Lalita Saptami: Revering the Great Goddess Lalitambika Who Is the Mother of All Living Beings

On the seventh day of Shukla Paksha, in the month of Bhadrapada, and three days after Ganesh Chaturthi falls the appearance day of Sri Lalitha Devi, the Goddess of Lalitha Sahasranama. Lalitha Saptami is being celebrated on September 16, 2019.

The Lalita Sahasranama is the 36th chapter of Lalitopakyana in Brahmanada Purana. This ultimate sacred hymn describes the 1000 names of Sri Lalitha, the divine mother. 

Lalita Devi is the foremost of the Ashtasakhis or eight loyal friends of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. Her only obligation is to serve the godly couple and therefore has earned the admiration of Lord Krishna who suggested a vrat be observed on the day.  Fasting and performing rituals on the day is very significant as it blesses married couples with children. And for parents it grants good health, intelligence and long life of their children.

Goddess Lalita – A Symbol of Purity and Wholesomeness

Goddess Lalita is the third of the Mahavidyas, a symbol of purity and wholesomeness. she is beautiful having a perfect structure and is the consort of kameshvara.  she exists in an eternal state of perfect harmony, always benevolent and her eyes is moist with compassion for all living beings on earth.


Lalita Sahasranama Homam on Lalita Saptami

Uttering One Thousand Names of Devi Fetches Millenary Blessings

Also Get More than You Want, Stimulate Subtle Energies, Achieve Clarity of Thought, Action & Stay Clear of Distresses

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Lalitha SaptamiLalita Sahasranamam homa is performed for prosperity and protection from fear. The Lalita Sahasranama is a divine hymn that praises universal mother Lalitambika. The ritual removes distresses, evil in all forms, prevents premature death, gives long and contented healthy life. The power derived from the ritual is such that it supersedes all other prayers and one need not consult any astrologers or occultists for his general well-being.

It gives the individual terrific self-confidence in all that he/she does. It helps families stay united, invites prosperity, peacefulness and grants every desire and there will not be dearth of basic necessities of life. Goddess Lalitha when invoked with her chants invigorates the subtle energies that causes spiritual awakening in a person.

She protects her devotees from downfalls in life and makes them victorious in all good deeds. Experience good will, word power and fame and sort out all day-to-day problems with the powerful ceremony. The Mahavidya stimulates thoughts and actions so that one can perform all actions exceptionally. Also, this ritual helps to eliminate sins accumulated in many births.


The Powerful Significance of Lalita Sahasranama Homa

The regular chanting of this great Vedic chant gives merit equal to bathing in holy rivers, and also giving of donations like wealth, land, cows, food etc. The chanting of Lalitha Sahasranama pleases the goddess to a great extent. It also helps negate sins accrued for many births. The power of the ritual is so great that just by consuming the ghee kept while the rituals are being carried out removes impotency in a person. In the age of Kali yuga, performing Lalita Sahasranama yagya makes the establishment of dharma feasible. 

How Lalitha Sahasranama Homa Can Change Your Life

  • Negative planetary influences and evil spirits, enemies can be removed by chanting this hymn.
  • The ritual helps enhance prosperity, fame and eloquence.
  • The mother of the universe bestows you with all that you want so that there’s no dearth of needs in your life.
  • Goddess Lalitha when invoked with her chants invigorates the subtle energies that causes spiritual awakening in a person.
  • The Lalita Sahasranama Homa removes distress, grants happiness and bliss.
  • Gain clarity of thought and action and also get rid of sins of many births.


Here’s how Vedicfolks intensifies the worship by adding the following ceremonies on the day

Sapta Kannika PujaSapta Kannika Puja - Removes Negative Qualities like Anger & Greed

The Devi Mahatmiyam mentions the Sapta Kannikas as ‘parivaara devatas’ of the Supreme Mother Adi Parasakthi. These goddesses also called seven virgin mothers have a special place in the Meru Yantra and are known as Brahmi, Maheshwari, Koumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Indraani and Chamundi. Their seats are the seven nodes in the middle of the yantra or the Prathama Aavaranaa. The goddesses remove the internal negative emotions within you like greed, anger, worldly desires, ignorance, self pride, jealousy and also sins.