Ashta Vasu & Ashta Dikpalaka Homam

on Kalashtami Brings Propitious Blessings of 8 Elemental Gods of Nature

Abolish Vastu Dosha, Get Protection, Increase Positive Vibes in Living Space, Receive Fortune & Career Prospects
Scheduled Live Stream on October 28, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

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The eight Vasus are elemental gods and are known by different names in various scriptures. They reside in Swarga Loka with Lord Indra in the upper planetary system and are responsible for managing universal affairs. Vasu means light or energy that has a charitable attitude and born with high virtues. They denote the Pancha Bhootas and also the sun, moon and stars. The name Vasu means wealth givers or brilliance. They have massive powers to protect humans from all directions. They give us comforts and are easily pleased when they are invoked through homams or other ceremonies. When they are invoked through mantras and poojas they are very happy and immediately bless the devotees. The Ashta Vasus also signify the seven chakras of the body while the eighth Vasu – the Sun or Surya, is eternal.

According to Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the names of Ashta Vasus are -

  1. Prithvi
  2. Agni
  3. Vayu
  4. Antarriksha
  5. Aditya
  6. Dyaus
  7. Chandramas
  8. Nakstrani

Significance of Ashta Vasu & Ashta Dikpalaka Homam

The Ashta Vasu Homam is performed to please the demigods who dwell in the terrestrial regions who are messengers of gods. These forces of nature are important for man’s existence as they are energies that pervade our living space to enhance our lives and give us great positivity and auspiciousness. They are also said to be associated with the Ashta Dikpalakas who are guardians of the eight cardinal directions. They are controlled by Ashta Bhairavas or the gods who rule the directions and hence it’s significant to perform this homam on Kalashtami, a day dedicated to the Bhairavas, the fierce aspect of Lord Shiva.

Ashta Dikpalaka Homam can help to eliminate negative energies that cause harm to you and your people. It attracts immense fortune, purifies your living environment by chasing out negativities.

Ashta Vasus that signify elemental gods, denote earth, fire, water, wind, space, sun, moon and stars. They follow the instructions of gods and guard people from calamities and bestow prosperity.

Natives born under Dhanishta star are ruled by Ashta Vasus, the solar gods of energy and light. Invoking the Ashta Vasu blesses the natives with abundance and fame on the material world.

Ashta Vasu & Ashta Dikpala Homam

Ashta Vasu & Ashta Dikpalaka Homam Abolish Vastu Dosha, Get Protection,
Increase Positivity in Your Living Space, Attain Fortune & Career Prospects

Prithvi Vasu Homam – Prithvi Vasu is considered to be a divine mother of earth and her consort is Dyaus who is related to the sky. When we invoke Prithvi Vasu, she helps to remove Vastu doshas for you. Also, all doshas related to your house construction can be eliminated by worshipping to this form. Goddess Prithvi protects your assets and safeguards it for you.

Agni Vasu Homam – Agni Vasu is god of fire. When we offer oblations to Agni or fire it is believed to reach the god through Agni who is the messenger. Agni Vasu Homam transforms evil to that of good and also grants blessings generously.

Vayu Vasu Homam – Vayu is wind and control air. Lord Vayu Vasu is considered to be a protector of directions. Vayu Vasu Homam embraces your living space with great positivity and energies that can improve your life to a great extent. It helps you to lead a happy and contented life.

Antariksha Vasu Homam – This Homam negates all bad vibrations and negative energy from your living space, constructed space or open land. The divine presence of Atariksha is all-pervading and he ensures peace of mind, joy, prosperity will remain throughout.

Aditya Vasu Homam – Aditya Vasu is the Sun God, the bestower of light. This Vasu grants leadership qualities, his primary focus is to make the devotees rule the world like a king. Aditya Vasu Homam endows you with a bright career, enhances start-up business, achieve newly-owned immovable assets and you can see a great advancement in life.

Dyaus Vasu Homam – Dyaus Vasu is the father of the sky and the consort of Goddess Prithvi. They are together called Dyavaprithvi. He is the father of King Indra, the Lord of Rain. Dyaus Vasu Homam keeps energies around your home positive and rich with auspiciousness.

Chandramas Vasu Homam – Chandramas Vasu is the Lord of Moon (Soma) and the controller of emotions of all kinds. Chandramas Vasu Homam pleases the Chandra Vasu who shapes your life and streamlines your sentiments. It makes you a respectable person who is loved by all.

Nakstrani Vasu Homam – The Nakstrani star in Vedic astrology determines your character which means your traits that could be positive or negative. It speaks of how successful you are, your health status whether good or bad, and all other descriptions about you in connection with the star you are born into. Nakstrani Vasu Homam helps to improve the planetary positions in your birth chart and blesses the devotee with powerful positive traits that rules your horoscope that will transform your life for good always.

The eight gods ruling the eight quarters or the eight zones of the universe are the Ashta Dikpalakas. It is said that they are the pillars of vaastu shaastra and invoking their blessings is paramount. Indra, Agni, Yama, Niruti, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera and Isana form the eight Dikpalakas who are guardian deities of the sky. According to Vedic scriptures, each direction is assigned to a particular god as the chief guardian for ensuring orderliness of the universe and the protection of its occupants. Vaastu Shastra is based on these eight directions. The Ashta Dikpalakas are Lord Indra, Lord Varuna, Lord Kubera, Lord Yama, Lord Agni, Niruthi, Lord Vayu and Isana.

Ashta Dikpalaka homam is very powerful for it protects the land or constructions from all eight directions. It appeases the Dikpalakas who ensure that no external malefic influence and enemies attack from these directions. It also brings wealth and property and makes certain that peace remains throughout.

Ashta Vasu Mantra

Om Shree Ashta Vasukale Namaha

Ashta Dikpalaka Mantra

Om Lam Indraya Namah ||
Om Ram Agnaye Namah ||
Om Mam Yamaya Namah ||
Om Ksham Nairrataye Namah ||
Om Vam Varunaya Namah ||
Om Yam Vayuve Namah ||
Om Sem Somaya Namah ||
Om Hum Isanaya Namah ||

Benefits of Ashta Vasu & Ashta Dikpalaka Homam

  • Removes Vastu dosha in an effective way.
  • Purifies all corners of the house or office.
  • Get protection for your assets against harmful elements.
  • Improves health and infuses positivity in your living space.
  • It enhances the planets and the stars for favorable benefits.
  • Attain fortune in plenty from Ashta Vasus, the wealth givers.
  • Endows you with bright career, augments start-up business.
  • Augments fortune, brilliance and get protected from all directions.

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