Jupiter (Guru) Transit in Aquarius, 2021

Auspicious Planet Relocates to Upgrade Your Financial Status,
Ensure Healthy Life, Confer Victory, Knowledge & Power

Scheduled LiveStream on November 14, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Jupiter – The Planet of Fortune, Growth & Intellect Can
Shape Destiny during Transit in Aquarius, 2021

Jupiter, the most benevolent Guru or master will enter the zodiac sign Aquarius on November 14, 2021 and will remain in the same sign until April 13, 2022. The period of transit is very short due to its fast movement and will enter the next zodiac sign of Pisces after five months.

Jupiter symbolizes devotion, high ideals, great optimism, joy, sense and purpose of life, nature of individual, expansion, prosperity, exceptional fortune, growth principles. It also rules legal matters, education, tours and travels, freedom, exploration etc. A strong Jupiter in the native’s chart signifies money, spiritual success, blessed with kids, wealth, dutiful, honest, good health, luxury, power, position, fame, authority, obedient, spiritual and show keen interest in the welfare of others. It dispels darkness, has great wisdom, divinity and hence represents Lord Dakshinamurthy, the lord facing South and an aspect of Lord Shiva.

Planet Jupiter bestows phenomenal success in business, career, profession and marriage. One can expect great developments in the field of technology, scientific research and innovations.

On the other hand, a debilitated Jupiter in the horoscope can cause dosha despite being positive and benign by nature. In such a situation, a native may face problems with respect to acquiring knowledge, never-ending expenses, education hurdles, bad luck and disharmony. Guru Dosha can also impact fields such as banking, philosophy, religion, economics and general personality of an individual.

Jupiter also called Guru hitherto is positioned in Saturn ruled zodiac sign Capricorn, and moves to Aquarius where it is most comfortable. It will stay in the eleventh house of the sign which represents accomplishments, gains, riches, personality, friends and freedom from misery and pain. It is also called the labh stanam for profit house. Jupiter will retrograde from Capricorn where it is currently placed and move to Aquarius on November 14, 2021, however, some spiritual texts have noted that this retrograde will take place on November 21.

Powerful Ceremonies for Jupiter Transit in Aquarius 2021

Vedicfolks special rituals for Jupiter Transit can improve your standards of life and give you all round blessings and remove doshas of Jupiter in horoscope during the transit. The following powerful ceremonies have been listed out as per Vedic recommendations for the benefit of devotees to get relief from Jupiter negative effects, and enhance blessings of prosperity.

Jupiter Transit 2021

Guru Graha Shanti Homam Pleases Jupiter to Reward You a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Life

Guru Graha Shanti Homam will be performed to rectify the defects caused by a malefic Jupiter in the horoscope. If the planet is benefic, then the ritual can enhance the benefits for a native. The homam bestows blessings of protection, prosperity and success. Jupiter or guru influences the field of knowledge, intellect, wisdom, law, justice, positivity, future and ethics, and when the planet is on a high, Guru bestows good fortune, success, prosperity, good career and finance.

Guru dosha forms when the planet occupies an improper house in conjunction with other planets. In such a situation an individual becomes careless, suffers losses in business and other areas, problems with children and unsolvable disputes in the family. But a strong guru gives prosperity and success to the native.

Blessings of Guru Graha Shanti Homam

  • It’s an effective remedy to life problems caused by malefic Jupiter.
  • Minimizes dosha in horoscope for a happy, healthy, wealthy living.
  • Hurdles in marriage are removed.
  • Increases career prospects.

Tara Mahavidya Homam Removes Obstacles, Negates Guru Dosha & Enriches Life

Goddess Tara controls Jupiter. The Tara Mahavidya Homam helps to develop power of speech, removes obstacles and also Jupiter malefic effects. It acts as a balm to those trapped in deep suffering. The homam also helps to solve your legal problems, grants well-being and success. It also helps to get rid of all sorts of health ailments and deterioration in business, Tara puja must be performed. Worshipping Tara will protect you from Pitru Dosha. It also effectively protects against enemies and improves financial status.

Blessings of Taradevi Homam

  • Malefic effects of Jupiter will be obliterated.
  • Protection against enemies and evil.
  • Helps you to develop the power of speech.
  • Saves those who are trapped in deep suffering.
  • Removes obstacles in socio-economic matters.
  • Stay clear of troubles with Taradevi’s protection.
  • Blessings of multifold boons ensured.
  • Marriage proposals will become successful.

Lord Vamana Avatara Homam Overpowers Threats, Enhances Profession, Grants Immense Fortune

Vamana Avatara Homam overcomes potential threats and risks and protects from evil forces. It removes Karmic burdens and dosha. Malefic effects of planets are thwarted and increases learning skills to reach higher echelons of life especially in career. It also opens the path for victory in all spheres and helps gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It grants wealth in profusion and helps the devotee lead a life of prosperity. According to Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter is associated with Lord Vamana and it signifies god’s expansion as a super soul to exist within us.

Blessings of Lord Vamana Homam

  • It increases learning skills to reach higher echelons of life especially in career.
  • It also opens the path for victory in all spheres and helps gain Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • Overcomes potential threats and risks and protects you from evil forces.
  • It grants fortune, positivity and auspiciousness.

Alangudi Guru Temple Pooja Removes Defects, Promotes Financial Prosperity & Enhances Profession, Wealth

Jupiter or Guru is the master of all planets and has a special place in Jyotish Shastra, therefore it’s worshipped with great divinity and piety. The Arulmigu Abathsagayeswarar Temple in Alangudi is a Parihara Stalam for Lord Dakshinamurthy who signifies Jupiter in Vedic astrology. The divine poet Thiru Gnana Sambandar has described this temple as a place filled with beautiful flowers. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva who is hailed as Abathsahayeswara meaning the one who rescues from dangers. The temple is well-known for its grand abhishekam and other ceremonies during Jupiter transits. A pooja in this powerful temple helps to ward off guru dosha and brings material and spiritual development. It promotes financial prosperity, accelerates profession, wealth and grants stability.

Energized Jupiter Yantra Removes Negative Effects, Cures Ailments, Improves Business, Confers Power, Authority

Jupiter yantra erases all negative effects of Jupiter and bestows one’s life with good position, power and authority. This yantra helps in business and other professions. The use of the instrument can be targeted towards eliminating bad effects on health and mind. It also cures diseases caused by a malefic Jupiter like excess fat, heart related ailments, tumour, swelling, memory loss, etc. Its power brings happiness and satisfaction in the chosen career. If the planet is malefic, the Yantra uplifts one’s spiritual welfare, disposition, knowledge and ego. It also inculcates values of religion, philosophy, morality and unity. For an unfavourable Jupiter in your horoscope, pooja to this yantra is recommended to overcome tribulations. It augments your business and profession besides bestowing power, rank and authority.


Basic Package (for one Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Guru Graha Shanti Homam
  • Tara Mahavidya Homam
  • Lord Vamana Avatara Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Guru Graha Shanti Homam
  • Tara Mahavidya Homam
  • Lord Vamana Avatara Homam
  • Alangudi Guru Temple Pooja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Guru Graha Shanti Homam
  • Tara Mahavidya Homam
  • Lord Vamana Avatara Homam
  • Alangudi Guru Temple Pooja
  • Energized Jupiter Yantra