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Guru Purnima Special

Mahaavatar Babaji & 18 Siddhars Homam

Vedic Rituals Ensure Wealth Rising (Samridhi), Deep Knowledge & Bring Multiple Boons by Removing Curses & Sins

Scheduled Live on July 05, 2020 @ 3 AM IST

Guru Purnima - A Powerful Full Moon Day to Get Miracle Blessings of Renowned Ancient Saints

Vedicfolks is revering the great saints of India whose contributions to humanity in the fields of medicine, philosophy, literature etc are of great value. The event will take place on July 05, 2020 and falls on the day of Guru Purnima. A guru is next to god. He is the one who we see and worship and the person who guides us in the right direction. Guru Purnima is the perfect day to show gratitude to great scholars and teachers who left so much of knowledge and blessings for posterity.  It’s time to pay reverence to our teachers who imparted their knowledge and made us what we are. We also take pride in conducting grand ceremony for the great saint Shirdi Sai Baba to mark the day.

Mahaavatar Babaji - The Deathless Saint Grants Comfort and Well-being 

Mahavatar Babaji – He was named such by his admired disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. This holy Guru was seen traversing the northern Himalayas, near Badrinarayan, and some say, in the avatar of Lord Shiva. When Gods in heaven want to mingle with ordinary souls on earth they present themselves in human forms or avatar.

Not many know the facts with regard to his childhood. But according to a book, Babaji was born on 30 November 203 CE in a coastal village of Tamilnadu called Parangikottai.  His birth name was Nagaraj and his father was the priest of a temple. Babaji’s guru was Bogar, a South Indian mystic said to have miraculous powers and spread the knowledge of Siddha in China.

Mahavatar is also called the deathless Babaji as according to some, he was about 500 years old during the late 1800s and is believed to be still alive.

Acquire Multiple Boons & Deep Knowledge with Mahaavatar Babaji Homam

Mahaavatar Babaji answers all prayers of devotees through he’s not visible just like the other gods. He’s an avatar of Lord Shiva and therefore he grants deep knowledge and multiple boons. When anyone utters his name with great reverence, Babaji grants his spiritual blessing immediately. His energies are felt when invoked in a ritual and grants comfort, well-being, protection and appreciation of all efforts. The energy felt is purely unconditional with excessive divine love. 

The 18 Siddhars Have the Power To Transform Your Life Miraculously

18 Siddhar Homam
Agasthiyar: it is said that this great saint was initiated by Lord Shiva who in turn inducted kriya guru Babaji. He is responsible for discovering medicines like kaya kalpa, Tamil grammar and yoga. His disciples include Babaji, Thiruvalluvar, Macchamuni and Boganathar.
Nandidevar: Nandidevar was directly initiated by Lord Shiva. his contributions to medicine, alchemy and kayakalpa are noteworthy. one of his works describe 32 varieties of herbal elixirs and details about various aspects of rejuvenation therapies.
Kalanginathar: Kalaginathar was a native of china and came to india in search of spiritual wisdom. He was the disciple of Thirumoolar and was adept in alchemy, Siddha medicine, meditation, alchemy, performing miracles, yoga and other philosophies. He discovered that a medicinal plant called karunochi has the properties of rejuvenation.
Bogar: Popularly called Palani Malai Siddhar, Bogar is a great alchemist. He contributed to yoga, natural sciences and philosophy. He was behind installing Lord Muruga statue in Palani temple. He was instrumental in creating navapashanam, a herbal and mineral mix of ingredients that eradicates toxins from the body. This antidote can cure chronic health ailments.
Idaikkadar: The great saint Bogar was once amazed to see a shepherd performing intense yoga and accepted him as his disciple and transferred his Siddha knowledge to him. He soon became a master of Siddha medicine, yoga and philosophy. He attained Kunadalini awakening and experienced union with oneness. 
Pambatti: Sattaimuni was his guru. He attained eight supernatural powers called Ashtama siddhi after undertaking penance for a very long time. He is famous for his work ‘Aadu Pambe’ that highlights the nobility and sublime nature of cobra, a symbol of Kundalini.
18 Siddhar Homam
Sattaimuni: He was inducted by Nandi Devar and Dakshinamoorthy. His disciples include Sundaranar and Paambatti. He contributed around 46 works that includes medicine and alchemy.
Kudambai: Kudambai retired from materialistic world at an early age of 16 years and wrote poems on God and self. His works are called Kudambai Gynana Sootram 18 and Kudambai Siddhar Padalgal.
Machamuni: Also known as Matseyandranath, he has contributed immensely towards Hatha yoga and Tantric yoga practices. He was introduced by Agastyar, Punnakeesar and Pasundar.
Pulipaani - He is the disciple of Bogar. Born in China, Pulipani assisted Bogar in crafting the Lord Muruga statue at Palani by collecting the necessary herbs. His contributions to medicine and alchemy are noteworthy.
Kamalamuni: One of the greatest siddha of all time, Kamalamuni’s contributions in the field of medicine and philosophy is quite well-known. He was the disciple of Boganathar and was popular for his contributions in the construction of the Tanjore temple. 
Sundaranandar: Disciple of Sattaimuni, Sundaranar surprised his peers by preparing a rejuvenating medicine called Chunnam. It has the power to eradicate diseases and when administered enters the nadis or energy channels and helps in the practice of yoga and pranayama. His other noteworthy works include Sundaranar Siva Gnana yogam 32 and Sundaranar Vakkya Sutram 64.
18 Siddhar Homam
Azhukanni Siddhar – one of the most revered siddhas of the time, this miracle healer is known to remove sufferings of the people. His famous contribution is the Siddhar Gnana Kovai, literature material on Siddha way of life. 
Therayar: His guru was Dharmasowmiyar and his work on classification of diseases is significant. He mastered many fields like astrology, alchemy, medicine, mysticism and language. He had a unique style and scholarship over languages. He was fluent with many languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Tulu and Sanskrit.
Ramadevar: He was born in Podhigai Hills and is the disciple of Pulathiyar. His major work is named after him called Ramadevar 1000. He contributed towards the development of Kayakalpa, an ancient rejuvenation medicament that reverses the process of aging. 
Karuvoorar: he was the disciple of Kamala muni. He learnt Siddha science, philosophy and yoga. He made great contributions towards alchemy, sorcery, rejuvenation medicine etc.
Goraknath/Korakkar: Disciple of Machamuni, Korakkar was well versed in Siddha medicine, philosophies, yoga and alchemy. His medicines for cataract of eye are noteworthy and he was known for using ganja (Indian hemp) as a rejuvenation medicine to increase longevity which was also named after him (Korakkar mooligai). He also contributed towards Avadhuta Gita, Hatha Yoga, Pradipika, Korakkar Brahma Gnanam etc.
Thirumoolar: He contributed the masterpiece ‘Thirumanthiram’ which deals with body and soul and is an almanac for Tantric Yoga. He even authored Saiva Siddhantham which framed the basic principles of Siddha system. His contributions towards nanotechnology, non-communicable diseases and degenerative diseases are worthy of mention.

18 Siddhars Homam Grants Mystics Blessings for Rise of Wealth (Samriddhi) & Eternal Health

It’s so perfect to perform the 18 Siddhars homa on Guru Purnima as the great mystics lived and perished for the benefit of mankind. They, in their lifetime, achieved powers of Ashta Siddhi, invented medicaments for incurable diseases, mastered alchemy, were great practitioners of yoga and so on. A combined homa to these great mystics, who are looked upon as most revered gurus of the time, can go a long way in seeking their good fortune and other miracle blessings.

18 Siddhars Homa Benefits At A Glance

It instils knowledge and Wisdom (Gyan raksha)
Removes sorrow and suffering (Dukha kshaya)
Endless joy and happiness (Sukha aavirbhava)
Plenty of wealth rises (Samriddhi)
Get an assortment of endowments (Sarva Samvardhan)
Get good health and positive vibrations
Discharges abundant spiritual energy
Removes diseases and curses from lives
Removes sins and obstacles instantly
Expect miracles to happen in life 
A boon to farmers as it brings rains


Auspicious & Befitting Temple Puja & Products for Guru Purnima


Shirdi Sai Baba Puja - Guru Purnima

Shirdi Sai Baba Puja - Eliminate Health Problems and Bring Multiple Boons

Sai Baba, the greatest miracle healer of all times, is a spiritual guru who has millions of followers. He answers the prayers of his devotees and has temples along the length and breadth of the country. Invoking the revered saint through pujas and rituals fetch blessings in the form of miracle healing of diseases and bestows moral and material comfort to his ardent devotees. Baba is a messiah of unity and harmony between all communities.