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Ashta Bhairava Homam on Auspicious Kalashtami Day

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Scheduled Live on March 06, 2021 @ 6 PM IST
Ashta Bhairava Homam

The Ashta Bhairavas emerged from Kala Bhairava, a wrathful form of Lord Shiva. Kala means time or even the dark side. Bha stands for bharana or maintenance, ra denotes ravana or withdrawal and va relates to creation. The God of Time manifested when Vishnu and Brahma were engaged in a superiority contest and lord Shiva beheads one of the heads of an egoistic brahma. Since he incurs a curse of Brahma Hatya dosha he roams the earth with the skull as Bhikshatana until his sins are absolved in Kasi. He is also called as Vairavar or Annadhani. His consort is Bhairavi, a terrifying aspect of Goddess Parvati. There are 64 forms of Kala Bhairava that are classified into 8 categories led by a main aspect of Bhairava but the chief of them all is Ashtanga Bhairava. The entire group is controlled by Maha Swarna Kala Bhairava who is the supreme leader of them.

The Ashta Bhairavas represent the five elements of nature namely air, water, space, land and fire and three more aspects like the sun, moon and atma (soul). They represent eight directions which they safeguard— east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north and northeast. The Ashta Matrikas or the eight mothers are their spouses.

Yet another Bhairava form called the Kshetrapalaka, plays the role of a caretaker of the cosmos. He eradicates the evil impact of negative energies like bhootas, vedalas and devils by destroying them.

Lalitha Jayanthi on the other hand is celebrated as the birthday of Lalitha Devi, a goddess who represents the five elements of nature – earth, air, water, fire and space. It’s a day to attain success for students who are artistic and also favours those looking for new openings in their career front.

Eight Bhairavas

Asithaanga Bhairava – rules the east direction and his consort is Brahmi and has a swan as a mount. He blesses his devotees to achieve creative skill.

Ruru Bhairava or Guru Bhairava – rules the southeast and his consort is Maheshwari and his mount is an ox. He blesses his devotees with supreme, divine knowledge to lead a successful life.

Chanda Bhairava – guards the south direction and rides a peacock. His consort is Kaumaari and provides his devotees with incredible energy to attain success over opponents.

Kradha Bhairava – rules the south west direction, and Vaishnavi is his consort. The eagle is his mount and grants strength and courage for massive achievements in life and also take strong actions.

Unmatha Bhairava – protects the west direction, Varahi is his consort and his mount is a horse. He crushes inner enemies like anger, lust, ego, arrogance and narcissism which are more dangerous that outer enemies.

Kapaala Bhairava – safeguards the North West. His mount is an elephant and Indrani is his consort. His helps aimless devotees to think and gets them back on track.

Bheeshana Bhairava – rules the north direction, Chamundi is his goddess and he rides a lion. He favours his devotees to get relief from evil spirits and negative energies, provides positive vibes which leads to a peaceful and successful life.

Samhara Bhairava – is responsible for the northeast direction and his spouse is Chandi. He helps to eliminate all past karmic issues.

Ashta Bhairava Significance

The Ashta Bhairava Homa invokes the 64 Bhairava forms of lord Shiva and is also called Ashtashtaka Bhairava Homa which is 8 x 8 = 64. This powerful ritual destroys the inner enemies like ego, hatred, lust, anger, procrastination and greed. The leader of all these bhairavas is Kala Bhairava, the god of time and the homa pleases him as well. Therefore he blesses devotees with a good time for achieving professional gains, growth in business and material comforts. It helps relieve stress, and develops personality and character. ‘Bhai’ means fear and the gods allay fear of all kinds, eliminate risks and confers luck. It overcomes debts, grants prosperity, abundance and is a remedy for illnesses and diseases.

Combined Benefits
  • Invite good time into your life for material comforts and gains
  • Get relief from diseases and illnesses
  • It helps to improve luck and helps overcome debts
  • ‘Bhai’ translates fear and the ritual allays all kinds of fear and risks
  • Develop personality and character with this ritual
  • Relieves stress, internal enemies with this homa
  • Get protection from mighty deities and win over all challenges
  • Achieve professional gains and business growth by improving your luck
Moola Mantra

Asitanga Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Hraam Hreem Hrum
Jam Klaam Kleem Klum
Brahmi Devi Samethyaya Asithanga Bhairavaya
Sarva Shaap Nivarthithaya
Om Hreem Phat Swahaa

Ruru Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Shreem Kleem
Shreem Shreem Kleem Shreem
Sarva Raja Vashikaraya Sarva Jana Mohanaya
Sarva Vashya Sheegram Sheegram
Shreem Kleem Shreem Svaha

Chanda Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Sarva Shakti Ruupaya Neela Varnaya
Maha Chanda Bhairavaya Namaha

Krodha Bhairava mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem
Sarva Vighna Nivaranaya Maha Krodha Bhairavaya Namaha

Unmatta Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Vaaraahi Samethaya
Maha Unmattha Bhairavaaya Hreem Om Svahaa

Kapala Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Kreem Hreem Sreem
Kapala Bhairavaya Namaha

Bhishana Bhairava mantra

Om Hreem Bheeshana Bhairavaya
Sarva Saaba Nivaranaya
Mama Vasham Kuru Kuru Svaaha

Samhara Bhairava mantra

Om Namo Bhagavate Samhara Bhairavay
Bhuta Preta Pisaca Brahma Rakṣasan Uccaṭaya Uccaṭaya
Samharaya Samharaya Sarva Bhaya Chedanam Kuru Kuru Svah

All the above mantras invoke the Ashta Bhairavas for their multiple blessings like protection and allay fear of the unknown.

Temple Pujas

Bhairavesvarar Temple, Cholapuram
Worship Overcomes Enemies, Poverty

This is a very sacred space for the Lord Bhairavesvarar in Cholapuram, near Kumbakonam. It is said that Bhairava appeared in the form of shiva here. Also, 64 bhairavas emerged here. There are 64 peetas that have been worhsipped in this temple. In the temple, the idols of Ardhanarishwara, Durga with eight hands, Gangadhara, Dakshinamurthy and Kalyanasundaram can be seen. The worship of the lord in this temple fetches divine grace to overcome enemies, poverty, diseases and adversaries.
The main idol in the temple is in the form of a swayambu linga called Kampaheswar but there’s a separate shrine for Sarabeshwara inside having three legs, body and face of a lion and tail. A puja in the temple is very auspicious as it relieves you of debts, overcomes effects of hidden enemies, wins court battles, neutralises the effects of black magic. It is also said to relieve one from Brahmahatya dosha, marriage problems and to beget progeny.

Kala Bhairava Yantra
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