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Dwadasa: Supreme Cosmic Force Lord Jyotirlinga Bless Natural Power, Dispels Sin, Attain Moksha


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Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Maha Homam


Jyothirlinga Rudrabishekam Boost Happiness, Remove Greed, Tussle, Bring Wealth, Prosperity


Scheduled Live on November 8, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Lord Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Homam - Gain Instant Blessings, Overcome Infectious Disease, Untimely Death, Obstacles, Bestows Abundance in Everything, Prosperity


Worship of Jyothirlinga on this day of fast from dawn to dusk and worshiping Dwadasa Jyothirlinga during dawn, noon and dusk fulfills well-being of the devotees family, well-being of their beloved sons and daughters, fulfilling all wishes of devotees. Another important aspect of this day performing Homam to all the twelve radiated linga blesses boon for childless for couples who face difficulty to beget a child and to conceive seeks the blessings of Lord Shiva, bless a child-bearing boon with a desired child, fulfilling the wishes.


Lord Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Rudrabhishekam is an auspicious ritual worshiping Lord Shiva and continuous pouring of water droplets on Jyothirlinga to make him cool and chanting Vedic Mantra is called Rudra Suktha, pleases him, make the devotee vibrant and energetic, energy fills the entire home retain life existence, bless all forms of creation, sustenance and destruction of evil spirits, enlighten the surrounding, family welfare, fulfilling wishes, attain Salvation.


On this day Lord Shivalinga in the names of twelve Jyothirlinga given a bath with holy substances namely pure water, home-made curd, honey, tender coconut water, holy ash, bananas, sandalwood paste, ghee, haldi, fragrant oils, clean and pure three leaves bilva leaves, fragrant, vibrant colorful flowers namely Jasmine, Lotus, Red Hibiscus, Nerium Oleander in pink or red. Panchaamrit, a jaggery mixed fruit and honey salad, Pachgavya, sacred mixture of water, honey, curd, is offered to Sri Rudra (Lord Shiva). It is a ceremonial bath given to Lord Shivalinga with the moisturizing substances and the fragrant liquids in a more empirical way, which denotes cleansing our own souls.


This is a sacred and spiritual homam with Rudrabhishekam and Panchamrit Abhishekam are very auspicious for the jyotirlinga puja, bestows the worshiper with miracles in life removing negative energy, evil spirits, bless prosperity, protection in life and purify the soul and path of destiny.  This Homam is also performed to clear the sins of an individual and bless peace in life along with happiness, save the natives from fear, untimely death, accident and dangers, bestows immortality. This homam is a highly desirable a purification method seeking the blessings of Dwadasa Jyotirlinga for comforts and luxury in life with wealth, prosperity and self-consciousness.


What is the Significance of Dwadasa?


The cosmic power of Lord of Destruction Lord Shiva have imbibed in him the purifying power of Kamam, Krodham, Moham, Madam, Lobham, who makes a person to realize who he is and what is the sacred truth in purpose of his existence. Through the persons own rich self-knowledge, awareness and wisdom brings him out of darkness and from illusionary to the world of universal truth and absolute reality. Lord Shiva is the one who purifies the human-being energy in an most sacred form path of life to attain the path of Salvation. At the same time under the path of destruction he opens another door a new path of creation invoking new opportunities to unfold showing the beauty of unique creations in the forms of Truth, Richness and Goodness shining from the most unparalleled, incomparable absolute forms of Twelve Jyotirlingas also called as Dwadasa Jyotirlingas.


Worshiping the twelve forms of Jyothirlingas during three times a day the Dawn, Noon, and Dusk will relieve and get rid of all Sins and Bad Karmas from killing a cow or insulting a Brahmin during his life time or having been notorious even killing a Brahmin or Guru, a lady or a child, would dispel him from all sins and at the end of his death, would attain the path of Salvation, the sacred abode of Lord Shiva.


Forms of Dwadasa Jyotirlingam


1. Lord Somanatha in Sourashtra - appeared as a supreme in fiery radiation of light with no beginning no end point of converse where Lord Shiva is an infinite nature, removes curse, regain lost beauty.


2. Lord Mallikarjuna in Srisailam    - is admired at the highest level of spiritual confinement and divine fulfillment, blesses all with intelligence, spiritual power and prosperity


3. Lord Mahalkala in Ujjain - is a "Swayambhu", a self-originated Lord Shivalinga is beyond Time or Death, Protects all from Untimely Death, Accidents, Unnatural Death


4. Lord Omkareshwar in Mamaleshwaram   - He is the base of all creations and all the beings of the universe and divine root of the emergence of the Universe, blesses nourishment, Removes Anxiety


5. Lord Vaidhyanatha in Parali    - is a deity of time, who is called by  sacred names as Lord Baidyanath, Lord Mahakal, who is closely connected with crematorium, blesses all with purity of mind, soul and body.


6. Lord Bhimashankara in Dakinya - Appearance of Bhimarathi River from the sweat of Lord Shiva and the Lord is described as an woman as he is originated  from Mother of Earth, blesses motherhood, brave and courageous traits, fight the negative forces and unjust.


7. Lord Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwar  - This Appearance is closely associated with the epic Ramayana and the victory celebration of Lord Rama from his return from Sri Lanka, blesses all with Victory in Life, Devoted Husband, Happy Married  Life, being courageous, win enemies.


8. Lord Nageswara in Daruka- Has a special significance that Lord Shiva who saved his devotee Surpiya from Demon Daaruka saves all his devotees from poisonous creature, any type of bites, make life free from poisonous infection.


9. Lord Visweswara in Varanasi   - In this form Lord Shiva shows the energy of cosmic power has attained  the Supremacy and this is the form the lord is close to the heart of devotees blessing all with liberation from birth death life cycle, attain Salvation.


10. Lord Trayambakeshwara in Godavari     - This form of Lord Shiva fulfills all desires of life, bestows inexhaustible stock of food grains, livestocks and material abundance remove jealous, greed, ego and selfishness.


11. Lord Kedar in Kedarnath   - This form of Lord Shiva blesses ultimate well-being, relieve from birth death life cycle, protect lives of devotees from negativity, make the devotees life enhanced, grown and cherished.


12. Ghushmesha in Sivalaya   - This form of Lord Shiva blesses early marriage, fixing wedding bells, happiness in the family, bless boon for  childless couples, desired life partner, removenegative thoughts, bestow generosity


Lord Shiva Dwadasa Nama Mantra


Saurashtre Somanatham Cha Shrishaile Mallikarjunam |

Ujjaiyinyam Mahakaalam Omkarama-Maleshwaram |1||


Paralyam Vaidyanatham Cha Dakinyam Bheemashankaram |

Setubandhe Tu Ramesham Nagesham Darukavane |2||


Varanasyam Tu Vishvesham Tryambakam Gautamitate |

Himalaye Tu Kedaram Gushmesham Cha Shivalaye |3||


Atani Jyotirlingani Sayam Pratah Pathennarah |

Saptajanma Kritam Papam Smaranena Vinashyati |4||


Combined Benefits


  • It is a powerful cosmic power in the physical world and build self-knowledge, supremacy
  • Alleviates sins of past, present and future, bless inexhaustible wealth, material gains, prosperity
  • It is the protector and destroyer of evil eye, evil forces, blessed with healthy and long life
  • Attain Self-Consciousness, Self-Empowerment, Self-Attainment, Attain Salvation
  • Bless with Cosmic Purity, Purify mind, body, soul, bless good health, joy and happiness
  • Fulfill Life desires, remove conflicts in relationship, bless Abundance, Peace and harmony


Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes the Blessings of

Jyotirlinga, Bless Creativity, Sustenance, Path of Salvation


Lord Rameshwaram Temple Puja - Clear the sins, heal the past, Attain all life desires, brings auspicious fortunes in life, Bestows Material Abundance, Prosperity


Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami (Lord Shiva) temple is situated in Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu. Once Lord Rama on his way back defeating Ravana, visited this temple with his consort Goddess Seetha, to redress the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahmin, Lord Rama visited Rameshwaram Temple, cleansing his soul and get relieved from sin, where Lord Hanuman on the advice of Lord Rama, consecrated an idol of Lord Shiva, from Mount Kailash and this temple is suitable to clear all Pitru Dosha's, Graha Dosha's, solving the sorrows of miscarrying, family disputes, financial losses, evil spirits and ill-effects, bless high positioned job opportunities, long life, good bonding with your spouse and children, bless abundance of wealth, good health and prosperity.


Lord Chidambaram Thillai Natarajan Temple Puja - Build Arts, Music, Dance, Increase Metabolism, Good Health, Remove Anxiety, Bestow Strength, Life Fulfillment


The temple is located in the heart of Chidambaram, Tamilnadu is dedicated temple of Lord Shiva which has ancient mythical roots. Lord Shiva is revered as Lord Natesha or Lord Nataraja is one of the most significant depiction of Lord Shiva which enumerates exuberance of creative art, self-created dancing skills from eternal cosmic stillness, builds the absolute stillness of classical arts where the absolute truth exists, bless devotees with arts and music, dance and talents, skills and abilities, knowledge and wisdom, yoga and meditation, develops joyful and vigorous nature, mental peace, self-love, self-knowledge, self-esteem, healthy life, intelligence and creativity, increase the family bondages, structure and foundation, reduce disharmony, bestow unity, exuberant health, wealth, material abundance and prosperity.


Energized 108 Rudraksha Beads Mala - Builds Positive Energy, Cure Disease, Acts a  medicinal aid, Clear Health Problems, Brings Abundance of Prosperity


The popular Mala (Beads round the neck) is an Lord Jyothirlinga energized sacred mala which provides several benefits, upkeeps spiritual well-being to appease the associated planets and nullify the malefic affects of planets. It has various biomedical fitness and properties controls anxiety, mental tension, high blood pressures, panic and illusionary thoughts. It fulfills desires in life, remove lies, false understanding, forms of ignorance, innocence, set the path of self-realization, keeps the mind and body calm, enlightenment of spiritual well-being, create positive energies, provide tremendous power, keep the environment clean, remove sinful act, provide high thoughts, place your mind energized and empowered in the right way, attain Mukhti.


Energized Lord Jyothirlinga Rudrabhisekam Holy Ash - Spiritual Well-being, Medicinal Ash, Remove Bad Thoughts, Bad Forms, Create Positive Attitude


It is a sacred ash energized from the auspicious ritual Rudrabhisekam of Lord Shiva a Holy Ash which can be smeared all over the forehead, hands and body provides positive vibration, spiritual presence, connecting the mind and soul to Lord Shiva by devotion and meditation, attain focus on the deeds, removes unhappy and negative thoughts, fulfill spiritual fulfillment.


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Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Maha Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Maha Homam
  • Lord Rameshwaram Temple Puja
  • Chidambaram Thillai Natarajan Temple Puja
  • Energized 108 Rudraksha Beads Mala
  • Energized Lord Jyothirlinga Rudrabhisekam Holy Ash