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Diwali – It’s Time to light Up the Soul for a Life Of Eternal Fulfillment 

The festival of Diwali is traditionally celebrated on Naraka Chathurdasi thithi that precedes the New Moon day in the month of Aippasi or October- November. It’s the day when Lord Krishna demolished a demon Narakasura who wreaked havoc in heaven with his arrogance and pride. So the festival rejoices victory of good over evil. It also ushers in wealth, prosperity, wisdom and good future. People clean their spaces to remove bad energy from surroundings and within their self – the body, mind and soul.

Ashta Lakshmi and Ashta Kubera Homa can bring you wealth showers on the most prosperous festival day and as regards wealth there will be no looking back for you. 

Vedicfolks wishes to light up your lives on the auspicious day of Diwali by organising powerful and appropriate puja and homam to mark the festival of lights. 


Scheduled Live on Nov 07, 2019 6 PM IST

Ashta Lakshmi - Ashta Kubera Homam

Receive Continuous Rain of Multifold Wealth & Dwell in the Realm of Prosperity For A Glorious Life

Goddess Lakshmi is invoked during Diwali for begetting good fortune for the rest of the year and the new year. It's also said that the goddess was born on Amavasya day of Diwali from the ocean of milk and therefore it's a great day to revere her. She’s also worshipped as she endows you with blessings of success and promotion and progress in career, trade, business etc. Ashta Kubera, the treasurer of heaven can wipe out all your wealth woes like debts and loan burdens and save you from financial crunches. He also bestows the worshipper with abundance, luxury and all comforts. Ashta Lakshmi and Ashta Kubera Homam also drives away bad spirits and removes obstacles.  

Ashta Lakshmi HomamAshta Lakshmi – Vedic Goddess of Wealth, Beauty and Fertility

Adilakshmi There’s no end to her supply of wealth which keeps flowing incessantly.

Dhanyalakshmi ‘Dhanyam’ means food grains and she is the goddess of food and sustenance and nourishes the entire universe.

Dhairyalakshmi Worshipped for courage and strength.

GajaLakshmi signifies the very aspect of Lakshmi like prosperity, good luck, and abundance.

Santanalakshmi Bestows her devotees with wealth in the form of perfect children with good health and long life.

Vijayalakshmi Symbolises victory in all endeavours. She endows her devotees with success in all activities during different stages in life.

Vidyalakshmi Ensures 16 qualities imbibed by a person through education like serenity, absence of vanity, sincerity, adaptability, humility, nobility etc.

Dhanalakshmi Symbolises material wealth, prosperity and fortune. She’s also worshipped for luxury, absolute courage and blissful life.

Ashta Kubera HomamAshta Kubera – Conferrer of Excessive Wealth Blessings


Maha Kubera - Responsible for all round wealth

Dhana Akarshana Kubera - For attraction of wealth

Dhanya Vridhi KuberaFor attraction of everlasting food supply

Dana Vridhi Kubera For all round auspiciousness

Ratna Kubera For endless gift of jewels and precious stones

Vashiya KuberaFor wealth attraction

Akshaya Kubera For never diminishing riches

Lakshmi Kubera Prosperity in abundance from both deities


Usher In Plenitude with Diwali Rituals to Power Houses of Wealth, Ashta Lakshmi, Ashta Kubera

Vedicfolks is preparing to herald the auspicious day of Diwali by performing Ashta Lakshmi Ashta Kubera Maha homam. The grand ritual invokes eight forms of Maha Lakshmi for her entire blessings such as materials, money, grains, luck, progeny, courage, victory and knowledge. It also involves invoking the Ashta Kubera for their non-stop gifts of wealth and luxury so that there’s no dearth of prosperity in your life. It also provides new opportunities to draw sources of income so that your life is settled completely. As we are invoking Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera, Powerhouses of Wealth, this ritual provides an excellent opportunity to solve all your financial liabilities and monetary blockades.

What Benefit You Get From Ashtalakshmi & Ashtakubera Homam

  • Get blessings of eight forms of Lakshmi which means being bestowed with ‘Sarva Aishwaryam’ or all types of prosperity.
  • Attain blessings of Ashta Kubera to wipe out all wealth woes to lead a satisfied life. 
  • Achieve all 16 qualities for uplifting life and be one with God
  • Earn all round auspiciousness and endless gifts of riches and precious stones.

Sri Yantra Puja - Provides Fortune, Harmony & Prosperity

Diwali Puja - Sri Yantra PujaThe Sri Yantra is also called the Sri Chakra and is composed of nine interlocking triangles. All other yantras are derived from this one. It represents Mount Meru, the cosmic mountain present at the centre of the universe. The sacred Sri Yantra relieves multiple sufferings and grants wealth and good fortune. It gives inner strength, fulfils desires of the owner. A puja to yantra has the power to change your life completely and brings prosperity and a flourishing trade for businessmen and other professionals. By regularly worshipping the Sri Yantra, your fortunes and good luck swell and you become strong financially. This divine plate breaks obstacles and give you happiness like never before. On Diwali, this yantra adds power because the festival does not symbolise just lights but also wealth too.

How Sri Yantra Puja Favours you 

  • Grants prosperity, inner strength and fullfills desires and the divine plate exhibits vibrations to spread positivity
  • Goddess Lakshmi resides in Sri Chakra, so get her wealthful blessings quickly

Sri Lakshmi Ganapathy Homam - Removes Barriers, Boosts Finance, Assures Victory

Diwali Puja - lakshmi GanapathiGoddess Lakshmi gives unlimited wealth and Lord Ganesha removes hurdles, one can be sure that Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam clears your path for achieving all that you desire in terms of money and other attributes. Both the deities symbolise prosperity and their mantras fetch wealth and riches in abundance to all.
A homam to Sri Lakshmi Ganapathy removes all obstacles, negative energies and It bridges financial gaps & generates high income. So doing the ritual especially during this time clears debt related issues, reduces complications, fetches success, brings spiritual and material gains.

Why the two powerful deities need to be invoked for Diwali 

  • For protection from financial downfall and gaining stability
  • Ensures money flow, monetary gains forever, Overcomes financial gaps & generates high income


Special Pujas & Energised Products Bring Delight to You on Diwali