Propitiate God of Time for All Good Times in Your Life

Ashta Bhairava Homam

Lord Samhara Invokes Lightening Powers, Controls and Protects from Evil Energy, Past Sins, Karmic Influences 

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Kalashtami is dedicated to Lord Kala Bhairava and is observed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi the eighth day after full moon. It is very auspicious to devote the day to Lord Kala Bhairava. Devotees fast on the day and perform pujas and ritual to satiate the God of Time. There are about 12 Kalashtami observances in a year. Devoting the day to Lord Kalabhairav will fetch the devotee prosperity and happiness and grant success in life.

Appearance Day of Lord Kala Bhairava

The word "Bhai" assures wealth in material life, "ra" prevents negative vibrations and limited consciousness and "va" is for creation of things continuously. The manifestation of Lord Bhairava can be traced in the Shiva Purana where the Universal Destroyer takes the form of Kala Bhairava and chops off the fourth head of Brahma in a fit of rage. This happened when there was an argument between the Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu as to who is supreme and at a point when Lord Brahma’s words infuriated Lord Shiva, He clips a small portion of his nail and creates Kala Bhairava and this form cuts the Creator’s head. Therefore, he personifies the fierce side of Lord Shiva.

Kalabhairava Worship on Kalashtami Alters Your Bad Time to Good One

There are eight forms of Kala Bhairava – Ashta Bhairava – that are eight avatars of Kalabhairava. They control the eight directions of the universe and each of them has eight more sub bhairavas under them. The Aditya Purana has lauded the greatness of Kalashtami. Kaal Bhairava is the God Of Time who is also a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Those who propitiate Him on Kalashtami get plenty of blessings and Lord Bhairava removes all pain and sufferings thereby crushing negative influences from an individual’s life. He also turns your bad time to favour you so that you get the best out of life.

The Ashta Bhairavas represent the ‘pancha bhootas’ or the five physical elements namely sky, fire, water, air and earth and also sun, moon and atma (soul). They travel on different mounts unlike Kala Bhairava whose vahana is dog.

The Ashta Bhairava Forms are as Follows:-

Asithanga: (Direction East) - Worship this Lord Bhairava who gives creative ability.

Unmatha: (Direction West) - Controls negative ego and harmful self talk.

Bheeshana: (Direction North) - Obliterates evil spirits and negativity.

Chanda: (Direction South) - Curtails competition and rivals and gives incredible energy.

Krodha: (Direction Southwest) - This deity gives power to take major decisions.

Ruru: (Direction Southeast) - Divine teacher

Kapaala: (Direction Northwest) - Ends all unproductive work and action.

Samhaara: (Direction Northeast) - Ultimate solution to past negative Karmas

Ashta Bhairava Homam - Annihilate Your Inner & Outer Enemies, Clear Debt Burdens & Addictions

It is a very powerful ritual to destroy negativity and fear in your heart. Lord Bhairava epitomises destruction and there are 64 Bhairavas to whom this yagya is dedicated. Ashta Bhairava or Ashtashtaka Bhairava means 8×8 = 64 Bhairavas. Maha Kala Bhairava is the leader of all and will be major deity of the day. The ritual results in complete destruction of enemies, negative forces, and inner enemies like greed, ego, lust, anger and procrastination will be eliminated with chanting of mantras of Ashta Bhairavas. The Bhairava Moola Mantra japa removes doshas of all planets and one sees a gradual progress in all aspects of life. People suffering from ill-fate, bad health, curses, unending problems, hindrances, negative energies and all other issues can benefit. Even those suffering from alcoholic, drug, gambling, sex or cigarette addictions can benefit from taking part in the procedures.   


  • Eases Your Debt Burden & Ensures A Good Life
  • Say no to bad times and be happy
  • Get relief from bad debts 
  • Betters financial status and brings plenty of income
  • Stay blessed with divine time management skills
  • Keeps away negativities 
  • Provides relief from illness and diseases
  • Get blessings of Lord Shiva — the Maha Bhairava


Special Ceremonies Add Power to Ashta Bhairava Homam


AghAghorasta temple pujaorastra Puja - Tackles Deep Rooted Evil & Business Enemies  

Lord Shiva is known for his five ethereal forms namely Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Eeshana. Aghora Rudra is the chief of bhootha ganas. This puja is done to remove the spiritual evil like bootha, pretha and parihara. It also removes evil eye casting and all inner evil like extreme desires of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya. If one has enemies in life, in business and family then this puja give fruitful remedies as it protects your home, office and other establishments owned by you.

DaDakshina Kali Pujakshina Kali Puja - Prevent ‘Adharma’ & Get Maximum Protection 

There are three forms of Mahakali, a symbol of empowerment and supreme power. She is the fierce form of Goddess Durga and represents time, power, destruction and death. She is worshipped for her divine powers to annihilate evil forces. The Dakshina Kali with four arms is the most common form that manifested to destroy evil forces and drink their blood. She rewards her devotees with immense blessings and a true devotee will be saved and guided all through his/her life. She protects you from injustice (adharma), evil forces, removes fear and instils self-confidence.

SwSwarna Akashta Bhairavararna Akarshana Bhairava Temple - Provides Success in Money Matters 

A puja to Swarna Akarshana Bhairava, one of the most powerful gods fetches blessings of money and gold. It also makes certain that you are successful in money matters. He removes bad Karma and converts your bad time to good one.



Energised Kalabhairava Yantra - Makes You Utilise Time Wisely

Since Kalabhairava is Lord of Time, the Kalabhairava Yantra sharpens time management skills and grants success. The yantra helps clear debts and also grants prosperity and success in all that you do and enables you to utilise time in a wise manner.

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Silver Package
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  • Ashta Bhairava Homam
  • Navagraha Puja
  • Aghorastra Puja
  • Dakshina Kali Puja
Platinum Package
USD 189.00
  • Ashta Bhairava Homam
  • Navagraha Puja
  • Aghorastra Puja
  • Dakshina Kali Puja
  • Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Temple Puja
  • Ghee lamp lighting at Temple
  • Energised Kalabhairava Yantra