Monthly Package (2 Pujas) - USD 50.00
Half Yearly Package (12 pujas 30% discounted) - USD 210.00
Annual Package (24 pujas 50% discounted) - USD 300.00

Ultimate Subscription Packages for Pradosham

Pradosha Kala Puja

A Great Opportunity to Fetch Shiva’s Grace,
Nullify Karmic Doshas, Receive Vast Fortune

Prices Slashed For Half Yearly and Annual Packages

There’s no better time than Pradosham, to venerate Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil and the one who brings stability to the universe. Pradosham is most auspicious and ultimate period to realize the powers of Shiva. This is the perfect time to wake up the lord, to turn his glance towards you, to remove difficulties and hurdles and wipe away all ill thoughts from your minds.

This is also time to tap the potential of the lord through Pradosha kala rituals with our various affordable packages that you could benefit from.

The very word Pradosham means to remove all kinds of energetic impurities that have formed due to our actions and deeds of the previous birth.

Pradosham is an auspicious time that occurs twice a month on the 13th lunar day (Trayodashi) during Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Those who worship Shiva during this time are freed from the shackles of bondage and attain salvation.

The time usually is from 4.30 to 6 during the twilight zone and people observe strict fast and perform pujas to mitigate various problems, remove Karmic energies that limit one’s potential, and seek immediate blessings of the lord.

Pradosha kala packages are very powerful in the sense that as your subtle imperfections are destroyed, positive energies emerge like compassion, kindness, honesty and the potential of selfless serve to mankind. It boosts health, wealth and overall well-being. It keeps your family and ancestors happy with immense all round blessings of Shiva.

Benefits of Pradosha Kala Puja

Pradosha Kala Puja

There are an impeccable number of advantages of Pradosha Kala Puja. This puja brings positivity and rejuvenation to the life of people. Pradosha Kala is an ideal time to send direct worship to mighty Lord Shiva. One can welcome tranquillity, positivity, and a significant amount of wealth by doing Shiva Aradhana during a Pradosha time frame.

  • Worshipping Shiva on Sunday or Ravivaar during pradosha Kala brings immense positivity.
  • Idolizing Shiva on Monday or Somavaar welcomes awareness in the life of devotees.
  • Doing puja during pradosh Kala on Tuesday or Mangalvaar cheers prosperity and extreme wealth.
  • Admiring Shiva on Wednesday or Buddhwar enhances the knowledge and concentration power of devotees.
  • One can combat all kinds of negative energies and threats by worshiping Shiva on Thursday or Guruwar in the Pradosha period.
  • Doing puja on Friday or Shukrawar negates resistance and hostility and makes home settings fresh.
  • On Saturday or Shaniwar, worshipping Shiva during Pradosham Sandhya brings back lost income.

All these benefits can be yours just by adoring Shiva during Pradosha Kala juncture.

Who should perform Pradosha Kala Puja?

Lord Shiva is mighty and possesses an epitome of divine energies. He exemplifies power, strength and has endless control over the world. Pradosha Kala Puja is best for those who are bhakts of Shiva. Anyone who has desires to appease Shiva can conduct this puja. One can establish a direct communication channel with Shiva during Pradosh Kala.

There are absolutely no restrictions on Pradosha Kala puja, but there are specific rules. Devotees must take a bath performing puja. They should also visit the temple to seek direct blessings. They must also abstain from meat or alcohol intake, especially on the Pradosha kalam day.

Our Pradosha packages are not only profound, but reasonably priced too.

This package consists of 2 Pradosha rituals of a month. It is a monthly package with affordable rates. You will get one time access to the puja by registering for this one.

The half-yearly package consists of 12 Pradosha rituals that will be performed for six months and you can avail an offer of 30% by registering for this one.

This one is quite massive and is a full year pack and also the best on offer. About 24 Pradosha rituals will be performed and is the best to choose owing to the year-long benefits. What’s more, you get 50% off with this pack.


Monthly Package (2 Pujas)
USD 50.00
  • 2 Pradosha Kala Puja
Annual Package (24 pujas 50% discounted)
USD 300.00
  • 24 Pradosha Kala Pujas
  • 50% discounted