Shukla Chaturthi Worship of Ganesh Form Destroys Enemies, Removes Barriers & Conflicts

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Special 54 Ganapathi Series of Homam – 2/54

Maha Ganapathi Homam

Eliminate Pitru & Kula Dosha, Enjoy Fruits of Boundless Comforts, Merits & Prosperity


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Lord Maha Ganapathi Along with Supreme Power of Shakti Provide Material and Spiritual Well-Being

Lord Ganesh is Vignaharta or remover of obstacles, harbinger of success and an epitome of knowledge. He is Para Brahman or supreme reality in the Ganapatya sect of worship. One of the 54 forms of Ganapathi is known as Maha Ganapathi where Maha means great or superior which also means a form above the rest. He is considered more powerful that Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva as he’s Trigunatma having three important gunas – sattva, rajas and tamas, given by his mother, Goddess Shakti. She becomes his supreme force and sits on the lord’s lap so that he can perform tasks of creation, preservation and destruction. Maha Ganapathi bestows wealth and happiness to his devotees and permanently removes obstacle in their lives.

This form has three eyes and a crescent moon on the head. His consort is seated on the left lap with a single face but ten hands. He possesses a broken tusk, discus, mace, noose, sugarcane bow, a sprig of paddy, lotus, pomegranate and a pot of precious gems in his hands. Poosam nakshatra/star is associated with this Ganapathi. Also, temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjankud in Mysore have the sculptures of the 32 forms. In the temple of Dwaraka, Gujarat, it is said that Lord Krishna offers prayers to this form of Ganapathi.

The Maha Ganapathi Homam will be performed on Shukla Chaturthi tithi and lord ganesh rules this day. The lord helps to destroy bad elements or enemies, removes barriers and acts of combat.

Maha Ganapati Mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Klaum Gum|
Ganapathaye Varavaradha Sarva Janam Mey||

Significance of Sri Maha Ganapathi Worship

The bheeja mantra for Sri Maha Ganapathi sadhana is Gam and Glaum. While Gam awakens Lord Ganapathi’s energy tatva, Glaum purifies the earth element and expands awareness of the earth element. A person can feel pain in the joints of the bones, drowsiness and laziness at the beginning of the sadhana as the negative energies of the pitrus and Kula doshas are stored in these joints and the pain experienced is the release of these doshas from the body. Some also experience a sense of floating in the air and also feel more alive and active.

Eliminate Pitru & Kula Dosha, Enjoy Fruits of Boundless Comforts, Merits & Prosperity

A powerful Vedic ritual, the Maha Ganapathi Homam invokes the supreme Lord Maha Ganapathi for freedom from materialistic karma because it is believed that no one can destroy your bad karma as Lord Ganapathi can. It also eliminates pitru dosha, kula dosha and helps to achieve the blessings of kula devatas without whom no progress can be seen in your life. The Maha Ganapathi homa also gives fame and popularity to the person. The ritual not only eliminates obstacles and negative energies, but gives success in your efforts. It strengthens the body systems including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system and circulatory systems.

The homam is very profound as it eradicates abhichara prayoga or black magic that is overpowered by knowledge and wisdom. Here the Shakti aspect is also invoked as the goddess is seated on Maha Ganapathi’s lap which symbolizes supreme power. Together they grant blessings of wealth, fortune, nourishment, boundless life, consciousness, comforts, material and spiritual well-being, good health and prosperity. The Maha Ganapathi homam brings victory, success and harmony in domestic life that includes family. The Lord bestows immense merit, glory and health.

Benefits of Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam

  • Removes obstacles, troubles in life.
  • Achieve a good immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and circulatory system.
  • Eliminate evil energies that threaten peace in your life.
  • Attain material and spirutal comforts and prosperity.
  • Receive blessings of Kula Devata by removing Kula dosha and pitru dosha.

Ganapathi Agraharam Maha Ganapathi Temple Puja Solves Problems, Sufferings & Gives Prosperity & Well-Being

Ganapathi Agraharam Maha Ganapathi Temple is situated in a small village near Tiruvaiyaru near Kumbakonam. The main deity of the temple Lord Maha Ganapathi is a majestic five feet idol that sits on a beautifully carved pedestal. The lord’s mount the mooshika or mouse sits below in a praying pose. The trunk of the lord is curved to the right. The lord is every household’s member and the temple is everyone’s property. Therefore the name agraharam or dwelling. Great sages Gouthama and Agasthya performed pujas in this temple, unmarried girls seek boons from the lord for marriage which gives them positive results. He is the Ishta Devata for many devotees of the village who have settled in far-away places too. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as a community festival in this temple where people offer Prasad to the lord of the temple instead of celebrating in their houses.



Energized Ganapathi Yantra allays Liability, Defects, Provides Wealth, Affluence & Authority

Energized Ganapathi yantra is a very sacred one that consists of a cosmic geometry arranged in a perfect symmetry or pattern which aligns with the lord’s powerful energy. It resonates with the god’s powers and vibrations that enhances positivity in your space. For those who face challenges in life, installing the yantra brings ease and smoothness. Ganapathi yantra opens the path to success in all ventures and wisdom to tackle hurdles. A person who worships the yantra gets all desires fulfilled, protection from enemies and relief from obstacles. It provides success in every aspect of life. Ganapathi yantra also provides wisdom, intelligence, and ability to win every challenge. A person who worships this yantra gets relief from diseases, liabilities, and defects. It bestows wealth, abundance, affluence and authority.


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