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54 Ganesha Homam and Special Rituals

Magnificent Festivities for Ganesh Chaturthi


Lord Ganesha – The Superior God Who Removes Every Hurdle from Path

The most popular deity of the Vedic pantheon, Lord Ganesha is synonymous with wisdom, vast intellect and perfect understanding. This power packed God removes obstacles, relieves one of bad karma and endows with blessings in the form of wealth and prosperity. Make this Ganesha Chathurthi special by taking part in 54 Ganeshas Homam.

The mighty lord’s many appellations tell what role he plays e.g., Mahaganapathy, the omnipotent and all powerful one, Vighneshwara, remover of obstacles, kshipra ganapathy, one who acts quickly, Siddhivinayaka, bestower of success, etc. The 54 Ganesha Homam promises heaps of blessings in the form of wealth, success and clears the path for a smooth transit of all major tasks undertaken.

Grand Ceremonies for Ganesh Chaturthi

54 Ganesha Homa - Get Heaps of Blessings for Increasing Chances of Wealth, Prosperity & Wisdom

The Ganesh Chaturthi is the perfect time to remove obstacles and allow a smooth transit of all major tasks that lead to victory. Find success on the professional and personal front and also get heaps of blessings for increasing chances of wealth, properity and wisdom. Lord Ganapathi is responsible for the Mooladara chakra and therefore enlightens the spiritual mind which enables one to become conscious of the higher realms of existence. Achieve good health and overpower negative forces with 54 Ganesha homam. The 54 Ganesha Homam is a sure way of getting the auspicious blessings of the most popular god who is the Adi Bagwan or the first among all deities. Invoking mighty Lord Ganesha through this ritual gets you blessings aplenty of all 54 forms of the lord.


|| Shree Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada ||

I Bow to Lord Ganesha, who has Curved Trunk and Massive Body, who is kind hearted Lord, Bless with Peace, Prosperity, Removes Obstacles in Life


|| Om Shreem Gam Saubhagya Ganpataye
Varvarda Sarvajanma Mein Vashamanya Namah ||

I Bow to Lord Ganesh, who gives us Good Fortune, for our present and future Life, Bless us with Long Life, Health, Happiness


Boost Power of Knowledge on All Levels From 54 Ganesha Homam and Special Rituals, Acquire Blessings of Lord Ganesha

  1. This Homam helps you Boost Your Wisdom, Freedom of Speech, Practical Spirituality.
  2. This Homam is a Boost for a New Beginning, the Supreme Guiding Power of Learning and Practices.
  3. This Homam invokes Super Human Intelligence, Boost Vastness, Steadiness, Magical Existence.

Boost Storehouse of Wisdom, Cosmic Mind From 54 Ganesha Homam and Special Rituals, Acquire Blessings of Lord Ganesha

  1. This Homam Brings Ultimate Knowledge of Self, Boost Foundation of all Forms.
  2. This Homam Boost the Natural Abilities, Beyond All Name, Fame and Invisible Forms.
  3. This Homam Brings pleasure of learning from Cosmic Guru, reveals nothing beyond Lord Ganesha.

Boost Efficiency, Success in All Endeavors From 54 Ganesha Homam and Special Rituals, Acquire Blessings of Lord Ganesha

  1. This Homam Boost Your Inbuilt Energy and Intelligence, builds great Ideas and Insights into a precise form, integrates results, achieve victory.
  2. This Homam Sets Key Principles of Life, Boost Creative Force, Removes Obstacles.
  3. This Homam is the Lord of Time and Deeds, Exists in All, Bless Auspicious Beginning, Boost the Path of Destiny to Success.

Boost Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity From 54 Ganesha Homam and Special Rituals, Acquire Blessings of Lord Ganesha

  1. This Homam Brings you Positive Results, Success in All Endeavors, Harmony in Life.
  2. This Homam Boost Wealth Prospects, Sign in New Ventures, Auspicious Start, Create New Assets, Income and Gains in Business.
  3. This Homam Removes all Negative Energies, Clears Ketu Maha Dosha, Hurdles, Solves Property Issues, Inheritance Misunderstanding, Boost Peace, Unity in the Family.
Temple Puja

1008 Mantra Japa Chanting - Gives Peace and Happiness

Chanting the Ganesha Mantra 1008 times activates the mind and awakens the different chakras of the body resulting in proper blood circulation and metabolism level is improved. It destroys all the enemies from the path of the person.


Milk Abhishek to Lord Ganesha- Heath benefits & Success

Ganapathi abhishekam is the best puja for Lord Ganesha. Milk Abhishekam to Lord Ganesha will be beneficial to obtain Success, Health, Prosperity & Wealth.


Modak Offering - Prasadam to the "Modakpriya"

The modak is a steamed, sweet dumpling that the Lord is very fond of. The outer soft covering signifies the sweet rewards one will get while travelling the enlightened path. Get heavenly grace and blessings of divine knowledge and wisdom from this service.


Pillayarpatti Temple Puja - Gives Prosperity, Happiness & Peace in Your Life

The temple, a very powerful one is like the Karpaga tree and the ruling deity is Karpaga Vinayagar with two hands unlike his other manifestations. A Puja in this temple clears obstacles in marriage, grants child boon and good education. Worship of the powerful lord of the temple helps remove all planetary afflictions and also fulfills every desire of devotees.


Ucchi Pillayar Temple Puja - Get Progess, Profit & Joy

Sri Malaikottai Ucchi Pillaya Temple is 275 ft tall hill top temple with 417 steps. Offering special prayers & pujas to Lord Ucchi Ganapathy on Gnaesh Chaturthi is sure to go progressively, profitably and joyfully.


Aadhi Vinayagar Temple Puja - Removes Obstacles & Grants Salvation

The Aadhi Vinayagar at Thilatharpanapuri is unique in appearance because here the deity is seen without the elephant head and appears with a human face, just like the way he was created by Goddess Parvathi. it is also called the muktheeswarar temple and is one of the best places to perform last rites for the departed souls. Lord Rama did the last rites for his father and Jatayu (of Ramayana) in this temple. A Puja in this temple removes obstacles and grants Mukti.


Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puja - Incident Free Journey & A Happy Life

Manakula Vinayagar Temple is the only temple in India which has a tower covered with Gold. Lord Manakula Vinayaka stands in three legs which is a very distinctive feature and is not found in any other temple. The Lord in this temple graces with his consorts Siddhi & Buddhi. Performing special pujas at this temple on the appearance day of Lord Vinayagar remove obstacles in the way of all endeavours, bestows marriage & child boons, incident free journey & successful completion of job.


Coconut Smashing in Temple - Break Your Ego

Coconut is the favorite fruit of Lord Ganesha. Breaking coconut means breaking your ego. The coconut here resembles the human body and when we break it, we are incorporated into this universe.


Ghee Lamp Lighting at temple - Symbol of Richness

Lighting lamp is said to be very significant in all religions and festivals. People who wish to improve their financial position can light Ghee Lamp and see the difference themselves. It is said that lighting Ghee Lamp makes people rich.


Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol Sacrifice - Detachment from Materialistic world

This ritual is done to signify the birth cycle of Lord Ganesha. The idol is immersed in water so that Ganesh may return to his home after a stay at the devotees from home or temple. Since breaking would be disrespectful, the idol is immersed in water. This ritual teaches us detachment from the materialistic world.


Energised Ganesh Idol - Joy, Happiness & Success

Having Ganesh Idol at home is very important as it brings Joy, Happiness & Success in one's life. Ganesh should be kept at home by those people who seek Happiness, Peace, Self-Growth, Calmness.


Mahaganapathi – Ensures all your pursuits are successful and rewarding, eliminates negative Karma, especially beneficial for students as it helps them score high in academics. It also bestows Siddhi (divine powers) and Buddhi (knowledge or intellect)

Vanchakalpalatha Srividya Ganapathi - All dreams come true as this reverence consists of Srividya upasna and Maha Ganapathi Moola Mantra Japam.

Sri Bala Ganapathi - keeps off diseases and ill health and improves welfare of children. It also knocks off negative impacts of planets.

Sri Taruna Ganapathi - Helps recover quickly from bad health conditions and also remove bad karma and malefic effects of planets.

Sri Vigna Ganapathy - Vigna means obstacles and therefore this ritual gets rid of hurdles and ushers in prosperity. It gives peace of mind and gifts you with sufficient wealth.

Sri Buddhi Ganapathy – Overcomes learning difficulties and sharpens skills of children and adults for achieving goals in their education.

Sri Lakshmi Ganapathy – Improves financial conditions by helping to recover from debts. Brings luck and fortune and thereby success. This ritual to super deities Lakshmi and Ganapathy blesses you with plenty of wealth and prosperity.

Sri Santhana Ganapathy - A boon for childless couples and also protects children from mishaps, keeps new born babies healthy.

Sri Thirithari Santhana Ganapathy – A very powerful form that purifies the body, mind and soul. For delays in marriages and quick response to childlessness, this ritual is ideal.

Ganapathi Ashta - This aids in general prosperity of the devotee in all spheres of life and overcomes complex problems. Achieve success and clear all obstacles in marriage.

Sri Durga Ganapathy – This ritual overcomes fears and helps get rid of planetary disturbances in horoscope. It wipes off worries and complex problems in life.

Sri Vallabha Ganapathy - This ritual protects from evil and planetary doshas. It purifies the cosmic aura and brings auspiciousness to your home and deals with various problems of life.

Sri Shakthi Ganapathy - For overall victory in all endeavours, attaining cosmic energy of Lord Shakthi Ganapathy to control the five senses, vanquishing evil forces like enemies this homam is very beneficial.

Sri Sarva Sakthi Ganapathy - It invokes the powerful form to clear all types of hurdles and gain Knowledge and Wisdom. It also removes negative Karma and doshas.

Sri Viriviri Ganapathy - This form eliminates negative qualities and bad Karma. It facilitates spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Sri Kshipra Ganapathy - It removes Karmic issues and doshas and takes your career to dizzying heights. The ritual also wards off potential risks and threats and lets you gain better prospects.

Sri Heramba Ganapathy - This Ganesha provides courage and confidence and helps overcome fear effectively. It eliminates enemies, negative energies and thoughts and nullifies doshas in birth chart.

Sri Vakrathunda Ganapathy - Get fortune, luck, wealth, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Remove obstacles, get protection from evil and also remove bad karma and doshas.

Ganapathi Tarpanam - Prevents major health threats and also cures those who are sick and bed ridden. It solves all mental and physical problems quickly.

Sri Nidhi Ganapathy - The deity Sri Nidhi Ganapathy has powers equal to Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi and hence worshipping Him bestows one with immense wealth and prosperity. It minimises debts and financial problems and controls malefic effects of planets.

Sri Navanidhi Ganapathy - Achieve Navanidhi (nine types of treasures needs to lead an affluent life) and high revenues and profits through this ritual. Eliminates effects of malefic planets and ensures financial stability.

Sri Ucchista Navarnava Ganapathy – This ritual builds relationships and all marital issues can be solved easily. It strengthens all types of bonds and also keeps planets in your birth chart favourable.

Sri Haridra Ganapathy – Worship of this form fetches all types of wealth, acquire spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. It also augments business and generates high revenues. It purifies the mind, body and soul.

Sri Modhaka Ganapathy – Gain confidence by removing fears in this homam. Eliminate planetary doshas and bring positivity into your homes. Ensure victory while executing new tasks.

Sri Medha Ganapathy – The name signifies intellect and this form manifests with a broken tusk. A homam to this form ensures sharp intellect, improved concentration and memory. Medha Ganapathy protects us from being cheated and provides knowledge to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Sri Mohana Ganapathy - Get success in career and business. Also, remove Karmic afflictions and other doshas. Eliminate complications from life to assure your victory.

Sri Trailokya Ganapathy - Shields you from black magic, bad influence of planets and negative energies. It prevents marriage delays and protects against all evil. It keeps you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Sri Vira Ganapathy – Removes all types of phobias, destroys ill forces and helps handle difficult situation. Overcome struggles and experience major positive changes in life.

Sri Ekashara Ganapathy - Very powerful form as it is an amalgamation of four other forms. Blesses devotees with wealth, higher knowledge, fame, prosperity, power of conquest, fortune and provides all desired objects.

Sri Thrayakshara Ganapathy - Remove obstacles, overcome difficulties and manage challenging situations very easily. Absolve all karmic imbalances, ward off dangers and risks, and gain spiritual knowledge.

Sri Sadakshara Ganapathy - Achieve goals and eliminate worries and stay mentally strong and happy.

Sri Sankashtahara Ganapathy - Eliminate sorrows and fears and recover from sins, get peace of mind.

Sri Rinamochaka Ganapathy - Remove obstacles and achieve success. Get Liberation and attain Mukthi (Salvation)

Sri Runanasana Ganapathy – Ensures financial stability and gets rid of Karmic issues and doshas. Also makes sure one achieves success in all endeavours.

Sri Guru Ganapathy – Get the blessings of Guru or even obtain the Lord as your Mentor or teacher. Ganesha enters your life and guides you towards attaining Moksha through spiritual means.

Sri Chinthamani Ganapathy – He removes sorrows and wards off evil including planetary disturbances and doshas. Get the blessings of Lord Ganesha to achieve all goals.

Sri Arka Ganapathy – There’s a ray of hope in Arka Ganapathy Homam. This ritual provides solution to struggles and provides strength to encounter them all. This deity will be at your side to solve even the smallest of problems.

Sri Swetark Ganapathy - A very rare form of Ganesha takes shape in the roots of the Swetark plant after 21 years of its existence. The ritual promises plenty of wealth, promotions in job, harmony in married life, activates positive energy, assures victory over enemies.

Sri Kukshi Ganapathy – If you are facing problems with your higher ups or superiors then this homam is for you. Also beneficial for children facing learning difficulties, removes fear and assures success.

Sri Pushti Ganapathy – Pushti means healthy and therefore this homam keeps one healthy and disease free. He eradicates doshas and negative Karma and also checks the planets causing health problems in life.

Sri Sowbhagya Vamana Ganapathy– For luck, fortune and wealth this ritual is the right choice. He prevents mental imbalances and purifies body, mind and soul.

Sri Narthana Ganapathy – This ritual is for sharpening your creative and artistic also ensures victory in all endeavours. It especially brings glory to people skilled in fine arts.

Sri Vidhya Ganapathi – To benefit a lot in academic pursuits and increase your memory power this is the most effective ritual. Attain Knowledge and Wisdom through this ritual.

Sri Vijaya Ganapathy – It helps to improve leadership qualities and also makes sure of your victory in all endeavours. It increases self confidence and helps one reach higher echelons in society.

Sri Dhurva Ganapathy – It clears discomforts in the body especially irritations and all types of health disorders. It also keeps negative energies at bay and reduces the malefic effects of planets in horoscope.

Sri Abhishta Varada Ganapathy – Any obstacles or delays in marriage can be addressed. Also problems of child birth can be solved, reach high levels both personally and professionally.

Sri Raktha Ganapathy – This powerful tantric form grants major positive changes in life. This form is worshipped for more wealth and to overcome debts and financial burdens.

Sri Kumara Ganapathy – The deity removes obstacles, blesses with agricultural productivity, success and wisdom, besides facilitating auspicious beginnings at work.

Sri Raja Ganapathy – This remover of obstacles makes sure all problems are eradicated and ensures and smooth and peaceful life for followers.

Sri Prayoga Ganapathy – Overcome sins and face challenges boldly and also acquire plenty of positive energies.

Sri Kalyana Ganapathy – For a peaceful married life, resolving problems in marriage, improving relations with spouse this ritual is useful.

Sri Sowbhagya Ganapathy – Acquire riches and fame by doing this ritual. It uproots Karmic issues and doshas and increases Knowledge and Wisdom.

Sri Siva Avathara Ganapathy – Here the deity is seen with his father Lord Shiva. It improves leadership qualities and also provides relief from sins.

Sri Yoga Ganapathy – This form brings luck and gives peace of mind. Also improves yogic powers and reduces Karmic issues.

The mega, grand festivities for the day begin with the following list of events followed by the 54 Ganesha Homam.

Combined Benefits
  • Fulfills Material Objectives, Gain Boons, Well-being, Remove Sorrows, Sufferings
  • Clear Backlog Work, Hurdles, Removes Obstacles, Regain Strength, Bless Continuity
  • Removes Bad Spells, Negative Energy, Boost Positivity, Productivity, Vastness
  • Remove Delusions, Irresistible Attraction, Envy, Overcome Enmity, Fear of Death
  • Boost Cash Flow, Brings Wealth, Prosperity, Enhance Business Prospects, Build Asset
  • Nullifies Doshas, Negate Malefic Mercury or Jupiter Effects, Bless Peace, Harmony

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