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Saturn Direct in Sagittarius


Boost Career Prospects, Increase Opportunities & Win All the Way

Scheduled on September 18, 2019

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Saturn—The Teacher That Checks Every Fault

Saturn is one of the most feared planets of astrology because it is mostly malefic in nature and gives adverse results when placed in certain houses of native’s horoscope. But when exalted, Saturn can grant wealth, fame and good fortune.  Some of the troubles it can cause are loss, sorrow, poverty, accidents etc.  This planet is actually a teacher that corrects its children when they commit a mistake. He’s also a planet of justice that punishes a person who commits sin and bad karma and rewards those who perform good deeds. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries.

Planet Saturn becomes progressive on 18th September 2019 in Sagittarius. It may impact all signs of the zodiac to a certain extent showering boons and at the same time causing trouble too. After this retrograde, Saturn will enter into Capricorn on 24th January 2020.

Impact of Saturn Retrograde on Your Zodiac Signs

Aries - Positivity is the key for you during this period 

Taurus - Bring you new opportunities

Gemini - Bring mostly positive results

Cancer - Stay calm in all situations

Leo - Try not to fight & spend some quality time with family

Virgo - Stop unhealthy lifestyle & work hard for getting good results

Libra - Help you in staying healthy

Scorpio - Bring lots of ups & downs

Sagittarius - Need to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Capricorn - Rising in power

Aquarius - Bring very favorable time

Pisces - Reward you for your hard work


Vedicfolks’ Saturn/ Shani homa for the Saturn Retrograde 2019 can protect all the natives of the zodiac from its ill effects and fetch blessings of this mighty planet to mitigate sufferings and grants success to you.

Significance of Saturn Homam

As Saturn transits the zodiac during this retrograde you may face trials and tribulations and cause distress. The Saturn Homam ensures that you are well placed and put on the right path of success and happiness. It reverses your destiny and keeps away all bad influences that limit your progress. It helps you to achieve goals, grants great career prospects and makes you chisel your life in a disciplined manner. 

Benefits of Saturn Homam

  • The Saturn homam amplifies your career prospects and other occupations like business, trade etc.
  • It provides opportunities for achieving goals in life.
  • It disciplines you and puts you on the path to success.
  • It shows you the path of spirituality and righteousness.
  • It also corrects your flaws and grants prosperity and happiness.


Additional Puja to Please Lord Saturn


Thirukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja

Thirukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja - Showers' Prosperous Blessings 

Lord Shiva granted darshan to Lord Shani in the form of Agni (Fire) & made him Pongu (Prosperous) Sani. In this temple, Lord Shani Bhagwan is holding a plough in his hand indicating the dignity of labour. It is noteworthy that the temple is facing west which belongs to the Planet Saturn zodiac circle. A puja in this temple on the special day of Lord Shani give relief from adverse aspects of Saturn.


Lighting of Black Sesame Lamp at Shani Temple

Lighting of Black Sesame Lamp at Shani Temple - Removes the Darkness & Ignorance in One's Life

Ellu Villaku contains black sesame wrapped in black cloth and pure gingerly oil. The black color of the wick symbolizes the darkness in one's life and by lighting the lamp helps you to get rid of that darkness & ignorance with the power blessings of Shani Bhagwan.

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Individual Homam
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