54 Forms of Ganapathi Homam on Ganesh Chaturthi


Vedicfolks Signature Ritual

54 Forms of Ganapathi Homam

on Ganesh Chaturthi

Receive Multitude of Blessings to Allay Struggles & Obstacles, Elevating Wealth, Wisdom & Gain Massive Victory in All Spheres

Scheduled Live Stream on September 10, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed.
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A grand homam to 54 forms of Ganapathi which is a signature ritual of Vedicfolks, will be performed on Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesh, Ganapathi or Vinayaka signifies wisdom, peace, knowledge, prosperity, good fortune and his role as an obstacle remover is well-known. Ceremonies on this important day of Lord Ganesh bestows knowledge and success in the respective field for children and adults alike.

Lord Ganapathi is also the overlord of Planets Mercury and Ketu. Ketu, is moksha karaka, and grants Liberation when placed in the 12th house of a chart. When the planet is exalted, an individual surely enjoys a life of opulence, luxury, wisdom, spirituality etc. Lord Ganapathi when invoked through homams grants us blessings of Ketu. Mercury relates to intellect, knowledge and wisdom that very significantly relates to Lord Ganapathi.


54 Forms of Ganapathi & Their Manifold Blessings for Ganesh Chaturthi

Sri Maha Ganapathi – The one who removes bad karma, makes sure all pursuits are rewarding and successful, a favorite of students as the lord helps them score high in academics. He bestows Siddhi (divine powers) and Buddhi (knowledge or intellect).

Vanchakalpalatha Srividya Ganapathi – The homam protects from misfortunes, removes Navagraha Dosha especially Rahu and Ketu, and fulfills desires.

Sri Bala Ganapathi – This form grants blessings to eradicate diseases, ill health and enhances welfare of children. He also keep bad effects of planets away.

Sri Taruna Ganapathi – nullifies karmic imbalances, eliminates acute illnesses, ailments, etc.

Sri Vigna Ganapathi – Vigna means obstacles, best suited for Rohini nakshatra natives, remove all obstacles and gain attraction.

Sri Buddhi Ganapathi – Remove Karmic tangles, acquire skill, boost education and achieve success.

Sri Lakshmi Ganapthi – Relief from bad planet placements, great financial gains, wellness, and double blessings from two deities Lakshmi and Ganapathi.

Sri Santana Ganapathi – For removing complications, healthy child blessings and endless joy.

Sri Thirithari Santhana Ganapati – Solves delayed weddings, unsuccessful marriage problems, activates mooladhara chakra, achieve monetary benefits.

Ganapathi Ashta – Attain prosperity in home and business matters, overcomes complex problems, for success in all areas.

Sri Durga Ganapathi – Clears karmic Dosha, relief to negative placement of planets, benefits Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives.

Sri Vallabha Ganapathy – An ideal ritual for ultimate marital bliss and finding that perfect spouse. Also, ensure success in undertakings and endeavors.

Sri Shakti Ganapathi – As the name refers, this homam grants the power of Goddess Sakthi, the mother of Ganapathi. Accomplish all that you seek, eliminate karmic doshas and bad planetary effects.

Sri Sarva Sakthi Ganapathi – Having the power of multiple shaktis, this homam invokes the strongest aspects of Lord Ganesha and grants immense strength, achieve prosperity and wealth.

Sri Viriviri Ganapathi – Keeps off negative qualities and bad karma

Sri Kshipra Ganapathi – Safeguards you from threats and potential risks.

Sri Heramba Ganapathi – Cuts off enemy menace, negative energies, corrects doshas in birth chart.

Sri Vakrathunda Ganapathi – Removes karmic debts and all types of doshas.

Ganapathi Tarpanam – All physical and mental ailments are kept in check.

Sri Nidhi Ganapathi – Acquire massive wealth, treasures and prosperity.

Sri Nava Nidhi Ganapathi – Eliminate malefic effects of planets, get nine treasures of life, gain financial stability.

Sri Ucchista Navarnava Ganapathi – Smooth marital life and solves problems in matrimony.

Sri Haridra Ganapathi – Expect blessings of all types of wealth, and achieve wisdom.

Sri Modhaka Ganapathi – Fetches victory for you while executing new projects or tasks.

Sri Medha Ganapathi – For improves concentration, memory and gain sharp intellect.

Sri Mohana Ganapathi – Obtain success in career and business.

Sri Trailokya Mohankara Ganapathi – Gain protection from evil, remove hurdles and prevent marriage delays.

Sri Vira Ganapathi – Condemns evil forces, removes phobia & grants courage to face difficult situations.

Sri Ekakshara Ganapathi – Bestows with higher knowledge, wealth, fame and prosperity.

Sri Trayakshara Ganapathi – Eliminates dangers and risks, gain spiritual knowledge.

Sri Sadakshara Ganapathi – Put off worries forever and achieve high goals.

Sri Sankashtahara Ganapathi – Free yourself from sorrows and fears.

Sri Runamochaka Ganapathi – Removes worldly and karmic debts, prevents obstacles to achieve success.

Sri Runa Nasana Ganapathi - To get rid of all types of debts, karmic issues and doshas.

Sri Guru Ganapathi – The lord guides you inculcates good values for attaining moksha through spiritual methods.

Sri Chintamani Ganapathi – Keeps away evil forces, activates positive energy.

Sri Arka Ganapathi – Provides solution to struggles.

Sri Swetark Ganapathi – Overpower the enemy, for victory and activates positive energy.

Sri Kukshi Ganapathi – Eliminates fear and grants success in all fronts.

Sri Pushti Ganapathi – As the name refers, Pushti means healthy. Get blessing of robust health free of diseases.

Sri Sowbhagya Vamana Ganapathi – Prevent psychological imbalances.

Sri Narthana Ganapathi – This dancing form, bestows glory in fine arts, sharpens your creative skills and ensures victory in all fields.

Sri Vidya Ganapathi – Sharpens intellects, knowledge and wisdom.

Sri Vijaya Ganapathi – To increase self-confidence and also reach higher echelons in society.

Sri Dhurva Ganapathi – Keeps you in the best of health, clears discomforts in the body especially discomforts and irritations.

Sri Abhishta Varada Ganapathi – If you are facing obstacles in marriage, then this form comes to the rescue.

Sri Rakta Ganapathi – This is a powerful tantric form that bestows major positive changes in your life.

Sri Kumara Ganapathi – The form that removes obstructions, grants success and enriches agriculture produce.

Sri Raja Ganapathi – Makes sure all problems are solved and eliminates hurdles.

Sri Prayoga Ganapathi – Overcome challenges, get power to face challenges and acquire positive energies in plenty.

Sri Kalyana Ganapathi – For a married life of happiness, peace and harmony.

Sri Sowbhagya Ganapathi – Achieve all types of prosperity like good fortune, riches and fame.

Sri Siva Avathara Ganapathi – The homam to this form absolves sins and improves leadership qualities.

Sri Yoga Ganapathi – Reduces Karmic burdens and improves yogic powers.

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