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Chitragupta and Indra Homam

Reap Heavenly Blessings, and Glory, Elevate your Destiny with the Guardianship of Divine Justice and Leadership

Chamundeswari Maha Homam

Welcome Divine Power, Triumph, Happiness, Stability, Get Rid of Negative and Adverse Energies


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Chitragupta and Indra: Mighty Lords who guide Karma and Spiritual Path

Chitra Purnima Special 2024

Chitragupta keeps detailed accounts of human deeds for divine assessment. Ink flows as life's actions fill his ancient scrolls endlessly. Souls await his verdict, their fate sealed by unseen hands. Beyond mortal sight, he catalogues virtues and vices with an impartial gaze. Indra is a sovereign of skies. He wields his thunderbolt with unmatched prowess. Storms roar, demons flee at his command and fear is instilled. Guardian of celestial order, he presides over gods with valour. Chitragupta's ledger is a bridge between mortal deeds and eternal consequences. Pages turn, each life's story noted for judgement's hour. In his world, every soul's tale finds its echo, justice its voice.

Lord Indra is known as the king of gods in the Vedic sphere. He is well-known for his bravery and strength, especially in battles against demons to protect the world and maintain peace. Indra controls the weather and uses his mighty weapon, the thunderbolt, to bring rain and storms. He lives in a beautiful paradise called Swarga, where he leads the gods and enjoys celebrations and music. Indra is often called upon for protection and blessings for good harvests.

Chitra Purnima Special 2024


The stories and importance of Lord Indra are mentioned in various ancient Vedic texts called Puranas, with significant details found in the Rigveda, one of the oldest religious scriptures in the world. The Vedas describe him as a powerful deity who slays the dragon Vritra to release the waters. It symbolizes the freeing of rivers and bringing fertility to the land. Other Puranas, like the Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata, also feature tales of Indra's adventures, his battles with demons, and his interactions with other gods. They highlight his role as a protector of dharma (cosmic order) and provider of rain.

Significance of Chitragupta and Indra Homam

Chitragupta Homam is a Vedic ritual celebrated to honor Chitragupta. He is the mighty deity responsible for recording the good and bad deeds of individuals, thus determining their fate in the afterlife. Performing this Homam can rectify past wrongdoings and bring a clearer path to spiritual and worldly success. On the other hand, Indra Homam is conducted to appease Lord Indra, the king of gods and ruler of the heavens in the Vedic sphere. This Homam is often performed to invoke blessings for ample rainfall, agricultural prosperity, and protection against natural calamities. Both ceremonies highlight the interconnectedness of divine forces and human actions. It encourages moral integrity and respect for nature's balance.

Chitragupta and Indra Homam

Brings Spiritual Consciousness, Abundance, Erases Karmic Doshas

The Chitragupta and Indra Homam unfold through a series of precise and harmonious rituals that invoke these celestial guardians' favour. This ceremonial process begins with the sanctification of the space. It is followed by the chanting of specific mantras that resonate with the vibrational energies of Chitragupta and Indra. Devotees offer oblations to the sacred fire which is a direct connection to the divine realm. It makes sure their prayers and offerings are received directly by the deities. The culmination of the Homam involves a deeply spiritual Aarti. It envelops everyone in a luminous aura of peace and prosperity. This sacred fire ceremony not only honours the cosmic order but also promotes a deep connection between the cosmic and terrestrial. It guides devotees towards a path of righteousness and abundance

Benefits of Chitragupta and Indra Homam

  • Enhances decision-making and integrity.
  • Reduces negative karma and evil vibes.
  • Promotes rainfall and agriculture.
  • Protects against natural disasters.
  • Boosts spiritual and material prosperity.

Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam and Mrityu Suktam Brings Radiance, Glory, Joys and Abundance

The Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam enlightens on life's depth and the afterlife. It teaches liberation's path through Nachiketha's deep inquiries. Mrityu Suktam addresses the fear of death and advocates for a virtuous life. Together they form a spiritual foundation and offer insights into overcoming existential dilemmas. Their recitations bring inner peace and clarity. Souls are purified and minds find calm and tranquility. They are lighthouses for those seeking ultimate freedom.

The Katha Upanishad first introduces Nachiketha's quest for knowledge. It presents a dialogue on life after death and the soul's immortality. This text is a cornerstone for understanding the Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam. The Mrityu Suktam finds its essence in the Rigveda. It addresses the human confrontation with mortality. Both texts weave through the Puranas and offer insights into life's transient nature. Legends amplify their teachings and highlight virtues of inquiry and wisdom. Through these ancient scriptures, the timeless pursuit of eternal truths shines brightly.

Significance of Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam and Mrityu Suktam

The Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam and Mrityu Suktam are prominent texts that explore life's eternal mysteries. Through Nachiketha's inquiry, one learns the essence of life, death, and beyond. It offers an ultimate path to spiritual consciousness and liberation. Mrityu Suktam is immersed in overcoming the fear of death. It emphasizes the significance and vitality of a life of righteousness. Together, they guide individuals toward spiritual enlightenment. Their recitation purifies the soul, instilling peace and a deeper understanding of the cosmic cycle. These sacred texts are keys to opening the secrets of existence and achieving ultimate liberation.

Benefits of Nachiketha Prashna Parayanam and Mrityu Suktam

  • Deepens spiritual understanding and enlightenment.
  • Reduces fear of death and promotes peace.
  • Enhances moral integrity and righteous living.
  • Boosts emotional stability and mental tranquillity.
  • Guards against negativity plus purifies the mind and soul.

Goddess Chamundeswari: A Fierce and Powerful Goddess

Goddess Chamundeshwari is revered as a formidable form of Shakti. She embodies the power of cosmic and divine energy. Her lore is precisely knitted into the fabric of the Vedic sphere, predominantly highlighted in the Devi Mahatmya of the Markandeya Purana. This scripture narrates her celestial birth and valiant battles against demons. It showcases her as the epitome of strength and courage. The Devi Bhagavata Purana further extols her virtues and depicts her as a powerful of divine wrath against evil and a protector of the universe. Goddess Chamundeshwari's tales are a tribute to the triumph of good over evil, eternally inspiring devotion and reverence among her followers.

Significance of Chamundeswari Maha Homam

The Chamundeswari Maha Homam holds deep spiritual significance. It serves as a powerful ceremonial offering to Goddess Chamundeswari, an embodiment of supreme energy. This sacred ritual purifies the environment. It dispels negative forces and nurtures positive energy. It plays a crucial role in bestowing participants with protection, strength, and the removal of obstacles. It paves the way for prosperity and success. The Homam is a lighthouse of divine blessings, including health, wealth, and wisdom. It connects devotees to higher spiritual realms. Its practice reinforces the bond between the divine and the mundane. It encapsulates the essence of devotion and the pursuit of enlightenment.

Chamundeswari Maha Homam

Adores Life with Sanctity, Spiritual Awakening, Peace and True Bliss

Chitra Purnima Special 2024

The Chamundeswari Maha Homam is a sacred spiritual ceremony invoking the divine blessings of Goddess Chamundeswari. She is a fierce form of Goddess Durga. It is initiated at dawn and begins with the purification of the space and participants. It creates a sanctified environment for worship. Priests then invoke the goddess's presence through the chanting of mantras. Each syllable resonates with cosmic energy. Offerings of flowers, fruits, and grains are made to the deity and they signify devotion and surrender. The core of the Homam involves the lighting of the sacred fire, into which specific herbs and ghee are offered, each ingredient chosen for its purifying properties. The Chamundeswari Maha Homam concludes with the distribution of Prasad, sanctified food, and sharing the divine grace with all devotees. This ceremony is a powerful means of seeking divine protection, wisdom, and prosperity. It envelops the devotees in a blanket of spiritual bliss.

Benefits of Chamundeswari Maha Homam

  • Grants divine protection against negative energies and malevolent forces.
  • Clears obstacles in both personal and professional spheres.
  • Enhances spiritual growth and deepens the connection with the divine.
  • Promotes health and vitality plus rejuvenates mind and body.
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity, leading to financial stability.

Chitra Gupta Energy Center Pooja
Eliminates Ketu Effects, Grants Progress and Upholds Good Karma

Chitra Purnima Special 2024

Chitra Gupta energy center is situated in Kanchipuram and is the only temple in India dedicated to the heavenly accountant. This is an ancient shrine and the statue of Chitra Gupta was found buried underground until it was discovered in the year 1905. Since then the energy center was renovated and has found its glory among the locals. On Chitra Pournami day, a special puja is held to seek the blessings of the lord whose ruling planet is Ketu. Ketu is known for its harmful tendencies and those suffering from malefic effects of Ketu can benefit from the trials and tribulations of the planet. Other natives also can receive blessings for progress in business commitments, nullify karmic effects and preserve good karma, eradicate illiteracy and poverty.


Energized Moon Stone Bracelet
Channels Tranquil Moonlight, Cultivates Harmony, Spiritual Awakening, and Emotional Clarity

Chitra Purnima Special 2024

The Energized Moon Stone Bracelet is a sacred and highly divine spiritual accessory. It brings radiant and glorious energies and wards off pessimistic energies. It is not just an accessory in fact it is a medium of celestial calm and emotional healing. It is crafted with ultimate precision and it encapsulates the ethereal beauty and potent energies of moonlit nights. Each stone is carefully selected and energized which resonates with the soothing energies of the moon. It promises to bring balance and tranquility to its wearer. With its gentle, opalescent shimmer, this bracelet does more than adorn the wrist in fact it aligns the emotional body, diffuses stress, and amplifies intuition. This bracelet is ideal for those seeking inner peace or a deeper connection to the lunar cycles. This bracelet serves as a daily reminder of the serenity and clarity that the universe holds.

Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 120.00
  • Chitragupta and Indra Homam
  • Chamundeswari Maha Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Chitragupta and Indra Homam
  • Chamundeswari Maha Homam
  • Chitra Gupta Energy Center Pooja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Chitragupta and Indra Homam
  • Chamundeswari Maha Homam
  • Chitra Gupta Energy Center Pooja
  • Energized Moon Stone Bracelet