Ultimate Opportunity to Receive Power Blessings of Shiva & Shakti

Divine Consort Combo


Lord Shiva is one of the holy trinity who is the destroyer of evil and grants bravery, learning and fortune.

Goddess Shakti refers to the divine manifestation of Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva, who is the divine mother, protector of the oppressed, destroyer of evil and one who grants strength to overcome hurdles.

The divine consort combo offers devotees the chance to worship and get the combined blessings of both Lord Shiva who is in the form of Adi Kumbeshwar and Goddess Sakthi who presents in the form of Goddess Gandaki Chandi to give their devotees the chance to atone their sins, progress along with stability in business, provide strength to overcome hurdles and the devotees get victory over their enemies.

Devotees who take part in this divine combo Homam will get increased effect in the blessings and boons offered by the deities.


Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam with Bhairava Puja

Gandaki Chandi Maha Homam on Durgashtami

Find the Best Answer to Problem-Free Life, Get Victory over Enemies

& Eliminate Serious Hurdles from Path to Achieve Growth

Scheduled Live On February 13, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

Gandaki Chandi Maha HomamGandaki Chandi Maha Homam are rituals to the Mother Goddess Gandaki Chandi who is the unified form of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvati invoking and worshiping her on the day of Masik Durgashtami gives blessings for a problem free life, Gain victory over your enemies and gives you power to overcome hurdles.
Gandaki Chandi Homam pleases mainly Goddess Parvati (Adi Parasakti) and expresses how her devotees are greatful towards her hence she gives lot of blessings to her devotees.
The Gandaki Chandi Maha Homam is considered the solution to get success during bad times, bestows various, destroy evil forces, gain victory over enemies and gives power to overcome hurdles. The mighty Gandaki Chandi is the destroyer of evil hence protects her devotees.

Blessings What You Gain:-

  • Gandaki Chandi Homa eliminates serious hurdles from path
  • The ritual provides the best answer to problem-free life
  • It also ensures growth by removing all problems
  • It gives success in business and all other ventures
  • It condemns all types of negative forces like brahmayaksha, evil eye, black magic etc.
  • It removes legal problems from your life, cures diseases

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Masi Magham Special - Adi Kumbeshwar Maha Homam

Accomplish Progress & Stability in Career, Trade & Get Relief from Unnecessary Problems

Scheduled Live on February 19, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

Adi Kumbeshwar HomamMasi Magham is a auspicious festival when the full moon aligns with the Magha star and during this time heavenly deities and ancestors descend down to the earthly plain, people take a holy dip in sacred waters to remove their sins and also for their future generations.

Kumbeshwar Maha Homam are rituals which helps one attain progress and stability in business. The rituals performed to Lord Adi Kumbeshwar during the time of Masi Magham will give powerful blessings not only to you but also for seven generations of your family.

The Maha Homam also grants wedding and child boons and the blessing of Lord Indra and the Astha Dikpalas. All these combined blessings give power to overcome debt and even remedies from doshas and helps attain progress and stability in one business or career.


Blessings What You Gain:-

  • It fetches progress and stability in trade, career.
  • It improves relationships, grants wedding and child boons.
  • It wards off negativity like strong adversaries and ushers positivity and peace.
  • It removes bad karma and gives Moksha.
  • Grants atonement from sins for now and also future generations  

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USD 219.00
  • Gandaki Chandi Maha Homam
  • Mukteshwar Puja and Homam
  • Adi Kumbeshwar Homam
  • Bhairava Puja and Hanuman Puja
  • Mahameru Kumkuma Archana Puja
  • Mrityu Suktha Parayanam
  • Sapta Nadhi Puja
  • Ashtadikpala Puja
USD 318.00
  • Includes all services in Silver Package
  • Chandi(Kali Bari) Temple Puja
  • Kumbakeshwar Temple Puja
  • Energised Chandi Yantra
  • Energised Saligram
  • Energised Mrityunjaya Yantra