Twelve-Hour Continuous Ceremonies to Honor Lord Shiva, the Fundamental Soul of the Cosmos


Mrityunjaya Japa : Bestows New Life, Revitalization, and Neutralizes Negative Influences
Rudram Chamakam Parayanam : Offers Powerful Protection Against Evil, Promotes Success, and Strengthens Family Ties
Special 108 Shank Abhishekam : Ensures Comprehensive Well-Being and Joy
Rudrabhishekam : Clears Obstacles, Secures Resources, and Atones for Sins
Eka Dasa Rudra Homam : Grants Remarkable Blessings from 11 Rudras, Boosts Time Management, and Fulfills Wishes



Scheduled Live Stream on March 08 and 09th 2024 @ 6 PM - 9 PM, 9 PM – 12 AM, 12 AM – 3 AM, 3 AM – 6 AM IST


Maha Shivaratri : A Day of Immense Significance for Receiving Lord Shiva's Blessings

The Maha Shivaratri is the night of Lord Shiva. It’s an auspicious day being the chaturdasi of Krishna Paksha, a day before the New Moon. The day signifies the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Devotees honour, glorify and worship the primal atman through sanctifying rituals and festivities. It’s a very auspicious day for superior blessings of the Lord who grants freedom from sins, blesses with moksha. According to religious scriptures, all planets are favorable during this time and have a profound impact on all. A true devotee is blessed with health, wealth, success and is freed from all problems and sins. Vedicfolks special ceremonies on Maha Shivaratri will bring you closer to the lord and shower you with innumerable grace on the day. The ceremonies for Maha Shivaratri will be conducted from 6 PM to 6 AM, March 08-09, 2024.

First Kala Puja

Mrityunjaya Japafor Longevity and Protection Against Untimely Death


The Mrityunjaya Japa is a deeply revitalizing ritual. It invokes Lord Shiva's blessings for excellent health. This practice is particularly beneficial for those battling serious illnesses. It is delays the approach of death by overcoming its power.

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is known for its immense strength. Its recitation is associated with protection from premature death. This mantra is also referred to as the Maha Sanjeevani. It is said to bestow renewed life on individuals suffering from long-term health issues.

Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam |
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrtyor Mukshiya Mamritaat ॥

Benefits of First Kala Puja

MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSRemoves problems caused by past mistakes and leads to a longer and happier life.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSReduces fear of death and protects against bad energies and accidents.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSHelps lessen the negative effects of the nine planets.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSEspecially helpful for people with sarpa dosha, as it controls the influence of Rahu.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSBrings peace, positivity, and prosperity to a devotee's life.

Second Kala Puja

Rudram Chamakam ParayanamImproves Family Ties, Keeps Away Karmic Influence

The Rudram Chamakam is the most potent of all prayers to worship Lord Shiva. The Sri Rudram is a hymn offered to the all-pervading Brahman. He is one of the trinities and the ever-powerful Rudra. His presence is felt in the smallest of beings to the higher forms and ranges from benign to terrible.

As the name reads, Sri Rudram originated from Krishna Yajur Veda. It's part of the Taithreeya Samhita. It consists of two parts- the namakam and the chamakam. The namakam has verses ending with 'nama,’ and the chamakam has verses ending with ‘cha may.’ It asks for the supreme fulfillment of human desires. So, the namakam identifies Rudra with everything. The chamakam lists the blessings one receives from the Lord.

The power of Rudram is such that reciting these verses once purifies instantly. The place where it's recited becomes free of diseases, thefts, illnesses, and drought. It also leads to achieving worldly pleasures and liberation.

Benefits of Second Kala Puja

MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSCleanse yourself to avoid diseases and germs.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSStay safe and guarded against negative forces.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSStrengthen family bonds and reduce sins, bad karma, and problems.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSAvoid disasters, theft, and drought, and find success.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSReach spiritual enlightenment and increase wisdom and knowledge.

Third Kala Puja

Enhance Prosperity and Wellness with108 Conch Shell Abhishekam


From ancient Vedic times, the conch shell has been significant in rituals and ceremonies. It signifies spiritual elevation achieved through selflessness. The conch, or shank, embodies the power of the sacred sound Om. It helps in reducing negative energies and stabilizes the mind. Its spiritual essence can cleanse both body and mind.

Using 108 conch shells to pour sacred water over the linga brings multiple benefits. It enhances overall well-being and alleviates sorrow, fear, and trouble. This ritual attracts wealth and longevity. It also heals illnesses, blesses with progeny, boosts knowledge, and helps overcome debts.

RudrabhishekamOffers Significant Benefits, Spreads Positive Energy, Clears Obstacles

Rudrabhishekam is a supreme worship of Lord Shiva, bringing abundant blessings to devotees. It deeply satisfies Lord Shiva. The ritual includes bathing the deity with sacred substances like milk, tender coconut water, honey, holy ash, sandal, and oil. This practice dispels evil spirits and emits positive vibes. It aids in sin removal, brings tranquility, clears barriers, and bestows resources, wealth, and happiness. Performing this ritual purifies the five senses: vision with water, taste with earth, hearing with fire, smell with ether, and touch with air.


Benefits of Third Kala Puja

MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSEnhances overall well-being and health.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSAttracts wealth and prosperity.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSAlleviates sorrows, fears, and life's challenges.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSPromotes longevity and eradicates illnesses.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSBlesses with knowledge and helps clear debts.

Fourth Kala Puja

Eka Dasa Rudra Homam
Experience the Wonders of 11 Rudra Forms for Fulfillment of All Needs


Eka Dasa Rudra Homam focuses on the eleven forms of Rudra or Shiva, known as Ekadasa. This potent ritual summons these forms in fire, seeking various blessings. The forms are Mahadeva, Shiva, Maha Rudra, Shankara, Neelaholita, Eshana Rudra, Vijaya Rudra, Bheema Rudra, Devadeva, Bhavodbhava, and Adityatmaka Rudra, each with their respective consorts.

The ritual involves eleven sections of Namakam, using 'namo' to honor Lord Shiva's names and attributes. The Chamakam part of the ritual, with the phrase 'cha me,’ enumerates the devotee's wishes.

The homam is divided into Namakam and Chamakam steps. It calls upon Lord Shiva, the eternal and omnipresent supreme consciousness, to bestow blessings and relinquish wrath. The hymns praise the Lord of Destruction, seeking wisdom, health, and vitality. This homage during Maha Shivaratri promotes peace and success in all endeavors.

Grand Maha Shivratri Ritula 2023

Benefits of Fourth Kala Puja

MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSIncreases efficiency and reduces procrastination.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSBrings good fortune and lessens the impact of past actions.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSReduces negative effects from the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSProvides excellent health and strength to prevent illnesses.
MAHA SHIVARATRI GRAND RITUALSEnhances time management skills and spiritual connection.

Auspicious Temple Puja and Energized Product for Maha Shivaratri Special Ritual

Tiruvannamalai Energy Centre Puja
Nullifies Karma, Protects from Evil, Success in Business, Profession and Good Health


Tiruvannamalai Energy Centre in Tamil Nadu, is the abode of Lord Arunachaleswar. It is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalams, or the five Shiva abodes, which symbolize the five elements of nature. The presiding deity of this temple represents Agni lingam or fire element. The shrine is the largest in India, where Girivalam, or circumambulation, is an important ritual. It relieves the devotee from sins and grants moksha. Lord Annamalaiyar, or Arunachaleswar, is seen with his consort, Mother Unnamalaiyar.

A puja in this shrine will negate karmic sins and malefic planetary effects. It will bless devotees with a turning point in life and protect them from evildoers. It also enhances family relationships, improves mental fitness and sound health, and bestows success in business and profession. It also gives power, happiness, and Ashta Aishwaryam. Lord Arunachaleswar is the lord who relieves one from the cycle of birth and death.

Energized Rudraksha Mala with Trisul
Ensures Protection, Prosperity, Peace, and Satisfaction


Energized Rudraksha Mala with Trishul Locket is an ultimate source of divine power and protection. This sacred ensemble, where the potent Rudraksha beads meet the formidable Trisul, exemplifies the convergence of cosmic energy and the strength of Lord Shiva. Wearing this unique combination not only connects you to the powerful energies of the universe but also serves as a shield. It guards against negative forces and brings clarity to the mind.

The Rudraksha, known for its spiritual significance, together with the Trisul, a symbol of courage and invincibility. It creates an aura of invulnerability around the wearer. It's more than a piece of spiritual jewellery; it's a stimulus for transformation. It empowers individuals to face life's tumultuous journey with grace and resilience. The Energized Rudraksha Mala with Trisul is not just an adornment; it's a companion on your path to enlightenment. It is a testament to the power of faith, and a reminder of the indomitable spirit within us all.

Budget Package Combo (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 145.00
  • 1st Kala Puja Mrityunjaya Japa
  • 2nd Kala Puja Rudram Chamakam Parayanam
  • 3rd Kala Puja 108 Conch Shell Abhishekam & Rudrabhishekam
  • 4th Kala Puja Eka Dasa Rudra Homam
Gold Package Combo (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 225.00
  • 1st Kala Puja Mrityunjaya Japa
  • 2nd Kala Puja Rudram Chamakam Parayanam
  • 3rd Kala Puja 108 Conch Shell Abhishekam & Rudrabhishekam
  • 4th Kala Puja Eka Dasa Rudra Homam
  • Tiruvannamalai Energy Centre Puja
Platinum Package Combo (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 299.00
  • 1st Kala Puja Mrityunjaya Japa
  • 2nd Kala Puja Rudram Chamakam Parayanam
  • 3rd Kala Puja 108 Conch Shell Abhishekam & Rudrabhishekam
  • 4th Kala Puja Eka Dasa Rudra Homam
  • Tiruvannamalai Energy Centre Puja
  • Energized Rudraksha Mala with Trisul