Durgashtami/ Radhashtami Special

Ashta Matrika Homam

Removes Enemy Threats, Evil Eye, Black Magic, Fetches Eight-Fold Prosperity Boons and Victory


Scheduled Live Stream on September 23, 2023 @ 6 PM IST/ 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Ashta Matrika Symbolise the Fight against Eight Evil Qualities of Man

The Ashta Matrikas are incarnations of Goddess Shakti and manifested from the male gods to fight demons. Hence they are warrior deities having auspicious qualities. They were created to kill Adhaka whose every drop of blood gave birth to a new demon. The eight forms of Mother Shakti or warrior goddesses were created by Lord Shiva to fight demons. They guard the eight cardinal directions of the universe, they protect and defend evil from all sides with great valor and ferocity. They also represent man’s inner evil or negative qualities that need to be rooted out for attaining enlightenment and moksha.

The Ashta Matrika portray an interesting symbolism. Lord Shiva represents vidya or knowledge. The demon Andakasura represents avidya or ignorance. The more vidya becomes powerful, avidya also arises and multiplies. This is denoted by the massive increase in the demon and other asuras. The eight evil qualities like lobha (greed), moha (illusion), madha (pride), krodha (anger), paisunya (wicked), matsarya (miserly), kama (lust), and asuya (jealousy) need to be overcome and brought under the control of vidya. Only then Andaka can be defeated and kept under restraint. According to Varaha Purana, the Matrikas are atma vidyas battling against Andhakasura, who represents evil or darkness.

Ashta Matrika Homam will be performed on Durgashtami which falls every month on the eighth day of Shukla Paksha. On this day, Goddess Durga, a creation of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, is invoked. She also represents the avatar of Goddess Shakti from whom the Ashta Matrikas emerged. It’s very auspicious to invoke the goddesses on this day which also coincides with Radhashtami, the appearance day of Radha, the childhood mate of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. Fasting and performing rituals on the day pleases the mighty female power that helps to get rid of the bad karmas of past lives. The goddess improves love and relationships, self-confidence, and courage. Rituals and fasts in Her name protect from disease and bring health and prosperity. It makes sure you get divine protection, success, prosperity, happiness, and peace. Fasting on Durgashtami, as per the rules of the scriptures, bestows one with great results by making it highly popular for others to follow.

Eight Mother Goddesses & Their Special Powers of Solving Problems, Destroying Negative Energies

Invoking the Ashta Matrika or the eight forms of Devi that possess the supreme and unique powers, shield the devotees from negativity and evil powers.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Brahmani - She evolved from Lord Brahma and is seated on a lotus. Brahmani helps to achieve mental peace by avoiding stress.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Vaishnavi - She was created by Lord Vishnu, depicts all qualities of Vishnu with his mount and weapons. Vaishnavi grants relief from all sorts of dangers and frequent mishaps in life.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Maheshvari - She is Lord Shiva’s power. Maheshvari protects against dangers from wild animals.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Indrani - She is seated on an elephant and strikes like a thunderbolt. Rituals to Indrani blesses devotees with complete joy in life.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Kaumari - She is the power of Kumara or Muruga, the God of War. Goddess Kaumari when invoked grants blessings of power to overcome struggles and to get relief from heat related diseases.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Varahi - She is the feminine energy of Varaha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Varahi wards away evil eye casting, black magic, all negative energies and misfortunes in life.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Chamundi - She emerged from Devi or Chandi. Rituals to Goddess Chamundi bestow a person with power and supremacy to achieve all endeavours with success.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Narasimhi or Pratyangira - Narasimhi or Pratyangira is the lion goddess who appeared from Lord Narasimha. She fulfils the requirements of an individual by avoiding lawsuits, enemies’ problems and other issues.

Significance of Ashta Matrika Homam

By performing Ashta Matrika Homam, the devotees will get blessings from all eight divine goddesses and also stay blessed with various boons in life to overcome struggles and get relief from all types of evil effects. It also pleases the consorts of the powerful goddesses, such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Indra etc.

1. Brahmani Moola Mantra

Hamsarudha Prakarrtavaya Sukastraka-Mandala Sutram Cha Pusthakam Ghate
Urdhva-Hastha Advaye Shubhe||


2. Vaishnavi Devi Moola Mantra

Vaishnavi Vishnu Saddasi Garudapasi Samsthitha Chaturbhuja Varada Shankha
Chakra Gadadhara||


3. Maheswari Moola Mantra

Maheshwari Prakarrtavaya Vrishabasana Samasthitha Kapala Shula Khatvanga
Varada Cha Chaturbhuja||


4. Indrani Moola Mantra

Indrani Indra-Sadrishi Vajra-Shlu-Gada Dhara Gajasngata Devi Lochanirvasu


5. Varahi Moola Mantra

Om Aim Glaum Aim Namo Bhagavati Vartali Vartali Varahi Varahi Varahamukhi
Varahamukhi Andhe Andhini Namah||

Rundhe Rundhi Namah Jambhe Jambhini Namah Mohe Mohini Namah Stambhe
Stambhini Namah Sarvadushta Prada ||

Dushtanam Sarvesham Sarvavak Chitta Shatkarmukha Gati Jihva Stambhanam
Kuru Kuru Shighram Vashyam Kuru Kuru Aim Glaum Thah Thah Thah Thah Hum
Phat Swaha||


6. Kaumari Moola Mantra

Kumaara Rupa Kaumari Mayura Bar Vahana Raktha Vastra Dhara Padma-Shula-
Shakthi-Gandhara Eti Kaumari ||


7. Chamundi Moola Mantra

Dastrala Kshindeha Chagatrakarshana Bhimrudani Dig-Bahuksham Kushisa
Musalan Chakra Marganaum||

Ankusha Bibharti Khadgam Daksnesvatah Khetaasa Dhanurdandam Kutharam
Chalti Bibarti||

Chamunda Pretaga Raktha Bikratasyahi Bhusanath Dvibhuja Prakatray Kartika


8. Narasimhini or Pratyangira Moola Mantra

Om Ksham Paksha Jwaalaa Jihve(Y) Kaarala Thamshttre(Y) Kaalaraathri
Prathyangire(Y) Ksham Hreem Hoom Pat||

Ashta Matrika Homam

Removes Ignorance, Grants Eight-Fold Protection,
Confers Ashta Aishwaryam and Positivity

The Ashta Matrika Homam blesses with various boons in life to overcome struggles and get relief from all types of evil effects. This also means that you’re blessed with Ashta Aishwaryam or eight fold prosperities. The eightfold prosperity are dhanam (wealth), dhanyam (foodgrains), santanam (children), jaya (victory), dhairya (courage), ayudha bala (intelligence and ability to make wealth), rajyam (kingdom) and vahanam (vehicles). It provides relief from skin and heat-related diseases like vitiligo, chicken pox, etc. The Ashta Matrika Homam gives you power, courage, and supremacy to achieve all your goals with ease and keeps you protected from the dangers of life. The removes avidya or ignorance, enlightens you, and ensures peace, harmony, and positivity. It also pleases male godheads such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Indra etc.

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

Benefits of Ashta Matrika Homam

  • Bestows power to overcome struggles in all walks of life.
  • Get relief from heat-related diseases like chicken pox, body heat etc.
  • Get blessings of power and supremacy to achieve all endeavours.
  • Protects against dangers from wild creatures or animals like snakes, scorpions etc.
  • Wards away evil eye casting, black magic and misfortunes in life.
  • Receive blessings of eight Shakti forms and their consorts.

Ashta Matrika Yantra Puja
Removes Inner and Outer Evil, Grants Protection, Clarity, Abundance and Unity

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

The Ashta Matrika yantra is a consolidated yantra that invokes the eight forms of mother goddesses that manifested to weed out adversaries that deter man both physically and mentally. The mothers protect the eight cardinal directions and therefore they are placed at the core of yantra pujas. A puja to the powerful Ashta Matrika yantra can help to shed inner demons like ego, jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, jealousy, clears confusions, etc., and gives blessings of clarity, focus, intensity, intellect, promotes unity, oneness, bliss. Puja to the yantra also bestows success in all matters, abundance, prosperity, and salvation.


Energized Ashta Matrika Yantra
Worship Allays Litigation Issues, Evil Spirits, Blesses With Victory, Peace and Prosperity

Ashta Matrika Homam 23

The energized Ashta Matrika yantra when worshipped frees one from all kinds of evil energies, negative spirits and other doshas. Keep the yantra in your puja altar or space, apply vermillion and sandal paste to the yantra.

Offer flowers and chant the mantras of Ashta Matrika goddesses to get relief from dangers, black magic, get favourable outcomes in lawsuits, misfortunes, evil spirits, mishaps and accidents. The worship gives peace of mind, victory, prosperity and happiness.


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  • Ashta Matrika Yantra Puja
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  • Ashta Matrika Yantra Puja
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