Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam

Protects From Pandemic, Diseases & Nurtures Offspring,
Fulfills Desires Forever

Scheduled Live Stream on August 03, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed.

In a rarest of rare gesture, Mahavatar Babaji, had revealed the powerful Santana Lakshmi Kameswari mantra that’s a great boon in the proliferation of your generation after you. It not only upkeeps your progeny, but keeps them prosperous and healthy. The mantra when chanted addresses issues of childlessness and also defects of the child after birth. The mantra of Babaji invokes the supreme female power Adi Shakti in her form as Kameswari, the mother who resonates tremendous power to create the universe from her womb which signifies the cosmic egg. From her all other energies are derived and therefore Santana Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility combines with Adi Shakti and grants blessings of health, intelligence and protection from diseases. The dual feminine powers are befittingly worshipped in the Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha homam that will be performed on Adi Perukku, a day that’s significant for rise in wealth and all kinds of prosperity.

Rare Mahavatar Babaji Mantra for Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam

Mahavatar Babaji revealed the secret mantra that reveres Santana Lakshmi and Kameswari. This is a very divine and powerful hymn that must be uttered with purity and true devotion. This mantra helps to multiply your successors, progeny or descendants.

Mahavatar Babaji

Santana Lakshmi Kameswari – Deities That Expand Your Progeny, Protect & Care for Your Offspring

The essence of creation is the culmination of purusha and prakriti – the male and the female principle. Here purusha is Lord Shiva, the father of the universe and prakriti is Goddess Parvati or Lalitha Tripura Sundari or Kameswari. She is Adi Shakti swarupa, the inert primordial energy. The whole universe is said to be operating in the womb of the universal mother, who is the female aspect of Shiva. This cosmic egg is her womb and we are nurtured, nourished, sheltered, protected and merged in the same space. She nourishes the universe through Nature or prakriti, sustains the universe with her breadth or prana, loves it with her divine touch, sees it with her divine eyes or divya drishti, enlightens the soul in the universe with her divine knowledge (divya gnana). When we meditate upon her we can feel her compassion, listen to her divine voice and see her divine self.

Santana Lakshmi is the goddess that bestows offspring. She signifies fertility and grants health, intelligence among children and protects the infants from all diseases. When one is blessed with a good progeny, then there’s harmony and happiness in the family.

Without Kameswari, there can never be a cosmic womb and without Santana Lakshmi, the embryo can never grow and manifest as an offspring. So the two deities are significant in proliferation of all types of prosperity which includes growth of your successors too.

Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam Nurtures Progeny, Safeguards, Protects From Pandemic, Cares for Offspring

Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam focuses on proliferation of posterity so that no harm or evil befalls them in the form of diseases, sudden deaths, accidents. It ensures the progress of children, their prosperity through accrued intelligence, wisdom and valour. It grants them a good future with all types of happiness, luxury and material upliftment. It also invokes two powerful forms of Adi Shakti, Kameswari and Santana Lakshmi.

Kameswari Devi is worshipped to get rid of bad habits like anger, lust and greed. She bestows you with an ideal partner, grants love, peace prosperity and harmonious relationships. She also enhances attraction and charisma and also fulfills desires.

Santana Lakshmi provides various blessings to a childless woman by solving complex issues. The childless can conceive easily without any hassle, the homa increases intelligence level of children. It protects them from major pandemics, diseases and potential threats.

Mahavatar Babaji

How Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam Works For You

  • The ritual blesses your children with progress, intelligence, wisdom.
  • Achieve superior blessings of two Adi Shakti forms – Kameswari and Santana Lakshmi.
  • It grants blessings of happiness, luxury, material upliftment.
  • Eliminate negative energies like anger, lust and greed.
  • Be successful in love, improve relationship with spouse, gain attraction and charisma.
  • Fulfill all desires, attain peace and prosperity.
  • Childless women get blessings of offspring by solving complex health issues.
  • Receive protection from major pandemics, diseases and potential threats.

Auspicious Puja & Energized Amulet - Invokes Blessings of Goddess Santhanalakshmi Kameshwari

Kula Devata Puja/Ishta Devata Puja Protects Your Clan & Bestows Prosperity

The kuladevata puja is very important for people following Vedic rites and rituals. The puja prevents untoward incidents in your family as the devata blesses you and your descendants for a lifetime.
In certain sections of the society, families are descendants of a certain rishi. So, that clan came to be known through the name of their gotra. The rishi is kuldevata and his wife kuldevi. There’s also a possibility that an ancestor had worshipped a particular form of god and goddess mainly after receiving blessings from that particular deity. The descendants then continue to worship the deity for generations after generations. Many people in southern parts of the country follow this tradition.

Benefits of Kuladevta or Ishtadevata puja

  • The family deity creates a ‘raksha’ or protective ring around the person.
  • No negative or evil energy will be able to attack or possess you.
  • It helps in family bonding and unity.
  • It leads to spiritual and religious progress.
  • You reap the benefits of robustness in the family.
  • Everything around you flourishes for e.g. your prosperity, progeny or agricultural land from which you get a good harvest.
  • Blessings of peace and prosperity.

Energized Amulet Shields against Negative Energies, Grants Mental Stability

Get powerful energies by wearing this powerful amulet that has been energized during the homa. You can hang it around your neck, or tie it on your wrist or waist according to your convenience. It keeps you focused and mentally stable. Through resonance, the energized amulet is a protective shield against negativity. It safeguards you and your family from all dangers, overcomes hurdles. It increases positivity and balances energy flow. This will be sent to all members of the family whose names are included in the sankalpa.


Basic Package (One Devotee Only)
USD 99.00
  • Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees Only)
USD 175.00
  • Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam
  • Kula Devata/ Ishta Devata Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees Only)
USD 191.00
  • Santana Lakshmi Kameswari Maha Homam
  • Kula Devata Puja - Ishta Devata Puja
  • Energized Amulet