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Tithi Nitya Devi Series of Homam – 4/16

Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam

Gain Success in Love, Marriage, Attain Beauty, Fertility and Family Harmony


Scheduled Live Stream on November 26, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Invoking Tithi Devis an Important Aspect of Vedic Rituals

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam 22

Invoking the Nitya Devis that are connected with the moon’s phases is an important aspect of worship, according to the Vedas. The sun rules a person’s soul and the moon rules the mind. Also, Lord Rama is from the sun clan and Lord Krishna is from the moon. And these two planets are accorded the status of Devata. The moon is also an important aspect of Vedic astrology and it studies the planetary positions from the moon to make predictions. The moon rules the mind and emotions. It has sixteen kalas or phases and each is ruled by a goddess called Tithi Devi.

Goddess Nityaklinna Has the Energy of Being Sweet and Gentle

Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Devi is the fourth of the Tithi Nitya Devi forms to be worshipped and her name means eternally wet. To be wet, means to be fertile and have compassion. It denotes reproductive fluid or drops of sweat. It is said that Tritiya tithi is also ruled by Mars or Mangal who was born out of drops of Lord Shiva’s sweat. The kala of the moon on this tithi is Pusha – the quality of nourishing. Goddess Nityaklinna has the energy of being sweet and gentle just like the rain descending from the skies to nourish the earth. The goddess blesses her devotees with the power of sustenance, sustains harmony in the family and all other relationships.

According to Tantraraja, an esoteric practice of Vedic origin, Goddess Nityaklinna is restless with desire and is surrounded by 19 Shaktis. Her iconography reveals that the goddess has smeared red sandal paste all over her, wears red clothes, has half-moon on her head, holds noose, goad, and cup and shows the mudra of dispelling fear. She gives enjoyment and liberation and her Vidya or mantra also dominates the three worlds, she provides love and marriage. Nityaklinna Nitya Homam will be performed on the day of Trititya Tithi which begins at 1. 16 AM IST.

Significance of Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam is a great method to venerate one of the Tithi Nitya Devis, an incarnation of powerful Mother Adi Shakti. Representing Tritiya tithi, Gddess Nityaklinna when worshipped gives power to sustain and nourish all things and to salvage and unite what is broken.

Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Mantra

Aim Hrim Shrim Nityaklinne
Madadrave Svaha im Nityaklinna
Nitya Shri Padukam
Pujayami Tarpayami Namah

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam

Gain Success in Love, Marriage, Attain Beauty, Fertility and Family Harmony

Worshipping Goddess Nityaklinna bestows perpetual bliss to procreate. Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya homam bestows fertility and helps in the proliferation of progeny. By performing the ritual a person can also be successful in love which ends in marriage. She provides liberation or moksha to the soul. Prayers to the goddess enhances affection in word and deed within the family. Invoking the Mother through rituals and other ceremonies grants a feeling of unity in the family between parents and children who will express feelings of love and affinity. A person who attains the Mother Nityaklinna’s siddhi can become more beautiful than the God of Love, Kamadeva. The homam bestows one with the power of sustenance and power of compassion which is said to heal all wounds. The ritual upkeeps harmonious relationships in the family and also teaches how to value and sustain it. Worshipping Goddess Nityaklinna also gives prosperity and abundance of growth in all aspects of life.

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam 22

Benefits of Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam

  • Power to heal all wounds with compassion.
  • Maintains harmony in the family.
  • Enhances parents and children bonding.
  • Find success in love and marriage.
  • Attain beauty and power of sustenance.
  • Get eternal bliss and rise in progeny.

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Goddess Jagadambika, Lord Tiruvalleeswarar Temple Puja
Removes Curses, Hurdles in Marriage, Bestows Good Health and Salvation

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam 22

The shrine of Tiruvalleeswarar Shiva is situated in Padi, Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Earlier, the place was called Thiruvalithayam after Lord Shiva. The presiding deity was a self-manifested one and his consort is Goddess Jagadambika. The vimana or temple tower above the sanctum sanctorum is of gajabrushta design that resembles the back of an elephant. Guru or Jupiter incurred a curse once and worshipped lord Shiva in this temple to get relief. People believe that praying to Jupiter in this temple relieves people from sins. Temple history reveals that lord Ganapathi married two sisters, daughters of Lord Brahma in this temple. Lord Ganapathi is seen in his wedding form in this temple. A puja to Lord Tiruvalleeswarar Shiva and Goddess Jagadambika removes obstacles in wedding, bestows good health and is a great remedy for illnesses. It’s also a means to attain salvation.


Energized Nityaklinna Yantra
Bestows Nourishment, Success, Fertility and Family Harmony

Nityaklinna Nitya Homam 22

The energized Nityaklinna yantra is Trikona or a triangle, with eight petals and earth square (Bhupura). The goddess bestows bliss and liberation. Earn the benevolence of the goddess by worshipping the yantra. Invoke the deity’s powers for nourishment, power of sustenance, to enhance relationships, success, fertility, and harmony in family. Also, attain the blessings of Goddess Adi Shakti by paying reverence to the yantra.


Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
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  • Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
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  • Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam
  • Lord Tiruvalleeswarar Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Goddess Nityaklinna Nitya Homam
  • Lord Tiruvalleeswarar Temple Puja
  • Energized Nityaklinna Yantra