Vedicfolks Signature Ritual of 2018: Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam with Bhairava Puja

Kanchi Kamakshi Devi Homam on Bhadrapada Pournami

Raise Your Financial Status, Boost Marriage and Child Prospects & Get Ample Fortune, Prosperity 
Scheduled LIVE on September 25, 2018 @ 6 PM onwards


Bhadrapada Purnima: Auspicious Full Moon for Worship of Lord Vishnu & Devi Forms

The full moon day is always special.  And so is Bhadrapada Purnima for the worship of Lord Satyanarayana. The month corresponds to Purattasi in Tamil calendar that’s auspicious for the worship of Mahavishnu. It also marks the beginning of pitru paksha shraddha from the next day where offerings are made to one’s ancestors. It’s also auspicious for venerating goddesses on full moon days. In Gujarat, this day is dedicated to Goddess Ambaji, a shakti peetha where the goddess’ heart fell. On this propitious day, Vedicfolks performs second in a series of homa to Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi, and her peetham the Kanchi Kamakshi Temple is where the goddess’ navel fell and therefore her residence here is called Nabhisthana Ottiyana Peetam. Her glorification hymn the Lalitha Sahasranama describes her as the mother who fulfills desires with her sight.

Goddess Kamakshi an Embodiment of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi

As her name portrays Goddess Kamakshi has enchanting eyes where as ‘ka’ resides Lakshmi and as ‘ma’ Saraswathi and ‘atchi’ means eyes. So, Lakshmi and Saraswathi reside in her eyes granting multifold blessings of wealth, fortune, prosperity and profound knowledge in arts, oratorical skills and wisdom. Kanchi Kamakshi, Madurai Meenakshi and Kasi Visalakshi are the three forms of Adi parasakthi that are power centres to the core.

The goddess of Kanchi is seated in a Padmasana posture adoring the moon jewel on her crown. She manifested to kill demon Bhanda as an earthquake that made the demon stumble and fall. She digs a hole for his burial and also erects a victory stone and the gods in her honour erect a temple in Kanchi. The goddess takes form as Shodashi, a sixteen year old damsel or Tripura Sundari, the beautiful one who rules all three worlds.

The Navel Of the Universe Where the Nadis Or Nerve Points Emerge

The Kanchi Kamakshi Shakti Peeth is so significant that nowhere in this temple town can one find an exclusive temple for the deity other than the Kanchi temple. The 24 letters of Gayatri or the rays of the sun are represented as 24-pillar mandapam or the great hall. The four Vedas are symbolised by the four walls and the main sanctum itself is shaped in the form of a triangle. Kamakshi Devi dwells in the Sri Chakra triangle in the inner sanctum of the temple seated on a sacred seat called Omkara Peetham. It is also said to be the naval of the universe from where the nadis emerge and spread to the rest of the body.

Initially when Adi Shankara visited the temple, he found the goddess in ugra or angry form. He cried and pleaded with her to become normal and installed the Sri Chakra inside the sanctum, thus she became the epitomic goddess of peace and tranquillity. 

Kanchi Kamakshi Devi HomamKanchi Kamakshi Devi Homam

A grand ritual to this powerful power centre fetches marriage blessings, boon of child and eases relationship problems. Goddess Kamakshi is none other than Devi Tripura Sundari, a Mahavidya and therefore the individual who performs this homa will be protected from Nirbuddhi (ignorance) and Napunsak (impotency) dosha. Malefic effects of Mercury dosha will be removed. This homa that will be performed at our Vedicfolks spiritual centre gives wealth and a stable financial status. Health ailments, specifically infertility, will be induced and couples performing this homa will be blessed with children. Disputes or misunderstandings between couples will be settled. Bachelors or spinsters awaiting marriage will tie the knot with their desirable partner. Delays in marriage will also be cleared. One can attain Moksha by performing this yoga since opening Sahasrara chakra will create a supreme consciousness. Partnership in business will succeed leading to a raised financial status, fortune and prosperity. The possibilities of obtaining ancestral property will be increased. Misfortunes and unanticipated events will be mitigated.

How Kamakshi Devi Homam Can Make You Prosperous:-

Relief from debts that cause mental aggression and uplifts financial status.
Delays in marriage proposals will be settled & problems of infertility will be addressed.
Increases memory, concentration and intelligence.
Benefits couples facing disharmony and divorce issues and those seeking marriage can acquire a desired partner.
Malefic effects of Mercury will be removed.
Business partnerships will flourish and obstacles eliminated, expect ample fortune and prosperity.



Other Power Rituals For Kanchi Kamakshi Devi on Bhadrapada Purnima

Ruru Bhairava Puja

The Bhairava associated With Kanchi Kamakshi temple is Ruru Bhairava. He is the second of the Ashta Bhairava cluster and appears white in colour with many jewels adorning his calm exterior. He helps conquer enemies and also can brings everyone under your control. The Ruru Bhairava Puja is performed to gain advanced knowledge and intelligence to achieve a successful career. Achieve all goals set by you by performing this puja to Ruru Bhairava, one of the Ashta Bhairavas and a form of Lord Shiva.

Lord Hanuman Puja Lord Hanuman Puja Gives Success in All Important Tasks, Blesses With Valour

Lord Hanuman also known as Anjaneya, Kesari, Nandi, Maharudra, Bajrang Bali, Maruti, etc is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is known for his boundless quality of immense power, great exploits, strength, devotion and perseverance. He stands tall and mighty and he’s the most popular deity of the Hindu pantheon. A puja to this mighty lord cures all diseases, grants valour, protection from evil, enemies and dark enchantment. He rules over Saturn and can nullify its bad effects. The puja can bring success in all your important tasks and give you tremendous physical and mental strength. Just like the Bhairava Puja, a puja to Lord Hanuman is mandatory as part of the Vedicfolks’ Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam.

Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple PujaKanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja - Grants Prosperity, Inner Peace

The Kanchi Kamakshi temple is one of the 51 Shakthi peetams and Goddess Kamakshi is also referred to as Parabhrama Swarupini. Adi Shankara composed the Saundarya Lahiri to pacify the goddess and installed the Sri Chakram inside the sanctum which is revered every day. She removes obstacles in the path of marriage and therefore young girls worship here to enter into wedlock. Also, people worship the goddess to beget children. A Puja in this temple grants prosperity, inner peace and perennial joy to her devotees.