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Magnificent Festivities for Ganesh Chaturthi, 2019

  54 Ganesha Homam & Special Rituals

Scheduled Live On September 2, 2019 @ 6PM IST
Lord Ganesha – The Superior God Who Removes Every Hurdle from Path

The most popular deity of the Vedic pantheon, Lord Ganesha is synonymous with wisdom, vast intellect and perfect understanding. This power packed God removes obstacles, relieves one of bad karma and endows with blessings in the form of wealth and prosperity. Make this Ganesha Chathurthi special by taking part in 54 Ganeshas Homam to be organised on September 2, 2019.

The mighty lord’s many appellations tell what role he plays e.g., Mahaganapathy, the omnipotent and all powerful one, Vighneshwara, remover of obstacles, kshipra ganapathy, one who acts quickly, Siddhivinayaka, bestower of success, etc. The 54 Ganesha Homam promises heaps of blessings in the form of wealth, success and clears the path for a smooth transit of all major tasks undertaken.

Grand Ceremonies for Ganesh Chaturthi, 2019

54 Ganesha Homa - Get Heaps of Blessings for Increasing Chances of Wealth, Prosperity & Wisdom

The Ganesh Chaturthi is the perfect time to remove obstacles and allow a smooth transit of all major tasks that lead to victory. Find success on the professional and personal front and also get heaps of blessings for increasing chances of wealth, properity and wisdom. Lord Ganapathi is responsible for the Mooladara chakra and therefore enlightens the spiritual mind which enables one to become conscious of the higher realms of existence. Achieve good health and overpower negative forces with 54 Ganesha homam. The 54 Ganesha Homam is a sure way of getting the auspicious blessings of the most popular god who is the Adi Bagwan or the first among all deities. Invoking mighty Lord Ganesha through this ritual gets you blessings aplenty of all 54 forms of the lord.

54 Ganesha Homam - Vidya Ganapathi HomamVidya Ganapathi Homam

Worshipping this form frees one from all bonds and chains of life and is equal to paying obeisance to Dasa Maha Vidyas. Vidya Ganapathi upholds your intellect, grants wisdom and knowledge, eliminates obstacles and grants prosperity.



54 Mooligai Homam 54 Ganesha Homam - 54 Mooligai Homam

The 54 mooligai or herbs homam ensures enormous wealth and helps to get rid of all doshas.  it helps to alleviate black magic, negative planetary influences, evil eye casting and the smoke from the herbs cures illness and spreads positive energy.



54 Ganesha Homam - Arugampul HomamArugampul Homam

It is also called Dhruva or Bermuda grass, Arugampul is considered auspicious for Lord Ganapathy. It is said that it once cured the lord of his ailment.
It has plenty of health benefits and performing rituals with this grass is highly beneficial as it is a powerful symbol of regeneration, renewal, rebirth and fertility.

54 Ganesha Homam - Modak OfferingModak Offering

The modak is a steamed, sweet dumpling that the Lord is very fond of. The outer soft covering signifies the sweet rewards one will get while travelling the enlightened path. Get heavenly grace and blessings of divine knowledge and wisdom from this service.



54 Ganesha Homam - Sugarcane OfferingSugarcane Offering

All elephants love sugarcane and this elephant-headed lord is no less. An offering of sugarcane to Ganesha means the ego represented by the stem is tough to break but when broken its results are sweet. It bestows ashta aishwaryam to the devotee.



54 Ganesha Homam - Pillayarpatti Temple Puja Pillayarpatti Temple Puja

The temple, a very powerful one is like the Karpaga tree and the ruling deity is Karpaga Vinayagar with two hands unlike his other manifestations. A Puja in this temple clears obstacles in marriage, grants child boon and good education. Worship of the powerful lord of the temple helps remove all planetary afflictions and also fulfills every desire of devotees.