Vedicfolks Special Ritual for Dwitiya Tithi

Tithi Nitya Devi Series of Homam – 3/16

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

Gives Strength to Defeat Enemies, Materialises Dreams, Bestows Luck, Wealth and Fertility to Couples


Scheduled Live Stream on October 26, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya Rules Dvitiya Tithi, Gives Power to Manifest Creativity

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam 22

The beautiful Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya has the complexion of the rising sun. Her name means garlanded with luck, or fame or garlanded with the sun. With a gentle smiling face, seated in padmasana posture, the deity holds a night water lily, noose, sugarcane bow called Pundra in her left hands and a goad, lotus and arrows of flowers, in her right hand. She is surrounded by Kamadeva or cupid, Akshara Shaktis, the energies of alphabets who mostly resemble her. Goddess Bhagamalini Nithya governs the second lunar day called Dvitiya Tithi. The goddess blesses with stability, patience, confidence and grounding. She fulfills desires expressed on the previous lunar day and gives power to manifest creativity and share it with the world. The goddess along with the Moon enhances and spreads the spark that a person achieves on Pratipad tithi whose ruling deity is Goddess Kameswari. Bhagamalini Nitya Homam will be performed on the day of Dvititya Tithi which begins at 3.56 PM IST, to fetch the benevolent goddess’ grace for overall well-being.

Significance of Bhagamalini Nithya Homam

Bhagamalini Nithya Homam is performed to one of the Tithi Nitya Devis who represent the Divitiya Tithi. The day is significant because a person is able to see the moon, after the new moon day, for the first time on this day (Chandra darshan). It is also the time for a person to shine the inner light in order to share it with the world.

Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya Mantra

Aim Hrim Shrim Am Aim Bhagabuge
Bhagini Bhagodari Bhagamale Bhagavahe


Bhagaguhye Bhagayoni Bhaganipatini
Sarvabhagavashankari Bhagarupe Nityaklinne


Bhagasvarupe Sarvani Bhagani Me
Hyanaya Varade Rete Surete Bhagaklinne


Klinnadrave Kledaya Dravaya Amoghe
Bhagavicce Kshubha Kshobhaya Sarvasatvan


Bhagodari Aim Blum Jem Blum Bhem
Blum Mom Blum Hem Blum Hem Klinne


Sarvani Bhagani Me Vashamanaya Strim
Hara Blem Hrim Am Bhagamalini Nitya Shri
Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah

Bhagamalini Tithi Nitya Homam

Gives Strength to Defeat Enemies, Materialises Dreams, Bestows Luck, Wealth and Fertility to Couples

Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya Homam renders the strength and courage required to overpower enemies. The goddess blesses devotees with confidence to spread their inherent light and manifest their dreams. The goddess is a source of inspiration and makes one mindful of their actions.

The ritual bestows confidence and creativity and the power to attract the three worlds. It gives the power to use one’s intellect wisely. Since ‘Bhaga’ also means luck and fortune, the ritual favors a person with immense wealth and luck. Worshipping Goddess Bhagamalini Nithya fetches victory, prosperity and fertility. The goddess also safeguards the foetus in a mother’s womb and prevents abortions and premature births.

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam 22

Benefits of Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

  • Gives strength to win over enemies.
  • Bestows confidence and creativity.
  • Grants power to attract the three worlds.
  • Attain luck, fortune and prosperity.
  • Prevents loss of fetus during child birth.
  • Helps to enhance progeny and increase clan.

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Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
Gives Relief to Ailments, Grants Marriage, Child Boons & Fulfills Wishes

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam 22

In Thirumeeyachur, near Kumbakonam, there’s a temple for Lord Shiva who is revered as Meganathaswami. But in this temple the Mother Lalithambigai holds great significance installed over a Sri Chakra. When demon Pandasura was harassing sages and gods in heaven, they requested Goddess Shakti for protection. She rose from a homa fire mounted on a Sri Chakra chariot waged a war and destroyed Pandasura. Seeing that she was in uncontrollable anger, Lord Shiva asked her to go to earth and perform penance to shed her fury. In this temple of Thirumeyachur, the mother as Manonmani arrived and became a soft and merciful deity. Sage Agastya sung the Lalitha Navaratnamala in praise of the goddess here. Many bizarre stories have been told about the goddess and in this temple devotees offer anklets to fulfill their vows. A puja in this temple cures diseases and blesses with marriage, child boons and fulfills all wishes.


Energized Bhagamalini Yantra
Worship Removes Black Magic Effects, Confers Family Safety, Beautifies Persona, Grants Wealth, Success and Progress

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam 22

Bhagamalini Yantra is a powerful yantra that can be worshipped for invoking the goddess in the house. She is one of the Mother Shakti form who is responsible for lunar phases of the moon, and symbolises Dwithiya Tithi. By invoking the deity on her yantra, a person can build confidence, enhance attraction power, success in every tasks, and progress in life. The goddess also bestows wealth, longevity, cures diseases, and ensures family safety and security from incidents. She beautifies a person’s persona, gives protection from adversaries, and nullifies black magic effects and sorrows. Also, get prosperity and happiness by worshipping the yantra of the goddess.


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  • Bhagamalini Nitya Homam
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  • Bhagamalini Nitya Homam
  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
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  • Bhagamalini Nitya Homam
  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
  • Energized Bhagamalini Yantra