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Divine Power Yielding Combo



To Empower Success, Correct Planetary Inflictions & Prevent Doshas from All Sides
Scheduled Live on June 15, 2018 @ 6 PM IST (Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan)
A combined ritual for Ayur Devata, Navagraha & Ashta Dikpalakas ensure all round prosperity and staying clear of harsh doshas. Ayur devata rules over the Navagrahas & Ashta Dikpalakas and bestows all round auspiciousness to everyone.  Revering ayur devata on this auspicous Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan increases your life span and prevents doshas of the planets (nava grahas) and also the ashta dikpalaks who rule the eight directions. Worshipping the moon on Chandra darshan which is a perfect day to enhance life gives everyone the blessings of success and good fortune. The day is aptly favourable to invoke the nava grahas and ashta dikpalakas who are ruled by a powerful goddess who has the combined powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva besides Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Dakshayini – Ayur Devata.

Special Rituals on Mithun Masik Chandra Darshan:

Ayur Devata HomamAyur Devata Homam - Bestows All Round Auspiciousness to Everyone

Ayur Devata is a form of the universal mother Shakthi.  She gives you a long life by rejuvenating health and bestows vigour, vitality and stamina. Worshipping her during the Kali Yuga removes hardships and leads to a peaceful life. She has the power to change destiny to favour everyone on all fronts.


Navagraha Homam

Navagraha Homam - Removes Barriers That Come In Way of Success

Navagrahas have an influence on the life of a person and their placement in the natal chart affects the various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, income, health etc. Worshipping the Navagrahas brings good luck, overcomes adversity, misfortunes due to past karma or birth related doshas.


Ashta Dikpalaka Homam - Ensure Positivity and Protect From All Sides

The eight gods ruling the eight quarters or the eight zones of the universe are the ashta dikpalakas. Ashta dikpala homam is very powerful for it protects the land or constructions from all eight directions. It appeases the dikpalakas who ensure that no external malefic influence and enemies attack from these directions.


  * Navagraha Yantra Puja - Grants Blessings of Nine planets

This yantra is a combined yantra for all the nine planets. It is a very useful and beneficial yantra as it strengthens the beneficial planets and neutralises the negative effects if there are any.

  * Navagraha Temple Puja – A Guru That Blesses You with Prosperity & Glory

A puja in this temple removes all doshas of the nine planets especially Guru dosha. Let the ruling deity along with his consort Sivakama Sundari bless all with immense prosperity and glory.

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Dhumavati Jayanthi Special Rituals

Chandi Homam & Dhumavati Homam
Scheduled Live on June 20,2018 @ 6 PM IST

The appearance of Goddess Dhumavati, the seventh of the Dasa Mahavidyas, on the ashtami day during Shukla Paksha in Jyeshta month is observed as Dhumavati Jayanthi. People worship the goddess on the day to remove miseries, frustrations, mental aggression and other sufferings. She is associated with events like poverty, misfortune, diseases and burial grounds. This year the day is observed on June 20, 2018. The goddess annihilates demons by creating or transmitting poisonous fumes from her body. Since she’s an incarnation of the ever-powerful Mother Shakti, a Chandi Homa and Dhumavati Homa on the day of Dhumavati Jayanthi can bring plenitude of blessings to the devotee.  Besides, these forms of Goddess Shakti can also remove serious problems and sins on Dhumavati Jayanthi.

Intense Rituals on Dhumavati Jayanti:

Chandi HomamChandi Homam - Bestows Everlasting Wealth, Health and Prosperity

Chandi Homam is dedicated to super goddess Chandi, who is responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction, the chandi homa relieves you from evil eye doshas, curses and other barriers stopping your progress. It also bestows everlasting health, wealth and prosperity.  It suppresses your enemies and grants all goodness in all forms.


Dhumavati jayantiDhumavati Homam - Overcomes Sorrows & Blesses With All Round Success

Dhumavati homam eliminates enemy threats and removes negative qualities of a person.  It also helps overcome troubles caused by evil spirits and ghosts. The yagya overcomes sadness, depression, sorrow, diseases and tragedy. It helps eradicate poverty and grants all round success and spiritual upliftment quickly to the devotee.


          * Vidya Ganapathy Homam - Helps Achieve Career Goals & Score High In Exams

         * Maha Meru Puja - Grants Material Wealth & Success

         * Devi Suktam Parayana & Homam - Protects Against Evil Eye, Negative Forces

         * Ratri Sukta Parayana Homa - Grants Peaceful Sleep & Tranquillity

         * The Bhagya Suktam - Appeals to Bestow Wealth in All Forms

         * Thiruvottiyur Vadivudai Amman Temple Puja

         * Energised Chandi Yantra

         * Energised Double Duck Kumkum Pot

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USD 226.00
  • Ayur Devata Homam
  • Navagraha Homam
  • Ashta Dikpalaka Homam
  • Chandi Homam
  • Dhumavati Homam
  • Vidya Ganapathy Homam
  • Maha Meru Puja
  • Devi Suktam Parayana & Homa
  • Ratri Sukta Parayana Homa
  • The Bhagya Suktam
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  • Navagraha Temple Puja
  • Energised Chandi Yantra
  • Energised Double Duck Kumkum Pot