Karthigai Month Special Combo

Get Special Connection With Lord Shiva & Mercy of Bhagavathi Devi To Remove All Bad Effects
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Karthigai is a very auspicious month holds tremendous significance. This month is favorite for Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga & Lord Vishnu as per beliefs. Karthigai Somavar and Karthigai Maha Deepam are the important days in Karthigai month. Karthigai Somavar Shiva Puja on auspicious Mondays during Karthigai month is one of the major thing during this month and Karthigai Deepam is celebrtaed with lot of enthusiasm in Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar Temple. On this sacred day, special rituals to Lord Shiva and Goddess durga will give the special connection between Lord Shiva and Blessings of Godess Shanti Durga Parameswari to achieve all desires, removes difficulties and conquers crudest enemies.

Karthigai Somavar Grand Ceremonies

Escape You From Curses, Karmic Debts and Negative Energies & Find Positive Substances in Your Life
Scheduled on Nov. 18 & 25 and Dec. 2 & 9
Karthigai Somavar is the Mondays in the Karthigai month which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. All Mondays are considered as the day of Lord Shiva, Mondays in Karthigai Month is very special according to Skanda Purana. Shiva devotees observe Karthigai Somavara Vratam, offer prayers, special pujas and rituals on these days to obtain the grace and divine blessings.
Karthigai Somvar Special Rituals
Nageshvara Maha Homam (Jyothirlinga Series of Homam)
Swetharanyeswarar Temple Puja
Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple Puja
Sathyagiriswarar Temple Puja
Nageswarar Temple Puja

Combined Benefits

  • It invokes the energy of Shiva to bring relief from negativity and indeed.
  • Helps to get rid of all kinds of bad powers.
  • To gain energy and strength.
  • Recover from mental illness.
  • Bestows all kind of material wealth.
  • Provides relief from all the sorrows and miseries
  • Relieve one from sins and provide moksha
  • Blessed with abundant knowledge, wisdom and longevity
  • Destroy all the mental  stress
  • Grant peace and harmony in the persons life​


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Karthigai Deepam Grand Ceremonies

Invite Prosperity, Assure Growth in All Spheres & Remove Sorrows Forever

Scheduled live on Dec 10, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

Karthigai Deepam is a popular festival celebrated in the southern parts and symbolizes the festival of lights. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the Karthigai month and this year it falls on December 10, 2019.  Karthigai Deepam is also known as Karthiga Villaku, Thiru Karthigai, Karthigai Nakshatra, Vishnu Deepam and Bharani Deepam. Offering special rituals on Karthigai Deepam gives the power to shed off fear and bring success in all spheres of life. The Tiruvannamalai Deepam festival is a special occasion at the Arunachaleshwara Swamy temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lighting earthern lamps holds special significance as protects us from evil eyes and negative forces and helps bring peace and prosperity in our life.