Arudra Darshan 2020 Special

Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Gain Self-Consciousness, Relieve Sins and Sufferings, Fulfill Desires, Wealth and Prosperity

Scheduled Live On January 10, 2020 @ 6 PM IST
This event has been completed
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Arudra DarshanArudra Darshan:  When the Energies of Rudra (Shiva) Come Close To Earth

The cosmic dance of Lord Nataraj (Lord Shiva) represents five actions — creation, protection, destruction, embodiment and release. It also proves that life is a continuous cycle of creation and destruction. In every atom to every cell, life goes on and energy seems to exist in them. Without movement life stops and comes to a standstill. This is exactly is what Arudra Darshan is all about. The cosmic dance takes place in every particle as it is the source of energy. Arudra Darshan celebrates this rapturous movement/dance of Lord Shiva.

Arudra Darshan is observed on Thiruvadirai star and celebrated on a full Moon day, this time January 10, 2020, also has the longest night of the year.

Lord Shiva’s dance not only transports the devotees to ecstasy, it also reminds everyone of the higher purpose of life i.e. moving from evanescent to eternity. It is also believed that on this day the Lord’s energy is closest to the earth. Therefore, Lord Shiva’s blessings are 100% assured for the devotee.

Vedicfolks plans to organise two appropriate but powerful rituals on the day dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam that brings victory over any life threatening situations, provides good health and grants enormous prosperity and affluence.

Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Rudra is a sacred word from 'Sanskrit', a Rigvedic deity, who is the supreme well-being and protector of male generations. The word 'Trishati' is, chanting the great poems, in praise of Lord Shiva.  Sri Rudra Nama Trishati is a formulation based on traditional principles and derived from Vedic perspectives, chanting 300 Names of Lord Shiva, in sequence, continuously. Sri Rudram is also known as Sri Rudraprasna, Satarudriya and Rudradhyaya, is a Vedic mantra taken from " Krishna Yajurveda's Taittiriya Samhita", comprises with two parts "Namakam and Chamakam", a chant to admire Lord Rudra, who is similar in appearance with quality and characteristics of Lord Shiva.

Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam and its Vedic Importance

As per Vedic rituals, this Rudrabhisheka Maha homam is a highly desired purification method, to seek the blessings of Sri Rudra. Invokes different forms of Sri Rudra, Pushtivardhanam, Sugandhi and Thryambaka, the most significant personalities. In this homam the ceremonies and austerities of Vedic Mantra of high potency and power, takes place by chanting SRI RUDRAM of Taitriya Samhita, noted as the greatest of Mantras. This is also called THE PANCHAKSHARA MANTRA, a holiest of all holy mantra, has seven 'sections' and 44 Chapters, comprising with 'parts and lessons'. 'SRI RUDRAM' also known as "Namaka Prasnam" or "Shatharudriyam". In SRI RUDRAM, the fifth chapter is divided into 11 'components', recited and offered as prayers to Lord Shiva praising his various attributes and qualities, for one's own distillation, incrementing spiritual knowledge, welfare ushered to one and all.  This homam invokes higher comforts and luxury in life, invoking Goddess Lakshmi Devi to bless with wealth and prosperity, augmenting spirituality for consciousness in one's life, all success in your career front, achieve name and fame, debt-free business ventures, financial calmness, bliss-filled long life.

Significance of Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

It is very auspicious to do Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam on Ardra day, which falls on 10th January, 2020 on Shukla Paksha Purnima, is the solid state of mind seeking the blessings to achieve the creative desires. The word "Ardra" means "condensation", represents deep devotion with water droplets as tears to Sri Rudra, an emotional outcome from great results. You will be blessed with greatest awards and achievements, guiding your knowledge and intelligence for constructive purposes, enhance your abilities, quick job promotions, stable health, and abundance of wealth and prosperity. This homam removes the negativity of twin identity and the failing results from a difficult problem or circumstances in the processes of transformation, creation, or combination. It improves the quality of life and have a stable and satisfied family life blessed with children's, becomes landlords and assets owners.


  • It is a powerful cosmic force in the physical world and be self-consciousness.
  • Alleviates sins of past, present and future, blessed with wealth and prosperity
  • It is the protector and destroyer of evil forces, blessed with healthy and long life
  • Blessed with knowledge, become creative and research oriented.


Special Archana at Pancha Sabhai Temples


Thandavam(Dance) Hall Temple Location
Kali Thandavam Rathinachabai (Emerald) Vada Aaranyeswarar Temple Thiruvalangadu, Chennai
Ananda Thandavam Porchabai (Gold) Natarajar Temple Chidambaram
Sandhya Thandavam Vellichabai (Silver) Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai
Muni Thandavam Thamirachabai (Copper) Nellaiappar Temple Tirunelveli
Tirupura Thandavam Chithirachabai (Art) Kutralanathar Temple Courtallam


Thiruvalangadu Vadaranyeswarar Temple Puja - Arudra DarshanRathinachabai Vada aaranyeswarar Temple Puja - Render Blissful Life, Remove Past Karmas       

Thiruvalangadu Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple situated in Tiruvallur district, suburbs of Chennai with his consort, "Vandarkuzhali Amman". On Arudra Darshan day in-order to celebrate the cosmic dance performance "Bharatanatyam" in Pancha Sabhai by Lord Nataraja who is Lord Shiva, auspicious puja is performed and will be blessed with peace of mind and happiness, remove navagraha dosha, fulfill marriage hurdles.


Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple Puja - Arudra DarshanPorchabai Chidambaram Natarajar Temple Puja - Empowers Determination, Remove Iniquity

'Thillai' means, 'Lord Shiva'. Chidambaram Nataraja Temple is in cuddalore district, 227 kms from Chennai, has mystical roots surrounded by atmosphere of wisdom, in association with Lord Nataraja (Shiva) who invokes vibration that oscillate with the cosmos, is an intelligent dancer, performing 'Ananda Tandava', in the golden hall of the shrine 'Pon Ambalam' entertaining the two sages Patanjali and Vyakrapada. Puja is performed on this day as "Arudra Darshan", blessing the devotees for purity, self-awareness and enlightenment, removes poverty and bad karmas, while dancing in delight.