Chandi Devi Homam



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Powerful Chandi Devi Homam Cuts Off All Types of Malevolence,
Grants Victory, Fortune & Long Term Happiness

Chandi Devi Homam

Achieve Supreme Grace on RathaSaptami & Narmada Jayanthi Day

Scheduled Live on February 19, 2021 @ 6 PM IST


Chandi Devi Wipes Off Both Inner And Outer Evil, Grants Abundant Bliss, Affluence And Negates Curses, Doshas


If there’s a mother who can protect you both inside and outside from evil forces, then that’s none other than Chandi Devi. The very name in Sanskrit means fierce. She is also known as Mahamaya who is capable of great magic, or Abhaya the fearless.She may be fierce to a wrong-doer but she’s affectionate and kind to her true devotees. Mother Chandi is Nirakara or without a definite form and her bija mantra resonates three qualities of nature i.e. create, preserve and transform.

According to MarkandeyaPurana, Lord Brahma’s boon of not being cowed down by a male gave Mahishasura the arrogance and pomposity of reigning the three worlds and harassing the Devas. They approach Lord Shiva who asks Mother Parvathi to help the Devas. Lord Brahma and Mahavishnu were also approached and the two headed to Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The trinities together let outpowerful lightemissionsfrom their bodies which travelled to earth where Parvathi was waiting at Katyavan’s ashram. Thus Parvathi took the form of Durga, the warrior goddess emerged to kill Mahishasura.

Her story is described in the Chandi Path or Devi Mahatmyam and it speaks of her glory, of how she manifests in the people who are true to her and bestows them with peace and abundant bliss. She not only saves humans on earth but also protects the gods from demonic evil.

Have you ever thought about the large extent of negative forces we come across in our daily lives? From boorish thoughts to inappropriate deeds, man encounters them all in his daily life. So, Mother Chandi completely wipes away all evil from our inner self and also safeguards us from outward negative forces.


Chanting mantras in the name of Goddess Chandi grants happiness for very long periods of life, our egos are axed, helps us strike a balance between excess and scarce.

Ahomam to Chandi Devi on RathaSaptamiis the ultimate one to remove obstacles, clears all obstructions that prevents one from achieving goals, and is the final answer to all problematic questions in life. If Rudrabishekam is a befitting ritual that pleasesLord Shiva, then Chandi Devi Homam is the perfect choice for Goddess Durga, his consort. Achieve stupendous success, fame, timely wealth, prosperity and good health with this ritual.

RathaSaptamifalls on February 19 and is also known as MaghaSaptamiwhich marks the birthday of Sun God Surya who rides his seven-horse chariot towards the northern hemisphere marking the Uttarayan of the sun. Narmada Jayanthiand MasikKarthigai are also celebrated on this day.



Om Aim Hreem Klim Chamundayai Vichae


The Chandi Mantra is a very powerful one and consists of nine letters Om Aim Hreem Klim Chamundayai Vichae. This mantra is also known as Chandi Gayatri or Navavarna Mantra.


  • Om signifies the Pranava Mantra and denotes Nirguna Brahman.
  • Aim is the Vakbeeja, represents Goddess Saraswathi. It is also knowledge that is consciousness or Chit.
  • Hreem is the sound of Mahalakshmi the Mayabeeja, and means all pervasive existence – Sat.
  • Klim is the sound of Mahakali, the Kamabeeja, the all-consuming delight or Ananda.
  • Chamundaye invokes the Supreme Goddess, a personification of Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi that destroyed the demons Chanda and Munda.
  • Vichae means to shield one from all negative forces.


It’s very interesting to note that Chit, Sat and Ananda are the basis of creation of the physical, vital and mental aspects of the human form respectively – Anna, Prana and Manas. This represents the Goddess Chandi Devi. Apart from the Sri Vidya mantras, the Navakshari mantra is one of the fundamental mantras in the Shakti worship tradition.

The Chandi Devi mantra strengthens the mind and body. It boosts concentration and confidence thus paving the way to success in all fronts. It bestows positivity by removing negative energies. It benefits students by improving, to a vast extent, their power of concentration and also for scoring high grades. It triumphs over all types of evil and wicked powers. Enemies are reduced to nothing and their evil designs will be thwarted. It also helps to check the negative planetary influences in the horoscopes. It also boosts confidence, morale and will power.




  • Immediate removal of obstacles and curses from horoscope
  • Bestows the person with health, wealth and prosperity
  • Guaranteed success in every task that you embark upon
  • Instant dosha removal that cause deep misery to you
  • Eradication of intense black magic, evil eye and bad luck
  • Perfect solution to ailments and other trauma or mental sickness
  • Win over enemies forever and bring to life much-needed peace
  • Beget progeny, positivity and happiness for a long time to come


Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes Blessings of Goddess Chandi Bestows the person with health, wealth and prosperity


RenukaDevi SakthiPeeth Temple puja, Mahurgad, Maharashtra,for Abundance, Affluence & Robustness


Goddess Renuka is a powerful form and also said to be an incarnation of Goddess Durgaand worshipped as Amma, Yellamma, Dyaamavva, Duggavva, and Marikamba. The SakthiPeethtemple in Mahurgad, Maharashtra in her name is situated on a hill top in the Sahayadri ranges and is very sacred and ancient, about 900 years old. It is also part of the three and a half prominent seats of Goddess Shakti located in Maharashtra.

Renuka Devi is the mother of Parasurama and wife of Sage Jamadagni. The idol in the temple is adorned with gold ornaments, gold garlands, golden flower earrings and an attractive nose ring.

Goddess Renuka Devi takes care of the welfare of her devotees, for curing diseases and protecting the cattle. She bestows people with a life of fulfilled wishes and immense prosperity, nature’s abundance of copious rain and good harvest.


Energised Renuka Devi SakthiPeeth brass idol


Do away with threats to life, negativity, depression, relationship problems & bad planetary influence

This powerful Renuka Devi SakthiPeeth brass idol can be placed in your puja altar and worshipped every day. Offer flowers, fruits or other offerings to this powerful deity, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays. Attain immense blessings of Mother Renuka by keeping away threats to your life, negativity and depression. All relationship problems and that of planetary influences too can be nullified by worshipping the idol in your house.


Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Chandi Devi Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Chandi Devi Homam
  • Renuka Devi SakthiPeeth Temple puja
  • Energised Renuka Devi Sakthi Peeth brass idol