Karadaiyan Nombu Special

Amrutha Pasupatha Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

A Powerful Remedy to Bless Immortality, Long Life, Abundance, Remove Negativities

Scheduled Live on March 14, 2020 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed

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Karadaiyan Nombu - A Dynamic Day Blessed with Longevity in Life, Remove  Fear of Untimely Death

Karadaiyan Nombu is a ritual for women welfare, married life, life span and prosperity. "Karadai" is a special offering to Goddess Parvati, a day of spiritual importance observed by women who is married, facing a timely death of her husband. "Nombu" symbolically denotes fasting and religiously termed as 'upvasam or vratam'.

An epic about Savitri, held abstinence (fast) to overcome the timely death, saved her husband from the clutches of Lord Yama, the  King of Dharma using her outstanding skills praising importance of life, formulas of wisdom and priceless behaviors and respects to cosmic force. Lord Yama moved by her conduct blessed her including boon for children's and by the sincere dedication and purity of Savitri, Lord Yama finally blessed Satyavan to get back to his life, also blesses both Satyavan and Savitri to live for 400 years. 

The festival celebrates the glory of a woman who is a symbol of posterity. This day falls on March 14, 2020, which is a Meena Shankranti when the Sun moves from one constellation (Kumbha) to the other (Meena), symbolizes prosperity, flourishing the family tree, in leaps and bounds. On this day when a married women observes fasting will be blessed with long life, good health and husband's robust and welfare. Vedicfolks marks this day performing powerful Amrutha Pasupatha Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, removes negativities, cure chronic ailments, overcome dangers, fear of death from accidents, untimely death and dilemma.

What is Amrutha Pasupatha Maha Mrityunjaya?

Amrutha denotes "Divine", Pasupatha means Lord, the creator of the universe, the ruler, where asked to do abstinence to get relieved from the captivity of evil spirits blessed with eight pentads and three functions of life as a spiritual teacher.

As per epic Markandeya Purana, a childless couple sage Mrikandu and wife Marudvati is blessed with a spiritual and brilliant child who would live upto 16 years. On the day he entered the age of sixteen, Markandeya took shelter next to Lord Shiva Linga, who worshipped and meditated Lord Shiva, got protected from the death and was blessed to remain as sixteen ever, eternally. This day is called Mrityunjaya, by Markandeya, the conqueror of death. Lord Shiva the divine ruler of death, appeared fearsome and also nurturing. Those who devoted their prayers to Lord Shiva, can invade the natural laws of life and death, will be blessed relieving from fear of death.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra


OM Tryambakam yajamahe

Sugandhim pushti-vardhanam

Urvarukamiva bandhanan

Mrityor mukshiya mamritat


Om, We worship the three-eyed Lord Shiva, the spiritual essence, increase nourishments, bondages and liberate from death and blessed with immortality

Amrutha Pasupatha Maha Mrityunjaya Homam - Bless Long life, Relieve from uncertainty, invoke purity of mind

Amrutha Pasupatha Maha Mrityunjaya Homam is a powerful Homam to appease Lord Shiva for his great works of celestial force and protection of universe from unlawful and untimely life and death. Performing Homam shall make natives life a long and healthy life. The dreams of every human being is to overcome death or fear of death, to ensure long and peaceful life against unnatural deaths and demise. This Homam also invokes power of "Pashupatastra" an weapon of Pasupati, depicts the nature of Lord Shiva one who bless victory over enemies and win over problems in life. This Homam strategize Pashupatastra as  irresistible powerful weapon to destroy the bad and get blessed to achieve good for a sense of well-being enlightening the skills of eight pentads and the three functions of Pasupatha, will be blessed with knowledge, permanence of body, purity of mind, meditation, relieving from fear of death, ignorance, detachment, pain and conquer pleasure, comfort and luxury.


  • Restore joy and happiness, remove stress and pain

  • Overcome obstacles, Bless profitable endeavors

  • Remove impurity, create sense of divine

  • Relieve the fear of demise, untimely death, bless longevity

  • Aid to Increase knowledge, wisdom, end ignorance

  • Remove evil spirits and negativities, bless abundance and prosperity


Other Added Pujas On Maha Mrityunjaya Homam


Amritha Valli Sametha Amrithakadeswar Puja - Remove Life Hurdles, Bless Peace and Harmony

Performing Puja to Lord Shiva in the form of Amrithakadeswar and Goddess Parvati as Amritha Valli will be blessed with Long life, remove obstacles, gain peace of mind. The auspicious Puja invokes goodness, realize everlasting fortunes, early marriage and child boons.


Mrityu Sukta Parayanam and Homam - Remove Fear and Fright of Death, Bless Virtue

Mrityu Sukta parayanam is a powerful mantra to overcome negativities, adversary effects, overcome death and natives are blessed with courage and strength, pacification, conciliation, comfort and harmony. This Homam is performed to have blissful life stimulating self-consciousness, overcome disease, sense of relief from mental stress, bless purity and prosperity.


Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra Japa - Bless Righteousness, Remove Mental Agony

Chanting Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra awakens powerful energy of Lord Shiva, one who nourishes all well-being, liberate natives from fear of death, release a divine vibrations in the mind and body, re-assign mental and physical body conditions and good health restoration, amazing wealth and prosperity.


Mrityunjaya Homa with Milk Payasam - Gain Fitness, Hygiene, Remove Unidentified Illness

Performing Mrityunjaya Homam along with cow milk Payasam bless auspicious worship pleasing Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with divine grace, purifies the nerve and blood of natives to cure ailments, long standing disease, devotees will be blessed with long life, purity and prosperity.


Thirukadaiyur Temple Puja - Bless Spirituality, Vibrancy, Relieve from Depression

Lord Shiva in the form of Amritaghateswarar - Abirami Temple is located in Tirukkadaiyur, Tamilnadu, is an Abirami Sametha Amirtha Gadesa celestial appearance, removes fear of Lord Yama, law of inappropriate death, improve life span, longevity, energetic life, bless good heath, wealth and prosperity.



Energised Mrityunjaya Yantra - Cure Disease, Revive Fear of Death, Bless Prosperity

Mrityunjaya yantra is a magical protection shield you from fear of death, untimely and lonely death by disease or accident. Chanting Rudra Sukta and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra shall energize the Yantra at your office or home, enable name and fame, disease free life, fortune and treasury, bestow enormous wealth and abundance.

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USD 137.00
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Homam
  • Amritha Valli Sametha Amrithakadeswar Puja
  • Mrityu Sukta Parayanam and Homam
  • Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra Japa
  • Mrityunjaya Homa with Milk Payasam
USD 195.00
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Homam
  • Amritha Valli Sametha Amrithakadeswar Puja
  • Mrityu Sukta Parayanam and Homam
  • Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra Japa
  • Mrityunjaya Homa with Milk Payasam
  • Thirukadaiyur Temple Puja
  • Energised Mrityunjaya Yantra