Rare Combo Ceremonies to Powerful Bhairavas and Yoginis

64 Bhairava Homam and 64 Yogini Homam

Ward off Enemy Trouble, Negative Energies, Uplift Financial Status, Business Prospects, Provide Siddhis, Affluence, Charisma and Positivity


Scheduled Live Stream on February 16 and 17, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Day 01: 64 Bhairava Homam

Expels Lethargy, Enemies, Planetary Affliction, Get Protection, Enhances Financial Stature, Success, Positivity and Affluence

Scheduled Live Stream on February 16, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


64 Bhairavas Signify Protection, Triumph and Material Comfort

The Puranas mention the appearance of 64 different Bhairava forms that emerged from Lord Shiva. The main role of the 64 Bhairavas is that they are guardians of directions. Their worship results in the destruction of enemies, both inner and outer. Inner enemies are your negative feelings like greed, ego, anger, lust, and procrastination. Bhairava worship also leads to triumph and material comfort.

The 64 Bhairava Homam worships the Kalabhairava forms that are divided into 8 which are divided further and manifested as 64 Bhairava called Astashta Bhairava who are protectors of the universe.

Importance of 64 Mighty Bhairavas

  1. Nilakanta Bhairava - Purifies the throat chakra for clear communication. He transforms poisons into wisdom.
  2. Vishalaksha Bhairava - Grants vast insight, seeing beyond to truth. He enlightens devotees with deep perception.
  3. Martanda Bhairava - Radiates like the sun, dispelling darkness. He guides seekers towards enlightenment.
  4. Mundana Prabhu Bhairava - Masters the material world for spiritual focus. He aids in detaching from worldly ties.
  5. Svacanda Bhairava - Stands for freedom and spontaneity. He encourages true self-expression and liberation.
  6. Athi Santhushta Bhairava - Embodies supreme joy and contentment. He brings bliss from spiritual fulfilment.
  7. Kechara Bhairava - Aids in astral travel and liberation. He allows movement in the consciousness' sky.
  8. Samhara Bhairava - Destroys fear of death, guiding rebirth. He offers protection and power.
  9. Vishwa Rupa Bhairava - Represents universal interconnectedness. He reminds us of the divine's omnipresence.
  10. Viribaaksha Bhairava - His gaze destroys ignorance. He leads devotees to wisdom through fierce vision.
  11. Nana Rupa Bhairava - Manifests in diverse forms, teaching divine versatility. He shows infinite enlightenment paths.
  12. Parama Bhairava - Supreme consciousness manifestation. He guides us to realise divinity and universal truth.
  13. Dandha Karna Bhairava - Signifies discipline and justice. He maintains cosmic order and righteousness.
  14. Shudha Patra Bhairava - Stands for purity and cleansing. He purifies hearts and minds for awakening.
  15. Chirithan Bhairava - Teaches the soul's eternal nature. He highlights life, death, and rebirth cycles.
  16. Unmatta Bhairava - Represents divine madness and freedom. He encourages transcending boundaries for spiritual ecstasy.
  17. Megha Natha Bhairava - Lord of the clouds who symbolises hidden and revealed truths. He covers and uncovers wisdom like clouds with the sun.
  18. Mano Vegha Bhairava - Represents the mind's speed and aids in quick understanding. He helps overcome mental barriers.
  19. Kshetrabala Bhairava - Strengthens sacred spaces for spiritual growth. He protects and energises spiritual practices.
  20. Karala Bhairava - Manifests fiercely, cutting through ego and ignorance. He leads to deep transformation.
  21. Nirbaya Bhairava - Embodies fearlessness, giving courage to face challenges. He ensures a path of bravery.
  22. Bishitha Bhairava - Represents dread, dissolving ego and attachments. He leads followers to transcend fears.
  23. Prekshatha Bhairava - Stands for divine oversight, encouraging awareness. He guides with an all-seeing gaze.
  24. Loka Bala Bhairava - Embodies world strength and offers support and stability. He keeps devotees grounded.
  25. Ghada Dhara Bhairava - Bearer of the mace symbolising protection. He empowers followers to overcome obstacles.
  26. Vajra Hasta Bhairava - With thunderbolt, he signifies indestructibility. He empowers with firm resolve.
  27. Maha Kaala Bhairava - Great aspect of time, teaching impermanence. He guides us through creation and dissolution cycles.
  28. Pracandha Bhairava - Embodies intense passion for enlightenment. He urges using inner fire for spiritual pursuit.
  29. Pralaya Bhairava - Represents dissolution force and encourages detachment from material. He focuses on the eternal.
  30. Antakha Bhairava- Lord of termination who guides towards liberation. He releases souls from birth and death cycles.
  31. Bhumi Garbha Bhairava - Symbolises earth's hidden treasures. He guides in uncovering spiritual knowledge.
  32. Bishana Bhairava - Stands for terror and power, awakening spiritual fervour. He instils respect for the divine.
  33. Samhara Bhairava - Cosmic dissolution force facilitating renewal. He clears the old for a new transformation.
  34. Kula Bala Bhairava - Strength of clan and community. He promotes unity and collective spiritual upliftment.
  35. Runda Maala Bhairava - Adorned with skulls, he teaches mortality acceptance. He brings wisdom from life and death cycles.
  36. Raktangga Bhairava - Embraces life's intensity with a red-hued body. He inspires courage and joy in embracing life.
  37. Pingalekshna Bhairava - Sees through illusions with reddish-brown eyes. He grants clarity and deeper truth perception.
  38. Apra Rupa Bhairava - Represents the formless divine. He guides followers to transcend form and realise divine boundlessness.
  39. Tara Balana Bhairava - Symbolises star strength, which offers celestial guidance. He illuminates paths with cosmic wisdom.
  40. Praja Balana Bhairava - Protects beings, ensuring their welfare and prosperity. He guides towards righteousness and dharma.
  41. Kula Bhairava - Secures lineage and traditions. He maintains spiritual practices' sanctity within the community.
  42. Mantra Nayaka Bhairava - Dominates sacred chants and empowers with mantra power. He nurtures spiritual evolution through vibrations.
  43. Rudra Bhairava - Embodies storm and destruction for purification. He leads to renewal and ego dissolution.
  44. Pitha Maha Bhairava - Symbolises ancestral wisdom and connects followers with roots. He offers ancient power guidance.
  45. Vishnu Bhairava - Ensures balance and harmony and embodies preservation. He guides followers in maintaining life's equilibrium.
  46. Vatuka Natha Bhairava - Embodies youthful energy, guiding neophytes with wisdom. He protects and navigates spiritual journeys.
  47. Kapala Bhairava - Represents time and mortality with a skull cup. He signifies ego consumption and life's impermanence.
  48. Bhutha Vethala Bhairava - Master of spirits who protects from malevolence. He safeguards against ghostly entities and negativity.
  49. Trinetra Bhairava - With three eyes, offers all-seeing awareness. He provides insight into time and ignorance destruction.
  50. Tripurantaka Bhairava - Destroys triple fortresses helps in overcoming barriers to liberation. He represents victory over physical and astral obstacles.
  51. Varada Bhairava - Giver of boons, he fulfils rightful desires. He bestows blessings, guiding followers towards dharma.
  52. Parvatha Vahana Bhairava - Symbolises stability with mountain bearing. He grounds followers in resilience and strength.
  53. Sashi Vahana Bhairava - Riding the moon controls the mind and emotions. He soothes and balances devotees' mental states.
  54. Kapala Bhushana Bhairava - Adorned with skulls, highlights life's transience. He reminds the importance of awareness and detachment.
  55. Sarvagnya Bhairava - The all-knowing divine aspect which imparts ultimate truth and wisdom. He enlightens seekers with omniscient guidance.
  56. Sarva Deva Bhairava - Represents divine unity and showcases interconnected spiritual paths. He culminates all practices towards spiritual culmination.
  57. Ishana Bhairava - Governs directions and dimensions. He guides through universe complexities and ensures safe navigation.
  58. Sarva Bhutha Bhairava - Protector of all beings and nurtures unity and well-being. He ensures harmony among creatures.
  59. Ghora Natha Bhairava - Uses terrifying divine aspects to cut through ego. He leads to liberation by utilising fear.
  60. Bayankara Bhairava - Instills reverential fear for purification. He prepares devotees for deeper spiritual experiences.
  61. Bukti Mukti Pala Pradha Bhairava - Grants worldly pleasures and liberation. He fulfils both material and spiritual desires.
  62. Kalagni Bhairava - The fire of time, consuming karma and impurities. He accelerates the journey towards purity and enlightenment.
  63. Maha Routra Bhairava - Represents universal dissolution and teaches impermanence. He emphasises the importance of detachment.
  64. Dakshinapistitha Bhairava - Guardian of ancestors who guide post-death soul transformation. He leads spirits towards ultimate liberation.

Significance of 64 Bhairava Homam

The 64 Bhairava Homam venerates the subordinates of Kala Bhairava. Worshipping the forms is a sure way of removing negative energies, to gain protection from harmful forces, and ensures peace and prosperity in life. Through the sacred fire ceremony, devotees seek to cleanse their surroundings and their spirit of any malevolent influences. This Homam paves the way for a shield against adversities. Engaging in this Homam not only brings about a harmonious balance in one’s life but also opens the doors to abundant blessings. It adores life with peace, prosperity, and stability. It is a spiritual journey towards achieving a sacred aura.

64 Bhairava Homam

Expel Lethargy, Enemies, Planetary Affliction, Get Protection, Enhance Financial Stature, Success, Positivity and Affluence

64 Bhairava Homam and 64 Yogini Homam

64 Bhairava Homam is a powerful ritual that conquers evil spirits and enemies. The ritual grants 64-fold protection against destructive forces, helps to wipe out bad consequences of past life karma and helps to clear lethargy, fear, and procrastination. Issues of inner enemies like ego, greed, lust, anger, and jealousy can also be addressed. The Bhairava forms when invoked, prevent the malefic effects of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The ritual allows creativity that ensures success, cuts competition, and grants incredible energy. The Homa gives the power to take massive action, get the power of speech, knowledge, and wisdom to make important decisions and increase confidence and positivity in life. The Homam also brings about transformation and spiritual growth in the lives of individuals. The rituals improve financial conditions and make suffering less during bad times.

Benefits of 64 Bhairava Homam

  • Ends consequences of past life karma.
  • Removes negative energies and fear, and protects from harmful energies.
  • Wards off negative energies and dangers.
  • Overpowers enemies, and reduces suffering during bad times.
  • Gives strength, success, and courage.
  • Boosts financial condition and professional status.
  • Grants wealth, peace, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Brings about transformation and spiritual growth.
  • Confers 64-fold blessings of Bhairava forms.

Day 02: 64 Yogini Homam

Eliminates Negative Energies, Protects From Accidents and Miscarriage, Overcomes Business Challenges, Attracts Wealth, Charisma and Siddhis

Scheduled Live Stream on February 17, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


64 Yogini Worship Equivalent to Invoking all Goddesses

The 64 Yoginis are the consorts of 64 Bhairavas and are said to possess supernatural powers and they bestow protection, siddhis, prosperity, and success. They are connected with the supreme eight goddesses – Ashta Matrikas – who manifested from the prime gods. According to Vedic texts, the 64 yoginis are depicted as different manifestations of Goddess Durga who fought with demons called Shumbha and Nishumbha.

The 64 Yogini Homam will be performed on Masik Durgashtami which appears every month during Ashtami Tithi of Shukla paksha or waxing moon. It is very auspicious to observe fast and venerate Mother Shakti and her forms for a variety of blessings.

Importance of 64 Mighty Yoginis

  1. Jaya Yogini - Embodies victory and triumph. She is often associated with overcoming obstacles. She achieves success in spiritual practices. She represents the ultimate conquest over the mind and external challenges.
  2. Vijaya Yogini - Signifies invincibility and superior strength. Her form is revered for granting devotees power. They prevail in their endeavours, both spiritual and worldly.
  3. Jayanti Yogini - Represents celebration and auspicious victories. She brings joy and favourable outcomes to devotees' lives. She marks significant spiritual milestones.
  4. Aparajitha Yogini - Embodies being unconquerable. She offers protection against defeat. Her followers emerge victorious against adversities.
  5. Divya Mohini Yogini - Associated with divine enchantment and allure. Her form captivates the mind towards spiritual pursuits. She guides devotees towards higher consciousness.
  6. Maha Yogini - Maha Yogini is a supreme form that encompasses great power and wisdom. She bestows enlightenment and profound yogic knowledge upon her devotees.
  7. Siddha Mohini Yogini - Denotes the attainment of supernatural powers and spiritual perfection. Her presence aids in the mastery of siddhis and the attraction of spiritual progress.
  8. Ganeshwara Yogini - Linked to the removal of obstacles and the beginnings of spiritual journeys. She embodies the guidance needed to navigate the path of enlightenment.
  9. Prethasini Yogini - Symbolizes control over spirits and lower astral entities. She offers protection from negative influences and aids in spiritual purification.
  10. Dakini Yogini - Messenger of deep secrets and esoteric knowledge. Her form is crucial for those seeking profound spiritual insights.
  11. Kali Yogini - Represents time, death, and transformation. She destroys the ego and illusions, leading to the soul's liberation.
  12. Kaalaratri Yogini - Embodies the dark night of the soul. She guides devotees through their darkest fears towards enlightenment.
  13. Nicashari Yogini - Associated with the pursuit of truth and justice. She empowers followers to stand firm in their convictions and uphold righteousness.
  14. Dannkari Yogini - Indicates the giver of wealth and resources. She is invoked for prosperity, abundance, and fulfilment of material needs.
  15. Vethalya Yogini - Linked with mastery over the supernatural and control over spirits. She is called upon for protection against malevolent forces.
  16. Humkari Yogini - Known for her power to dispel negativity and obstacles through the sound of "Hum." She aids in purification and protection.
  17. Urtwa Keshi Yogini - Represents ascension and elevation. She implies spiritual growth, guiding souls towards higher realms.
  18. Virubakshii Yogini - Associated with clarity and vision. She grants the ability to see through illusions and offers insight on the spiritual path.
  19. Sushkaanggi Yogini - Symbolizes detachment and renunciation. She teaches the importance of letting go of material attachments for spiritual enlightenment.
  20. Nara Bojini Yogini - Embodies the consumption of negative tendencies and energies. She is invoked to devour obstacles and to purify the spiritual path.
  21. Petkari Yogini - Known for her fierce energy. She helps devotees cut through illusions and ignorance. She empowers them with clarity and strength.
  22. Virabatra Yogini - Exemplifies the warrior spirit. She offers protection and courage, providing victory in spiritual battles.
  23. Dhumrakshi Yogini - Represents mystical vision. She grants the ability to see through confusion and perceive underlying truths.
  24. Kalaha Priya Yogini - Thrives in conflict resolution. She aids followers in navigating disputes and restoring harmony.
  25. Ghora Raktakshi Yogini - Symbolizes fierce divine femininity. She purifies the soul with her intense gaze and transformative power.
  26. Vishwa Rupi Yogini - Epitomizes the universal form. She reminds us of the interconnectedness of all beings and the cosmos' vastness.
  27. Abayankari Yogini - Offers boldness and fearlessness. She bestows the courage to face life's challenges and transcend fears.
  28. Vira Koumari Yogini - Symbolizes youthful bravery and purity. She encourages boldness and innocence in spiritual pursuit.
  29. Candika Yogini - Associated with supreme power and fierceness. She destroys negativity and guides us towards light and truth.
  30. Varahi Yogini - Represents transformation power. She turns challenges into opportunities for growth and renewal.
  31. Munda Dharini Yogini - Revered for dispelling ignorance. The severed heads she carries embody the removal of ego.
  32. Rakshasi Yogini - Offers protection from harm. She stands guard against evil forces, ensuring devotee safety.
  33. Bhairavi Yogini - Embodies divine wrath and protection. She challenges devotees to confront and transform their deepest fears.
  34. Tvankshini Yogini - Known for her purifying energy. She cleanses the aura and aligns the chakras for optimal spiritual flow.
  35. Dhumranki Yogini - Signifies the power of smoke to cleanse. She aids in obstacle removal on the spiritual path.
  36. Pretha Vahini Yogini - Guides lost souls to liberation. She provides solace and direction to wandering spirits.
  37. Kadgini Yogini - Wields the sword of wisdom. She cuts through ignorance, enlightening the mind with truth and knowledge.
  38. Dhirga Lamboshdi Yogini - Represents sustenance and nourishment, ensuring devotees' endurance on their spiritual journey.
  39. Malini Yogini - Associated with divine garden beauty, she inspires creativity and growth among followers.
  40. Mantra Yogini - Holds the power of sacred sounds, using mantras to heal, protect, and elevate devotees' consciousness.
  41. Kaali Yogini - A force of time and change, she embraces destruction as a path to renewal and rebirth.
  42. Cakrini Yogini- Wields the cosmic wheel, representing life cycles, karma, and the universe's dynamic movement.
  43. Kan Kaali Yogini - Stands for the divine's darker aspects, teaching acceptance of the shadow self and an unflinching power.
  44. Bhuvaneshwari Yogini - The universe's sovereign, embodying nurturing motherhood and space vastness.
  45. Dhrotaki Yogini - Symbolizes swift divine energy flow, facilitating rapid spiritual path progress.
  46. Maha Mari Yogini - Revered for her ability to protect against diseases and epidemics, offering healing and immunity.
  47. Yama Dhuti Yogini - Associated with life's finality and souls' transition, guiding them through the afterlife with compassion and justice.
  48. Karali Yogini - Embodies fierce divine energy and purifies through her power and protecting devotees from negativity.
  49. Keshini Yogini - Represents enchanting beauty and allure, captivating those seeking deeper spiritual connections.
  50. Martini Yogini - Denotes the essence of joy and celebration. She encourages her followers to embrace life's pleasures while maintaining righteousness.
  51. Roma Janke Yogini - Provides divine feminine comfort. Her healing touch soothes the soul.
  52. Nir Varani Yogini - Leads souls to purity. She clarifies spiritual paths with cleansing.
  53. Vishali Yogini - Encourages expansive growth. Her presence fosters boundless development.
  54. Kaarmukhi Yogini - Enhances goal achievement. Her precision ensures success in her endeavours.
  55. Totyami Yogini - Masters articulate communication. She empowers truthful expression.
  56. Atho Mukhi Yogini - Deepens introspection for peace. Her silence encourages profound realisation.
  57. Mundakra Dharini Yogini - Imparts life-death wisdom. She highlights the soul's immortality.
  58. Vyakrini Yogini - Supports graceful transformation. Her guidance strengthens through change.
  59. Thunkshini Yogini - Sharpens intellect and insight. She pierces through falsehoods to reveal the core truth.
  60. Pretha Rupini Yogini - Safeguards soul transitions. Her protection ensures peaceful crossings.
  61. Durjadi Yogini - Symbolises enduring strength. She inspires overcoming life's hurdles.
  62. Gorya Yogini - Unleashes primal power. Her guidance taps into raw inner strength.
  63. Karaali Yogini - Celebrates spiritual freedom. Her joy in liberation is infectious.
  64. Vishalanka Yogini - Finds beauty in flaws. She advocates for authentic self-acceptance.

Significance of 64 Yogini Homam

The 64 Yoginis manifested from the Ashta Matrika goddesses to fight demons. The Mahavidyas and the Siddhividyas are connected with these 64 yoginis. Their worship is equivalent to worshipping all the supreme goddesses of the Vedic pantheon. If a person wants to run educational institutions like colleges, schools, and research institutions, they can do so successfully by venerating the 64 yoginis.

64 Yogini Homam

Eliminates Negative Energies, Protects From Accidents and Miscarriage, Overcomes Business Challenges, Attracts Wealth, Charisma and Siddhis

64 Bhairava Homam and 64 Yogini Homam

The 64 Yogini Homam bestows protection from negative forces that cause distress to you and your family. The rituals neutralise powers of negative energies such as evil eye, black magic, witchcraft, etc. A person can find relief from miseries, pains, and trauma due to ill health. The rituals also protect against accidents, overcome career and business challenges, and pregnant women are saved from having a miscarriage, and are blessed with the safe birth of a child. Worshipping them helps to gain special powers like Siddhis. The powerful ceremonies also bestow charisma prosperity and harmonious relationships. Invoking the deities also enables a person to gain knowledge, talent, success, wealth, harmony, mental peace, wealth and good health. The rituals also give divine blessings for guidance, protection, and divine blessings of the 64 yoginis.

Benefits of 64 Yoginis Homam

  • Overcome financial crises and business-related problems.
  • Destroys the effects of negative forces by overruling their powers.
  • Protects from evil eyes, black magic, and witchcraft.
  • Blesses with contented married life.
  • Helps to achieve victory in legal matters and court cases.
  • Grants success in business and career.

Pooja at Bhairavapuram Swarnakaala Bairavar Energy Center
Alleviates Hardship, Promotes Financial Prosperity, Luck, Optimism, and Spiritual Liberation

Caturdasa Tantric Ganapathi Maha Homam

The Bhairavapuram Swarnakaala Bairavar Energy Center is located in Bhairavapuram. This energy center is a lighthouse of spiritual energy. Lord Bairavar is the deity enshrined at this energy center. He is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. He is revered for his power to protect and provide for his devotees. The Puranas defined as Lord Bairavar's might and compassion. They illustrate his significance in overcoming the darkness of ignorance and guiding his devotees towards the light of wisdom and prosperity. Participating in pooja and rituals at the Bhairavapuram Swarnakaala Bairavar Energy Center confers numerous benefits. They include protection from negative influences, enhancement of financial stability, and the nurturing of personal growth and success. Devotees leave the center implanted with a sense of peace, empowerment, and the divine blessings of Lord Bairavar.


Energised Bhairava-Bhairavi Amulet and Bracelets
Guardians of Courage, Dispellers of Fear, Catalysts for Prosperity and Protection

Caturdasa Tantric Ganapathi Maha Homam

The Energised Bhairava-Bhairavi Amulet is a powerful talisman imbued with the protective and auspicious energies of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi. This sacred accessory embodies the divine couple's ability to dispel fear. It eliminates obstacles and shields the wearer from harmful influences. It is crafted through specific spiritual rituals, and the amulet serves as a formidable barrier against malevolent forces. It fortifies the wearer's inner strength to sail through life's adversities. It not only attracts prosperity and success but also nurtures spiritual advancement. Wearing the Energised Bhairava-Bhairavi Amulet consistently introduces a positive influence in one's life. It instills courage, determination, and mental clarity. It smoothens the path toward the fulfillment of objectives and plays a pivotal role in balancing the spiritual and worldly dimensions of existence. It ensures peace and satisfaction under the protective gaze of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi.

The Energised Bhairava-Bhairavi Bracelets carry the same potent energies of protection and prosperity. These bracelets are not merely ornaments but powerful conduits of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi's blessings. Like the amulet, they are charged through specific rituals, making them effective shields against negative energies and enhancers of the wearer's capability to overcome challenges. The bracelets are magnets for attracting wealth, achievement, and spiritual enrichment. They envelop the wearer in an aura of uplifting energy. Regular adornment of these bracelets significantly impacts one’s life trajectory, nurturing resilience, focus, and a clearer path toward attaining one’s ambitions. They harmonize the spiritual and material realms. It promotes a sense of harmony and well-being. The sacred bracelets make sure the wearer is always under the divine protection and grace of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi.

Caturdasa Tantric Ganapathi Maha Homam

Budget Package Combo (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 160.00
Gold Package Combo (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 275.00
Platinum Package Combo (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 333.00