in the form of poverty, fear and evil, laziness and a criminal mind set. She gives you a long life by rejuvenating health and bestows vigour, vitality and stamina.

The mother looks resplendent with nine hands and on eight of them she carries powerful siddhas who had dedicated their lives for the benefit of mankind. The ninth hand exhibits the abaya hastha. She is seated on a siddha swan with two siddha lions on either side.  One can experience double benefit by worshipping the goddess along with the siddhas. Worshipping her during the Kali Yuga removes hardships and leads to a peaceful life. The goddess grants sarva mangala soubhagya which means all round auspiciousness and prosperity to her followers.


The goddess bestows devotees with long and healthy life.

She gives strength to the weaklings and keeps your mind and body fit.

She spreads positive energy around you and loved ones.

She has the power to change destiny to favour everyone on all fronts. 


Navagraha Homam - Removes Barriers That Come In Way of Success

Navagraha Homam - Life Enhancing RitualsThe ‘navagraha’ are the nine planets that rule the solar system. ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘graha’ means their planetary positions or houses they rest temporarily. They are Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

These planets have an influence on the life of a person and their placement in the natal chart affects the various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, income, health etc. Worshipping the Navagrahas brings good luck, overcomes adversity, misfortunes due to past karma or birth related doshas.
The Navagraha Homam is performed to ward off the malefic effects of the planets. You can remove the negative influences and build positive energies around you. Not only can you accrue good results by worshipping the planets, you can also obtain their blessings even if they are placed at disadvantageous positions.


Navagraha homam removes bad effects and makes life healthy, wealthy and prosperous. 

This homam overcomes potential threats and risks to a great extent. 

Get blessings from nine gods to ensure success in all endeavors by reducing obstacles. 

The homa is suitable for gaining greater knowledge and wisdom.


Ashta Dikpalaka Homam - Ensure Positivity and Protection From All Sides

Ashta Dikpalaka Homa - Life Enhancing RitualsThe eight gods ruling the eight quarters or the eight zones of the universe are the ashta dikpalakas. It is said that they are the pillars of vaastu shastra and invoking their blessings is paramount. Indra, Agni, Yama, Niruti, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera and Isana form the eight dikpalakas who are guardian deities of the sky.

According to Vedic scriptures, each direction is assigned to a particular god as the chief guardian for ensuring orderliness of the universe and the protection of its occupants. Vaastu Shastra is based on these eight directions. The Guardians of Eight Directions attract good fortune, wipe away all negative energies and purify your space by removing unwanted negative energies at your home or work.

Ashta dikpala homam is very powerful for it protects the land or constructions from all eight directions. It appeases the dikpalakas who ensure that no external malefic influence and enemies attack from these directions. It also brings wealth and prosperity and makes certain that peace remains throughout.


Purify your living space and drive away negative energies

All Vastu doshas can be nullified with this ritual

Attract good fortune and prosperity

Get protection from eight directions ruled by eight deities – the ashta dikpalakas


Achieve More Energy With The Following Ceremonies On The Day

Energised Navagraha Yantra - Life Enhancing RitualsNavagraha Yantra Grants Blessings of Nine planets 

This yantra is a combined yantra for all the nine planets. It consists of nine squares and each square has a symbolic representation of a particular planet. It is a very useful and beneficial yantra as it strengthens the beneficial planets and neutralises the negative effects if there are any.
This yantra can be ordered by all those with negative positioning of planets in birth chart that cause problems to health, prosperity and peace of mind. By worshipping it every day one can achieve maximum advantages from planetary impacts.The Navagraha yantra is so special because it strengthens all nine planets at the same time in a mutually harmonious manner.

Navagraha Temple Puja - Life Enhancing RitualsNavagraha Temple Puja – A Guru That Blesses You with Prosperity & Glory 

Sri Ramanadheswar temple situated in Chennai is an ancient temple connected to the Ramayana period. According to an ancient episode, lord Rama before going to lankd to rescue sita rested under an amla tree and after sometime he realised that he had touched a shiva linga with his leg. He asked Lord Shiva for forgiveness and fasted for 48 days by consuming only a gooseberry. Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a linga which to this day is revered in the temple. Here Lord Shiva has assumed the role of Guru Bhagavan. The greatness of the place where the temple exists in Porur is such that it is called Uthara Rameswaram and any devotee who is unable to visit Rameswaram can visit this place and seek blessings of Ramanadheswar. A puja in this temple removes all doshas of the nine planets especially Guru dosha. Let the ruling deity along with his consort Sivakama Sundari bless all with immense prosperity and glory.

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  • Ayur Devata Homam
  • Navagraha Homam
  • Ashta Dikpalaka Homam
  • Navagraha Yantra Puja
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  • Ayur Devata Homam
  • Navagraha Homam
  • Ashta Dikpalaka Homam
  • Navagraha Yantra Puja
  • Energised Navagraha Yantra
  • Navagraha Temple Puja