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32 Forms of Ganapathi Homam

Removes Obstacles in All Fields, Improves Finance, Ensures Victory, Stability and Prosperity


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Ganesh Chaturthi – When Lord Ganapathi Descends on Earth

32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

Vinayaka, Vigneshwara, Ganesh or Ganapathi is the lord who is looked upon as the remover of obstacles. He is the perfect epitome of arts and science and is known for his wisdom and intellect. He is Adi Bhagwan or First of all gods. He is worshipped first before the other gods and the reason for Om, a mantra having high potential that refers to the soul or Universal Brahman. Performing rituals on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi will definitely incur the blessings of this powerful Lord, the destroyer of hurdles, arrogance, pride, infatuation and greed. Also referred to as Vinayak Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi, Ganesh Chaturthi is observed in the Sanskrit month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the Shukla Chaturthi – fourth day of the waxing moon period. Lord Ganesh is said to descend on earth on this day to alleviate problems of his devotees and give blessings of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Importance of 32 Forms of Ganapathi

The Ganesha Purana says that Lord Ganesha is worshipped in 32 different forms for the different role he plays and the various attributes he signifies.

  1. Bala Ganapathi - His appearance is radiant and shines like a rising sun. He signifies fertility and abundance of the earth. He inculcates good habits in children, improves health and gives overall happiness.
  2. Siddhi Ganapathi - Also called Hema Pingala Ganapathi, He looks vibrant in golden yellow colour. He blesses his devotees with prosperity and mastery (siddhi).
  3. Ucchista Ganapathi - Appears blue colour, four armed, worshipped as tantric form and very powerful. He bestows advancement in careers, good position and influence and betterment of life.
  4. Kshipra Ganapathi - He has red blue complexion, gives knowledge and fulfils all wishes.
  5. Vigna Ganapathi - He has eight hands and holds the conch and discuss and is a remover of all obstacles and negative influence. He blesses with abundant joy and prosperity.
  6. Heramba Ganapathi - He has a black coloured image and ten armed with five faces and sits on a lion. He protects the weak and helps to gain confidence. He gives hope to the poor and removes sufferings.
  7. Maha Ganapathi - He manifests with ten hands and red complexioned and bestows his devotees with abundant prosperity and also removes obstacles. He grants powerful skills, helps to attain glory, bestows joy and prosperity.
  8. Lakshmi Ganapathi - This eight hand form is flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi who are seated on his lap. He blesses his devotees with wealth, intelligence, material gains, prosperity and wisdom.
  9. Varada Ganapathi - Has a red complexion and grants devotees with boons (Varada). This lord is very generous and fulfills wishes of his true devotees. He aids to attain success in all ventures.
  10. Ekakshara Ganapathi - He sits in the Padmasana posture and is red complexioned. He has a third eye and crescent moon on his crown. He assists his devotees to control their mind and senses.
  11. Tryakshara Ganapathi - Golden complexioned Ganapathi bestows spiritual knowledge, focus in education and progress in career. By meditating on his beejakshara, one can attain self-realisation and spiritual knowledge.
  12. Haridra Ganapathi - This Golden Ganapathi appears calm and helps devotees fulfil their wishes.
  13. Ekadanta Ganapathi - Blue coloured with a huge belly signifying the manifestation of the universe within him. One is sure to achieve success by worshipping this form of Ganapathi.
  14. Shakthi Ganapathi - Green coloured and is worshipped mostly in Tantric form.
  15. Vidya (Uddhanda) Ganapathi - He has 12 arms and is seen with his consort seated on his left thigh and worshipping this form frees one from all bonds and chains of life.
  16. Dvimukha Ganapathi - He is double faced as if to say that he sees both the inner and outer aspects of life. He removes obstacles in any form.
  17. Dvija Ganapathi - He is four headed and four armed and blesses devotees with health and prosperity.
  18. Vijaya Ganapathi - Mounted on his Mooshika Vahana, this Ganapathi is red hued and bestows success in all endeavours.
  19. Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi - Crimson red Ganapathi with big belly bestows his fans with pleasures of life, success, peace and prosperity. He clears obstacles and paves way towards self-realisation.
  20. Yoga Ganapathi - This yogi form of Ganapathi is seen absorbed in mantra japam and brings good health to devotees. The Muladhara chakra is associated with this form. He addresses the problems of devotees in his yogic posture. He also relives from worries and conflicts.
  21. Sankatahara Ganapathi - The word Sankatahara means dispeller of sorrows and worshipping this form leads to prosperity. He removes all hurdles so that all tasks undertaken by the devotee can go on smoothly.
  22. Bhakthi Ganapathi - This is the main deity of Ganesh Chathurthi. When worshipped he controls temper, protects from danger, difficulties and blesses everyone with plenty of happiness and prosperity.
  23. Veera Ganapathi - This is the fiercest form of all. Has red complexion and symbolises courage, peace and prosperity. He helps overcome fear and creates confidence and blesses with victory over evil energies.
  24. Urdhva Ganapathi - This tantric form removes obstacles and has a golden colour. He uplifts the devotees to great heights and helps find solution to all problems.
  25. Srishti Ganapathi - This form appears with his consort. He removes obstacles and difficulties in the lives of his devotees and uplifts them. He provides clarity of thoughts, sound sense of discrimination and joy.
  26. Trimukha Ganapathi- He has three faces and sits on a golden lotus and is a remover of obstacles. He also bestows the devotees with success in life.
  27. Simha Ganapathi - This form displays a lion in the arm and also rides a lion—a symbol of strength and courage.
  28. Taruna Ganapathi- This vibrant form is red hued and blesses the devotees with joy, courage, happiness and courage to lead life without trouble or hurdles.
  29. Nritya Ganapathi - The dancing form exhibits himself in a golden complexion and gives success and aptitude to devotees in fine arts. He is mainly worshipped by artist and performers.
  30. Dhundhi Ganapathi- Red complexioned Ganesha has a pot full of precious gems that symbolises a coffer of awakenings he keeps for his beloved devotees.
  31. Durga Ganapathi- Just as Goddess Durga is indomitable, this form of Ganesha removes darkness and brings success to an individual’s life. He removes hurdles in path and make sure they are victorious in all their ventures.
  32. Rinamochana Ganapathi - The word means liberation from debt. This form helps people get rid of their negative Karma. He also removes barriers and appears as fair skinned.

Significance of 32 Forms of Ganapathi Homam

Of all the different forms of Ganapathi, the first sixteen represent wealth, the next five (Dvija, Vijaya, Kshipra Prasada, Yoga and Sankatahara) stand for removing evil eye casting, and the next six (Bhakthi, Veera, Urdhva,Srishti, Trimukha and Simha) are worshipped for removing shatru dosha or hassles from enemies and the last five (Taruna, Nritya, Dhundhi, Durga, Rinamochana) have the power to eliminate Sarpa dosha.

32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

Remove Obstacles in All Fields, Improve Finance, Attain Victory, Stability and Prosperity

Lord Ganapathi is a remover of obstacles. A homam to his 32 forms confers 32-fold blessings for innumerable blessings. Lord Ganapathi when invoked can transform destiny and fortunes. One can witness a drastic change in the financial situation, and success in business and trade ventures. The ritual gives knowledge and wisdom and aids children to progress in their chosen field of studies. Also, get the best of wealth, peace, prosperity and happiness.

32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

Benefits of 32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

Helps get rid of bad Karma.
Removes planetary doshas from horoscope.
Removes obstacles in business, career and domestic fronts.
Provides wisdom and knowledge.
Gives wealth and abundance.
Gives peace and happiness.
Fulfils all desires of devotees.

108 Coconut Smashing
Removes Past Life Karma, Obstacles, Ego and Purifies Self

32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

Coconut resembles one’s head with eyes, a hard exterior and soft interior that signifies the mind. And therefore breaking coconut means dedicating self to god. The tough exterior means anger, ego, negative thoughts and qualities and the soft inner part signifies pure, innocent, positive thoughts and qualities. When a person has as inflated ego it’s impossible to offer prayers to gods and that’s the reason to break a coconut, to remove pride and other negative qualities within man. Once those immoralities are shed, a person becomes clean and purified. The ritual of coconut smashing rectifies past life karma and prevents obstacles in journey. It symbolises an end to your ego (aham). It also indicates surrender of selfishness, jealousy, ego, animosity, etc., in front of god. It also removes black magic, evil eye and all other types of negativity.


Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Temple Puja
Gives Boons of Wealth, Prosperity in Plenty & Fulfills all Desires

32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

The Pillayarpatti temple is an ancient rock temple and was built during the reign of Pandya kings. The main deity Karpaga Vinayagar gives plenty of boons to the devotees. He is synonymous with Karpaga Vriksham or the Tree of Prosperity and blesses people with all desires. He manifests himself with two hands unlike in other temples where he is seen with four. His trunk is curved towards the right direction like the Valampuri conch. Worshipping the Karapaga Vinayagar will bestow one with abundant wealth and prosperity. His parents Lord Shiva and Shakthi also hold prominence in this temple.


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32 forms of Ganapathi Homam

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